Interesting Topics to Talk With a Girl to Impress Her

With the pandemic enclosing us behind phone screens, conversation with real persons sitting in front is in the way of becoming an ancient practice. On top of that, casual dates have gone all the more obsolete in the physical space. Some interesting topics to talk with a girl can help you interact with women at this time. If you are scared to start, we will help you!

Talking to your guy buddy isn’t a big deal. Sports are a common denominator, and then you have love, sex, and ‘dhoka.’ Given the circumstance in which we were schooled, we have a common shyness when talking to our opposite gender. But this doesn’t come under the list of interesting topics to talk with a girl.

Thus, facing a girl while sitting in a restaurant can be hard to perform even if your heart desires to. The list of interesting topics to talk with a girl vanishes. Your brain completely freezes, the waiters around seem more amicable, and you feel like the restaurant’s walls are crashing down upon you. But why does it happen?

This is a sure sign of a lack in your self-confidence. Anxiety leads your mind from pillar to post to search for a perfect topic. Creating a good first impression remains your first goal, but that seems so high a dream that you lose even the minimum amount of individuality you have in your IT job cell.

But, this isn’t as hard as it seems at the beginning.

There are plenty of topics floating in the air, like the keys in the first Harry Potter film. It would help if you grabbed the right key to fit into your lock. Here is a list of interesting topics to talk with a girl.

Techniques to communicate with a girl

Normally, an indirect approach works better while conversing with a girl. That makes her feel that you are not an overly desperate individual and it leads to some off-the-hook conversation still retaining yourself. There are three basic techniques here:

Firstly you can comment on anything which she is possessing currently. The key is to pay minute attention to subtle details.

Secondly, you can even comment on any event happening around both of you. Maybe the singer at the bar can be a starting point.

Thirdly, even if this is a bit clichéd and direct but this works often. Complimenting her is a great technique that you can apply. However, you will have to be precise in your choice of compliment. Don’t poke on something self-evident. That will not make you different from the other guys around. Choose something unique and, again, subtle. After that, the ball is in your court.

Interesting topics to talk with a girl

Once you start conversing, these are some interesting topics to talk with a girl. As we all know, starting can be difficult, but consistency and continuation are the most difficult ones. A prior look at this list of interesting topics to talk about with a girl may boost your confidence because now you will have some background preparation.

Food excites passion

Start with whatever is around you. The food that you are having can be a great topic to start with. Ask her about her likes and dislikes; her favorite restaurant in the town. If the conversation furthers a bit, you can even throw her a surprise party there. This is one among the unending list of interesting topics to talk with a girl.

Interesting topics to talk with a girl over food

With music, mundane things seem brighter

Bars are normally clattering with music all day. Why don’t you take your conversation there? Because as the line goes, “if you ever stop talking to me, send me a song.” Music connects the soul in ways no other things can. Share your playlist with her. That way, she will get to know you a bit more.

However, don’t go on talking about your never-ending list of top songs. That will bore her out. Be decent and restrained. That’s the key to a girl’s heart and tops the list of interesting topics to talk about.

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Television-an old thingy

Now with OTT platforms all around us, television is on the verge of extinction. Thus, if you bring that up, your old-school essence might also show your authenticity. Ask the girl about what she watches and don’t be a judge on the first day. Be a little accepting even if you don’t like what she watches. Listen to her speak patiently.

Movie mania

New releases on the silver screen can also be a good beginning point. Share your movie-watching experiences. However, don’t go on to the crazy ones with your friends. Stick to the sober ones. Ask her if she likes to go to theatres or sit at home with a laptop person. What can secure a better place in the list of interesting topics to talk with a girl than this?

Bitching about boss- your workspaces

With our mid-life crises hitting us in our early 20s, don’t you think work is an obvious topic that will come up? Well, after music, anxiety and vulnerability is something that connects the soul. Talk about your workspace culture, job load, bitch about your bosses while you sip your beer. This can be a clever gateway to the list of interesting topics to talk with a girl.

Also, be confident about your job. Even if you are not the CEO of a company, which most likely you won’t be, don’t let yourself. Humility can lead you to new heights.


Work can bring up discussions regarding your hobbies. People tend to talk incessantly about the things they are passionate about. Give her that space. Nothing is more attractive than a woman living in her world and talking endlessly about things that interest her. Look at her while she speaks. The spark in her eyes will entice you. Who can say if you are too lucky, this can be love at first sight case!

Don’t forget to talk about your hobbies, though. Here also, she should sense the heat of passion in your bellies. Don’t you think this should secure a huge place in the list of interesting topics to talk with a girl?

Interesting topics to talk with a girl

Traveling the world through words

We all dream of traveling with a backpack in our back, seeing new faces, eating new food, and exploring.

