How to Kiss a Girl and Make Her Fall in Love With You?

Have you recently met the love of your life? Do you hesitate to approach her? Well, if your lips tremble to show the passion and love you have for your partner in your heart, it is time you read our article. Here we will not only tell you how to kiss a girl but also give you few tips that will help you gain confidence. Read on ahead, and you will learn the art of kissing your girlfriend romantically!

How to kiss a girl to make her want more?

The art of kissing is not simple, and you have to be as creative as you can. Moreover, this is a way you will tell your girl how much she means to you.

Also, kissing does not have to be just a slight touch of the lips. However, not just one, you can try out various types of kisses that you can try to impress your partner.

At first, you probably won’t master it but do not worry, with practice you will impress your girl in no time.

How to Kiss a Girl and Make Her Fall in Love With You?
Romantic beach destinations are perfect for kisses

There are a lot of different types of the way you can kiss a girl. Here are some unique ways to kiss if you don’t know how to kiss a girl:

Butterfly kiss

It is a very different type of kiss where your and your beloved’s eyelashes will touch each other. When you are kissing, make sure you flutter both your lashes together exactly like the butterfly wings.

Furthermore, you can also do a solo butterfly kiss. Blink your eyelashes against your partner’s cheek or temple. It is a very cute and fun type of kiss that you should definitely try out.

Eskimo kiss

If you want to know how to kiss a girl in a very cute and romantic way, try Eskimo kiss, which is inspired by the Eskimo culture.

Here you will rub your nose against each other, and in between, you can lightly kiss your partner’s lips.

Nibble kiss

These kisses are cute and intimate at the same time. You need to kiss on your girl’s lower lips, and can you can softly bite on it. Be sure you are not to be rough and aggressive cause it might be painful.

French kiss

This is probably one of the most popular types of kisses that a lot of people know about. It is a very romantic and sensual type of kiss, and it shows how much you are into your partner.

Tilt your head first and then grab your girl’s lips. Make sure you are slow and gentle, as rushing can ruin the mood. Now slowing spread your tongue to reach for your girl’s tongue and gradually start kissing each other.

American kiss

It is the same as the French kiss, but it does not involve any tongue. You can hold the girl on her waist and maybe bend a little to do this deep kiss. And it is surely going to be a romantic one.

Spiderman kiss

Another romantic way if you do not know how to kiss a girl, then go for the spiderman kiss, which is inspired by the movie. Here one of you has to be upside down so that one person’s upper lips kiss the other one’s lower lips or vice versa. It is a unique kissing style and is very easy to master as well.

Tips to kiss a girl you love the first time

Kissing someone for the first time or kissing your new partner in the beginning, can be challenging. If your first kiss is not good enough, then it might be your last kiss as well. Furthermore, many girls, after the first kiss, decide if they want to kiss the same person ever again.

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Moreover, the first does not have to be perfect, or you do not have to try super hard to impress her. However, there are few things you need to do before you kiss your girl.

Here are some tips on how to kiss a girl for the first time:


The best way to be more confident in kissing someone is to practice. The best practice of kissing is on the back of the hand. It is obviously not the same as kissing someone on the lips but you will get to know a little bit more about kissing.

Avoid having dry lips

Dry and chapped lips can be one of the biggest turn-offs when you are kissing someone. The best way to avoid it is to use a lip balm and keep your lips hydrated.

However, if your lips are heavily cracked to the point, they bleed a lot, then there are many lip treatment gels or balms available in the market.

Be somewhere private

The first kiss can be very embarrassing and awkward, and to do it in a public place can make things worse. A quiet and nice place should be where you have your first kiss.

Furthermore, you can kiss them when you are parting away after a date. Also, it can happen when you are on a quiet evening walk in a park. A private and cozy place is always best to break the awkwardness of a first kiss.

No bad breath

It is vital when you are kissing someone not to have a bad odor or breath. So, try to avoid kissing after you both have your lunch or dinner or have had oily foods.

Onion and garlic make your breath smell worse, so if you have food that had many of these food items, do not kiss. Also, tuna makes your breath have an unpleasant odor as well.

Moreover, it is important to carry mints with you to keep your breath fresh. If you want to kiss after having garlic bread, make sure you first consume a mint chewing gum.

Kiss with the perfect backdrop

How to ask a girl for a kiss indirectly?

Have you just gotten into a relationship? Are you worrying about when the right time to kiss the girl is? Well, then read on, and we’ll guide you!

