How to Kiss Someone for the First Time in Your Life

Unlike other articles or blogs, we do not wish to feed you with unattainable standards to kiss your loved one. We believe that you already have what it requires to kiss your loved one; some courage, some love, and our quick guide! This handy guide will help you have your first kiss and educate you on how to kiss someone passionately.

How to kiss someone passionately

There are two drivers of emotion when it comes to kissing someone passionately. One is lust, and the other love. Whichever it is, it is important before kissing your partner to find out if you have their consent for the act of kissing. Only if you have their consent proceed with the action. If you think asking for consent could break the steamy moment that you or your partner are sharing, then you’re wrong. Gently move closer to your partner till your lips are almost touching theirs and ask, ‘May I?’ At this point, your partner may say a ‘no,’ nod a ‘yes’ or might even make the first step themselves. If your partner says ‘no,’ then retreat. If your partner expresses a ‘yes’ then you may consider proceeding as follows.

How to kiss on lips step by step – a quick overview

  • Start gently but confidently by meeting your lips to your partner’s to gage the moment.
  • Let your lips rest on theirs for a beat or two for them to get accustomed.
  • Gently start exploring by moving your lips on theirs at a slow pace initially.
  • Then gently prod your tongue to the opening of their lips and observe if they part their lips to allow you access. If your partner does not, then using your tongue is not a good idea. They may simply not be up for a passionate kiss. It may be that they are looking for a brief kiss, or you may have ended up manipulating their consent. In such a scenario, do not proceed with the kiss.
  • If your partner allows you access, then you have their consent. Use the opportunity to explore their mouth with your tongue. You may even want to touch your tongue with theirs and see if it’s an enjoyable activity for you and your partner.
  • Allow and encourage your partner to respond. Once your partner responds, you may consider manipulating the intensity of your tongue movement. Additionally, you may also wish to increase the pressure with which your lips pursue your partner’s.
A couple madly in love expressing their feels through a kiss

How to kiss someone passionately and be a tease at it

  • If you are looking forward to being a tease, you may consider dialing up the intensity to pleasure your partner. When you see your partner responding and wanting more, you may consider dialing your intensity down. This leaves your partner wanting more.
  • If you’re feeling a little naughty and are up for being a tease, try biting or pulling your partner’s lower lip gently. Look into their eyes while you do this. This serves as a means of fuelling them to do better. Additionally, looking into their eyes while you do this also conveys that you’re being a tease. It conveys that you hold the power; they are vulnerable and therefore are at your disposal.
  • Keeping switching between tongue, lips and gently nibbling at different paces to ensure a good tease while at it.
  • Try gently licking, nibbling, and kissing delicate spots like the neck or the behind of the ear. Consider gently running your fingers over their back with a feather-light touch. This will elicit the best of erotic responses from your partner.

How to kiss someone you love

Love is the easiest of the emotional drives to pursue when learning how to kiss someone. Remember that you do not have to leave the quirk at home to kiss someone you love. So nose bumps, stale breaths, farts, burps, and giggles, bring them all on while kissing! They’re all welcome as long as you and your partner are willing to have a laugh about it afterward if you find it funny. We want you to know that all of the actions mentioned above are natural occurrences that occur, and they are nothing to be ashamed about.

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You were going in for a passionate kiss and your nose bumped? So what? Laugh it off, bite your lips, and kiss anyway! Your little quirks are a part of your personality, and they do not take away from a steamy moment. If your partner loves you, they’ll love the whole package; that’s you and your quirks.

If you find your partner cannot laugh with you or enjoy your quirks, then you should consider kissing a new partner. Love is comfort. Therefore, when you kiss someone you love, there should be comfort in that kiss.

Comfort lies in knowing that despite what you consider your embarrassing moments, your partner will still kiss you the next day.

So how do you kiss someone you love?

We have only one answer to that. Ask for your partner’s consent and dive right in mate! There is no right or wrong way to kiss someone you love. Truth be told, whatever approach you take to kiss, passionate, steamy, brief, or boring, they’ll all receive a warm welcome.

Kiss your loved one today

How to kiss someone you love and not be nervous

Well, honestly, this one is easy mate! If you still haven’t figured it out, then let us guide you.

  • Be honest, be yourself.
  • If you’re feeling nervous and shy, communicate that to your partner. Ask them to show you how they like to be kissed for you to learn.
  • Don’t be afraid to communicate how you’re feeling with your partner before or after the act.
  • If you’re looking forward to kissing someone you love in places other than the lips, then go ahead and have fun and explore!
  • With their consent, take off their clothes and trail a chain of kisses from head to toe. This is an excellent way to overcome that nervousness both you and your partner might be feeling in your guts.

