Things to Talk About With a Girl on the Phone Conversation

Face-to-face conversations, even if seem much troublesome, are often easier than on-screen talks. But, have you ever tried talking on the phone with a girl. After some time, we go entirely numb about what to talk about, how to further time. We seem to have no clue regarding things to talk about with a girl on the phone.

But there is nothing to worry about. Innovations and technology are a boon. Take help from these clues, and you will never require Mentos to enlighten your mind.

Having a conversation with a girl on the phone

First, you need to understand the fundamentals of approaching the person you like over the phone. Please don’t call her right away. That can make your girl uncomfortable.

Most importantly, you should have a proper reason to make that call. If asking your girl out for a date isn’t your cup of tea for that moment, ask your girl if she’s comfortable hanging out with your familiar friends. That might be a valid reason for you to call her.

You both should be free to have a reasonably good chat. If any of you is in a rush to run off to the office, the call can’t have its desired results.

Sending a text at the beginning always helps. If the girl texts you first, you can very much express your desire to call her in a while if the girl is free and willing to talk.

Well, the next part can sound a bit ridiculous. But, yeah, take a deep breath. This will relax your body and mind and help you chat effortlessly. That’s essential to create a good impression on the first go.

So, here’s how you can amp yourself up before you plan to talk with your girl over the phone. The next part is the trickiest regarding things to talk about with a girl on the phone. But if you have a quick look at these exciting topics that you might bring up while you chat, you can overcome any difficulty.

Things to Talk About With a Girl on the Phone Conversation

Things to talk about with a girl on the phone

Awkward silence is part and parcel of conversations over the phone. But just because we have been taught this famous phrase in our school doesn’t mean we want to perpetuate its existence in the day-to-day dealings of our life. So, if you don’t want awkward silence as an indispensable part of your conversations, try creating a list of topics first. Following themes might be of help to you!

General thoughts and questions

Usually, it is suggested that we avoid questions that can be replied to in a yes or no. But, talking about “what if” situations are a good start. You can imagine a situation and implant specific dilemmas in it and ask the person over the phone what she would have done in such situations. Usually, it turns out to be hilarious. This is an excellent way to spend time.

One of the most obvious things about a conversation with a girl on the phone is what attracts her. You can talk about the girl’s past-times, her hobbies. If you are interested in gardening, then talk about that with her. This will create a perfect impression on her.

Also, fantasy situations are a good past-time. Ask what her fantasy vacation is. Share yours as well. If the situation becomes a bit romantic, you can even ask her about her dream date; obviously, yours should follow that. However, if you see your dream date does not match the girl’s, don’t camouflage it. Differences are welcomed more often than camouflaged similarities.

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Without going into too much detail, you can also ask her where she was schooled or brought up. If your luck is good, and her birthplace is in any hill station, flatter her by comparing her with many authors who used to stay up the hills. Casually tell her that you will plan a visit there soon.

You can even talk about strange dreams that she and you have had in recent nights.

So, these and many more can be initial conversation starters.

Relationship fiascos

Share funny relationship experiences. Or even you can try asking her about the same. You actually can find any commonality in your craziness. Well, finding a person as crazy as you are, that’s a bond.

You can also ask her what most people find appealing about her. The conversation should and must exclude looks. That’s the most irritating and cliché way of talking to a girl. Instead of being a conversation starter, this might end your conversation right away.

Discussing conventional gender roles can also be exciting to talk about with a girl on the phone.

Family Drama

Well, this is a lovely film genre, but when you ask questions or start talking about family issues, you got to be careful. Don’t infringe much upon her private life, but you can very well ask about her fond memories with her family.

You can even ask her if the girl is comfortable with the time-honored family traditions. If yes, then which practices attract her the most. If it’s a no, she will most likely have a lot to talk about why she doesn’t like them and how she thinks those are patriarchal. Give her that space and listen out; also, maybe share your thoughts. Even if your ideas don’t match, it’s better to be an argumentative Indian than be a silent person.

Things to Talk About With a Girl on the Phone Conversation

Vulnerability is the key to closeness

Well, this will not be the very likely topic that you will discuss in your first conversation over the phone. But it can surely get in your way in some later discussions.