Consent is really important when you are in a relationship. You do not want to make your partner feel uncomfortable.

But most people find it difficult to ask for a kiss as it can be awkward and uncomfortable. Your partner might say no as not everyone likes to kiss, especially if it is a new relationship.

Quick questions to break the ice

Here are some of the questions that you can ask your girl:

“Are you okay if I kiss you?”

“Would you like to kiss me?”

“Do you feel comfortable when I am close to you?”

“Can I kiss you now?”

“Are you willing to kiss me?”

Also, you can lean close to your girl and tap on your check. It is an indirect way of asking her to kiss you on the cheek. If she kisses your cheek, then try to ask her any of the above questions.

Furthermore, you can ask in an old-fashioned way. Just write any of the above questions in the note and give it to her.

Now here is the important part your girl has every right to say no. Keep yourself flexible to receive whatever answer comes your way. Here are some of the answers that she might respond with:


“Not right now.”

“Not in this place.”

“I do not feel comfortable doing that”

“Not now but maybe in the future.”

If the answer is no, you should respect her wish and let it be. You can respond after receiving a no as “I am glad you are being honest with me” or “cool, I hope I didn’t make you uncomfortable.”

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How to kiss a girl shorter than you?

Now that you know how to approach a girl and kiss her in the most romantic way let us discuss a problem a lot of tall men face with their girls. If your girl is a bit short, some quick tips will help you kiss her better. Here are few tips that you can follow:

Bend down a little bit

This is the easiest way to kiss your girl’s lips. The taller person should bend to meet the girl’s lips, and the girl should angle their face upwards to meet their lips.

Also, the taller person should put their hand on the girl’s back to support their neck. Bending the neck for a long time can be uncomfortable, and it can start aching as well. So, why not make it a romantic and comfortable encounter?

Look at your surrounding

If you want to even out the difference between both of you, then see if there is anything near you that you can use and help both of you to get closer. This can be anything you can find a chair or sofa. So, both of you can sit on it and minimize the problem of your height differences.

Also, there might be stairs or barstool where one of you can stand on it. Moreover, if there is a stair, then the shorter person can stand on few steps of the stairs, and the taller person can stand at the bottom of the stairs.

Have your girl wear heels

It is not an easy thing to tell your girl at the beginning of the relationship, but you can always try. Use the opportunity when you both are out shopping, and she asks for your opinion. You can ask her to buy heels, or even you can get her one. It will elevate her height and also make it easier for you to kiss your girl. Many shoes have heels on them, such as high heels, wedges, boots that have heels, or sneakers, since many sneakers have heels nowadays.

Furthermore, you can buy height enhancing insoles called lifts it goes inside any of your shoes. These lifts are not much noticeable and are also more comfortable.

If you have seen closely, then several celebrities wear lifts so that they can look taller.

Sit together somewhere

Sitting together can be a really easy way to kiss each other. Your partner can sit close beside you or on your lap. In this way, it will be not only easy but also comfortable.

However, make sure that the furniture you are sitting on is sturdy to hold both of you. Since breaking furniture while kissing is not something that you would want to happen!

Dip the shorter person back, then kiss them

This is where you are going to dip your girl’s back so that they are parallel to the floor and then put your arm around her waist to support her. Make sure you do not hurt your back while kissing your girl.

Also, you have to have strong core muscles to support both of you and have to use your legs to support your weight.

The shorter person should keep their hands on the neck of the taller person. They can also place their hand on the upper arm of the taller person.

The shorter person can jump on the arms

If you are strong enough, then your short girlfriend can jump into your arms. In this way, both of your faces will be at the same level. Your girl should wrap her legs around your waist for support.

To be a little bit more romantic, you even spin while kissing each other.

Kiss them on some other place

You do not need to kiss your partner’s lips always to show affection. If your partner is short and they are on your shoulder level, then you can kiss them on the top of their head, on the forehead, or temple. Also, your short girl can kiss your shoulder or on the hand or your cheek. Showing affecting does not always imply kissing on the lips.

A kiss on the forehead expresses care

Final Thoughts

Now you have enough idea on how to kiss a girl. Remember, you won’t be an expert in just one day. Like any other thing, you need to practice to be able to do the perfect kiss.

There are various ways you can kiss your partner. Try to be creative and see what the most comfortable way for both of you is. Moreover, make sure as for your partner’s consent before you kiss them.

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