Before we move onto the nitty-gritty in the next section, we hope you had fun learning how to kiss someone. Always remember honesty is the key to having fun with your partner.

How to kiss someone – a details overview

Kissing is an expression of love. If you love someone, express it with a romantic and passionate kiss. It is said that ladies can understand many untold things and some characteristics about their partners in the first kiss.

Kissing someone is an artistic activity to express your feelings. You can consider yourself an artist. A perfect kiss takes a lot of practice and effort. You will need to master this art slowly with time.

Kissing on the lips can be a passionate move for you and your partner. If you can do it properly, then it will work as a magical element in your relationship. If you follow the process mentioned below, you will know how to kiss someone on the lips to make your moment perfect.


Setting up the moment is the most important thing before you make a move. It would help if you were assured first that your partner also wants a kiss from you. Do not hurry and never do it without your partner’s consent.

To set up the atmosphere, you both need to be in a place where you both feel comfortable. You need always remember that you must avoid any awkward or embarrassing situations during or after the act. Therefore, being in a comfortable zone is always the most important thing.

When you both are in the proper place, it is time to seek permission or consent from your partner. Your partner doesn’t need to feel the same way you think. Maybe your partner is not ready for it or needs some more time for the kiss. It is a common situation that occurs at the first kiss moment. So do not be in a rush.

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You can seek your partner’s consent by setting up the mood and talking about it. You can slowly move your lips close to your partner’s. It would help if you always talked a little before jumping to your partner’s lips. You can set up the mood by expressing your feelings to your partner. Tell your partner how much you love him/her. These words will help both of you and your partner to come closer to each other. And yes, always maintain eye contact with your partner. This will help your partner to believe in your words, and it is somehow a very romantic gesture.

When you both are ready, it is the time for the main activity, the kiss.


In this step, you can start moving your lips close to your partner’s. It would help if you did not break eye contact with your partner. Make him/her feel that the kiss is going to happen. Grab your partner’s hands, shoulders, or waist and proceed with the next activity.

When your mouths are about to touch, you should tilt your head slightly. By doing this, you will be safe from the most embarrassing thing to happen, the nose bumping. This can be a fun activity for some people. But if you don’t like interference of your nose, then you should tilt your head.

When you are very close to your partner, just close your eyes gently and part your lips.


This is the main step to do. All the previous steps were executed just to reach this step. In this step, you need to feel your partner’s presence. Hold your partner in your arms firmly and gently and touch your lips to your partner’s.

Gently move your lips and let your partner do the same. You should maintain the frequency of kissing both the top and the bottom lips of your partner. Do not switch between the lips in a short interval.

This is how to kiss someone on the lips. But remember, practice makes anyone perfect. Maybe you cannot kiss your partner perfectly the first time. Instead of getting demoralized, you should focus on improving your skills.

How to French kiss someone for the first time

French kiss or the kiss with your tongue gets involved at the extreme level of intimate kissing. You can get the ultimate pleasure if the kiss is executed correctly.

Not many know, but the French kiss does not originate from France. It is named French as the language is tricky and has many things to do with the tongue when speaking. That is why the kiss is called the FRENCH KISS. You indeed have to know how to kiss someone in this style.

If you are worried about bad breath, then consider chewing some pieces of gum before kissing. It would help if you did not smell like sour yogurt. This can ruin your partner’s experience.

Start kissing normally with your partner. Do not try to go directly into a French kiss. Take some time and give some time to your partner. This will build a heavily romantic moment between you two.

Seek your partner’s consent before entering your tongue into his or her mouth. You can start poking your partner’s lips with your tongue while kissing. Then you can slowly begin to rub your partner’s lips with your tongue.

If your partner has no problem with it, then gently move your tongue inside your partner’s mouth. Wait for the other person to do the same. If your partner likes the move, your partner will definitely do it with you. You can kiss for as long as you both want. This makes your kissing session more steamy and romantic.

Kissing in France is not a French kiss, but a passionate and complicated kiss is

Final thoughts

Kissing has many benefits. Your relationship with your partner can become stronger with a kiss. If that is not enough for you, then there’s a scientific fact that kissing can burn calories in your body. That means you can burn your excess calories and also feel romantic about it!

Hopefully, you have learned how to kiss someone from this article. Now try practicing, grab a gum and make the first move towards your partner.

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