Share your mini travel list with your would-be friend. Ask her about her solo trips. Talk about your adventures in the new city. This might lead you to another meeting where you can plan to explore a new corner in your city or outside.

These are some interesting topics to talk with a girl. You can sit on a park bench, a restaurant, or a bar or take a walk down your city alley. But these are time-tested conversation starters. If you miss out on these, you can miss out on the girl. Best of luck!

Interesting topics to discuss in a group

Group talks are even more interesting. There is more than one person, different outlooks. Start with never have I ever rounds. You can’t imagine where that can lead to. Spending time together is always fun. But we run out of topics very soon. These are some interesting topics to discuss in a group.

Popular culture

You can talk about pop culture. Please don’t go on to its academic side, though. This is not an academic discussion whatsoever. Find out common interests, and you will find yourself exciting over it shaking your hands frantically and chatting over it.

Digital life

Online encounters can be another interesting thing to talk about. For example, a cute baby’s play with her pet dog can give rise to a good chat. However, videos of stand-up comedians can lead you to consume a whole pot of tea and still not reach the end of the conversation.

Recent reads

Share what you have read recently. Normally many layers of some characters in a book seem to match with yourself or your friends. Share those matches with them. This deepens the bond.

You can make comparisons between a book and its movie adaption. For example, The Book thief is such a movie that perfectly represents what the book was.

Cooking connects

Have you started cooking recently, and your Instagram posts about your food have gone viral? Then what are you waiting for? A hot conversation topic is on your plate. Could you pick it up and serve it to your friends? Help them with your new recipes.

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Topics to talk about with a girl over text

Conversations over texts are a bit trickier. Here, you cannot see the other person’s face; the reactions are well filtered and measured. It would help if you believed what the other person wants you to believe. Here, you need to take your steps more cautiously than ever. Here are some topics to talk about with a girl over text.

Talking about that person can be a great start. Let her talk, and you be a patient listener, rather a good reader for her texts. Don’t interrupt her much. Keep patience.

Relationship stories are a good catch. Talk about your previous dramas. This will interest your friend more than anything else. These serve as a mirror to what you as a person are. Women normally want to have a look inside through these stories. Relationship stories might not even concern you; even your friends’ or family’s stories are good for peacefully killing time.

Another important thing to get her attention is to pay her your attention. Talk about what you notice about the girl; what are your favorite traits about her. This proves that you are an observant person and is a lovely gesture towards your new friend. Also, find some honest and truthful way to compliment her. She will love it.

If you don’t want to lose the friendship that you have made, then don’t dare to tread on the path of future planning. Don’t ask her questions like “Where do you want to see you in the next five years.” If you expect to hear a rosy reply that she wants to see herself with you, then my friend, you have a long way to go. This isn’t Shakespeare’s day anymore. Five years seem scary to us. Not even Cupid would expect someone from the 21st century to hold his hand through these insecurities immediately after the first date.

What to Talk to a Girl About When Trying to Initiate a Conversation

Topics to talk about with your crush

The game changes if you have a crush.

You can be a bit direct and naughty if you ask what your crush wants to imagine on their first date. Well, this might be a bit risky. But as the saying goes, no risks, no gains. You may also talk about funny, weird things that your crush might have had no prior idea about. This will make you look like a funny nerd. Humor is always the best card.

You can even talk about relationship goals. This way, both of you have a clear idea of the likes and dislikes of a commitment. This will prevent future conflict if your fate is with you.

While talking about all these, you might wonder what topics to chat with a girl on WhatsApp. Well, behold, ready to face a long list.

You can talk about her house and surrounding environment. Would you please not get too edgy on her domain? Normally, we associate deeply with our homes. Talk about their childhood memories there.

You can also ask her about her passion for sports. Who can say both of you are fans of a specific hockey match, and you might end up chatting for the whole day with her on that.

Topics to talk with a girlfriend at night

However, if we set aside all these, your girlfriend secures a special place in your heart. Be selective when you choose topics to talk with your girlfriend at night.

Talk about sweet memories. This will help her soothe her mind and feel more attached to you. Maybe talk about the first date, the food you enjoyed, the ride you took sitting side by side in a bus.

You can also talk about the dream wedding that she has planned. Participate in her joy. Let her know what you think, what you desire.

Asking about how her day went can also be a very caring topic to start. Be a little submissive and care at night. This way, she will find a shoulder to rest her tired self on. You can also talk a little about yourself. She might want to know about that too.

Well, great companionships come in with a balance between conversation and silence. Nights are all about that.

Interesting topics to talk about with friends

Some interesting topics to talk about your friends also more or less range across these only. You can talk about politics, contemporary times. Debates are interesting ways to connect with your friend.

What are you waiting for then? Get yourself a cup of coffee and hop in with the girl or the group that seems to match your wavelength, and have a gala time together.

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