Ask her to talk about one of the most challenging times in her life. Listen to her while she says that because that might be the most important thing for her to talk about. If you ask the question and then pay no attention to that, which might be hurtful.

You can even share your challenging times with her.

But, whatever you do, never ask close-ended questions. Also, even if you create a list of topics, keep it generic. Let the rest flow with your conversation. If the frequency matches, then you won’t have to worry about the sentences.

Also, one common thing that we fall prey to is whether or not to call the person, will that be indecent. Well, if she has shared her number with you, that means she already has the consent. Pick your phone, dial her number and call her without much ado.

How to talk to a girl first time on the phone

The situation can be a bit nerve-racking, but always try to call her from where you are comfortable. Please take a deep breath and talk to her. She is not a demon that will engulf you. Be your usual self and chat with her as if you, in reality, are chatting with your friend after a long while.

Topics to chat with a girl on WhatsApp

Well, conversing on WhatsApp is a lot easier than conversations over the phone. You indeed lose the spontaneity over WhatsApp chats, but still, you get the time to craft your replies in the most natural way. Please don’t get too crafty. That will repel her instead of attracting her.

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You can start talking about the recent jobs that you both are presently in. That way, you get an excellent platform to vent your frustrations. This is a gateway to a great friendship which might eventually lead to a relationship even.

WhatsApp chats need not always necessarily be confined to the virtual world only. Ask her to share stories about her neighborhood and neighbors. Who might say you can even get to listen to fantastic neighborhood stories that you might have missed yourself while growing up.

Topics to talk about with a girl over text

When you talk to a girl over text, you get more freedom.

Choose your topics wisely, and you can craft your questions in a way to gain a deeper look into her mind.

You two can talk about your bucket list. If you want to take the conversation to a more dark humor zone, talk about your bucket list of meeting the top 10 serial killers in American history. This might creep the girl and has a big chance to attract the girl towards you. If you see she is interested, gradually share a list of the best serial killer documentaries on Netflix. This will even open avenues for your subsequent chats.

Exciting topics to talk about with a girl can never be an exhaustive list. Everything can get well accommodated into that niche from her passion, interest, hobbies, pets, and families. You have to find the right key to a locker and get the conversation going. Be that on the phone or over chat, and one crucial thing is to maintain honesty. If that’s there, stay put, and your girl will pick up your call.

Things to talk about with your girlfriend on the phone

Now we enter the sensitive zone. We were more interested in finding the best topics to have a little chat about with a girl you might like. But now it’s about your girlfriend. The comfort zone is already created. But still, we run out of topics often, which ruins the mood. Even if silence is the best space to share with your girlfriend sometimes, the phone is not the best place to find that kind of love.

In case you run out of topics sometimes, here’s a list that can save your night. Check it out!

Your sweetest half can feel pleasure if you talk about planning your future together. Share space with your girlfriend where there is a safe place for different opinions. Ask about her plans. Share your plans. If you both are blank about that, voila, unemployment is your standard zone over which you recreate your bond. Feel uncertain, together.

If it is nighttime and you both need to share some warmth over the phone, find some ways to make your girlfriend feel cozy. Maybe you can reminisce about your first date, first touch, or even your first window shopping together. In this way, you both find a relaxing, comfortable space that can relax your mind after a day’s heavy and tiring work.

Gossiping lightens the mood. If you both are office-goers, you have the keys to the treasure trove of gossips. But at times, this can even ruin your mood. At that time, go back to some fond memories of your work.

The best way to soothe your mind is to talk about future vacations. You can even share your screen and have a look at the sight-seeing spots of someplace, scroll over good hotels, plan a trip. If you don’t want to get to that further, arrange a weekend date. This will also help you relax your mind!

You can even try complimenting your girlfriend. Share some romantic space with her. Maybe talk about a work she wrote a few days ago. This will make her see that you notice her work and flatter her like any other guy. Instead, engage with that and bring out points that might help the conversation go further.

Final thoughts

So, these are some things to talk about on the phone. Also, maybe texting is more manageable, and you also get a ready list of topics for both texting and conversing over the phone. Rest is up to you, Carpe Diem friend!

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