Marriage Gifts for Girls: What to Buy Your Best Friend for Her Wedding?

Wedding is one of the special days in someone’s life. Family members and friends would love to shower the couple with the best of presents. Well, here we will primarily focus on the bride and give you marriage gift ideas for girls. If your best friend is about to get married, and you’re one of the bridesmaids, there is surely a lot you got to do to make her day special.

Marriage gift for girl best friend

Here are some of the exclusive ways to make your best friend’s wedding special:

#1 Thinks She Need

Marriages are luxurious and expensive; no one can deny that. Buy her something that she always needed; it will also cut down on the expenses.

May be gift her a kit with all the necessary things a needs during a wedding.

You can add miscellaneous stuff like; tissues, hair spray, some medicines, safety pins, few beauty products like lipstick, and makeup setting spray.

Please make a small kit so that she can carry it around without any hassle.

#2 Something Nostalgic to Her

A new or to be bride experiences so many emotions; she is excited and happy about her soon to be married, yet nervous and scared of this new beginning.

So, give her customize things such as a photo album, picture scrapbook, collage photo frame, or customize mug. Gift her anything which will comfort her and reminds her of the people who cherish and treasure her.

#3 Exotic Holiday

Normal applications and products for the home, such as coffee makers, get bad or broken as years go on. Of course, they are very useful without any doubt, but let’s be honest; she most probably will get a lot of those gifts at her wedding.

So, you might want to gift her something different. You both can go on a pre-wedding trip like a farewell vacation and pamper her with spa sessions etc.

You can also gift her an adventure holiday with her spouse.

This is a unique marriage gifts for girls. A gift like this is actually memorable and unforgettable. She will always treasure this memory.

#4 Expensive Mementos

Many people choose to give the wife-to-be presents like money or other things for her new home.

However, money is spent, and these gifts will one time in the future will be discarded.

Give her something which will be long-lasting such as jewelry or a designer bag.

Marriage gifts for girls

There are a variety of gifts you can give to someone at their wedding. We will help you in choosing gifts for a newly married couple.

#1 Home Appliance

As thrilling, dreamy, and quixotic as marriages are, in conclusion, all married couples have to do back to their daily life. This involves running around the house and doing housework.

Kitchen apparatuses, gadgets, and other home appliances will always make your life easier. Thus, making it a perfect marriage gift for the couple.

Most of the time, girls make a list of what they need in their house, and you can ask them what they need and buy that particular stuff as a gift.

We suggest you buy her a food processor; if you wonder why it is a handy kitchen appliance and comes in handy for many things.

People can make their favorite smoothie or milkshake in a blender.

Food processors we suggest are 1. Philips 700-Watt Food, 2. INALSA Food Processor Fiesta 650-Watt, 3. BAJAJ Food Factory FX11 Food Processor, 4. Maggi Rio All in One 4G Food Processor, Usha FP 3811 Food Processor 1000-Watt Copper Motor and 6. Philips Food Processor HL1661 700Watts with Chutney Jar. The minimum price of a food processor starts from Rs. 3,599.

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#2 Accessories for Bridal

Indian wedding is a big fat wedding as there are so many other functions that the bride attends. So, she needs to dress up for every other occasion.

Accessories are a significant part of the wedding, and the bride will most likely spend a lot of time buying and choosing the perfect one for herself.

Why don’t you buy her some accessories as a gift? That will also help her to cut down on her own cost.

So, excellent marriage gifts for girls will be anklets.

A Kundan pearl anklet will be priced around Rs. 2,699, whereas a silver anklet will cost you like Rs 2,299.

#3 Silver Ware

Silver is a stunning and traditional bridal present, specifically if you choose gifts for a newly married couple. It is both sophisticated and practical and is a precious gift to give someone.

There is an extensive diversity of silverware you can purchase, but in our opinion, a silverware dinner set will be a great buy.

You can buy silverware from amazon, and episode silver and the starting price is Rs. 2.699.

#4 Coffee Machine

If the person is a coffee lover, then nothing is better than gifting her a coffee maker.

It is not always possible to head out just for coffee so, having a coffee machine is very handy.

There is a variety of coffee makers available in the market, such as 1. Philips HD7431/20 Coffee Maker, 2. Black & Decker DCM25 Coffee Maker and 3. Havells 0.7 Litres Drip Coffee Maker.

Moreover, the coffee maker is on the inexpensive side and costs around Rs. 1,500.

#5 Photo Book or Album

As she is beginning her new life, she will create many memories in the coming years. So, excellent marriage gifts for girls would be a photo album which has all the photos and notes from the day she was born till she got married.

You can add all her childhood photos, with families and friends, photos of you two, etc. moreover you can even write little notes on some pages. Mayne gives her some marriage alive.

This will be a very nostalgic gift to her, and she will cherish it forever.

Flipkart and Amazon have a variety of options for photo books, and they are very inexpensive as well. A photo book will cost you Rs. 550 or a little bit more.

#6 Saree

Women will never have enough saree. On her wedding day, it is a perfect and beautiful gift to give to her.

Now, sarees have many different varieties and might confuse you on what to buy for her. But a classic Banarasi saree can never go wrong.

A Banarasi saree made with the finest silk in the world will cost you more than Rs. 10,000.

Other types of saree you can gift are 1. Bandhani, 2. Kanjeevaram, 3. Bomkai, 4. Taant and 5. Chanderi.

#7 Bath Essentials

Beautiful fragrant and well wrapped, luxury bath products are cute pampering marriage gifts for girls.

She will most probably buy it for herself as it is necessary, but why don’t you surprise her with a luxury bath essential.

Forest Essentials and Nykaa have some good bath sets, and they have quite a lot of variety.

These kits mostly consist of face wash, face mist, shower gel, body scrub, moisturizer, body lotion, sunscreen, and lip balm.

They are also decently priced, and you can buy them for Rs. 2,200 to Rs. 5,550 at Nykaa.

#8 Make-Up Kit

A lot of girls enjoy wearing makeup. She has already booked a makeup artist for her wedding day to make her look beautiful on her big day. But what about the other days.

At Indian weddings, there are many other functions such as haldi, sangeet, and Mehendi; for that, you can gift her a makeup kit.

For gifting purposes, a makeup kit or combo is always a better option than a single product.

Sugar cosmetics has a makeup kit that cost Rs. 1,299 on their website.

On Nykaa, you will find many makeup combos, and most of the time, they are on discount too. Brands like MAC, Smashbox, Colorbar, Maybelline New York all have combo kits on the site.

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Some kits are specifically targeted for one part, say, the eye area. So, in a kit like that, you will find eye shadow, eyeliner, kajal, mascara, eyebrow pomade, etc.

#9 Jewellery

When made up of costly metallic elements like gold and silver, Jewelry has a significant place in our Indian wedding.

They are long-lasting and valuable, which will stay with her for a long time. A gold earring or a silver pendant is an outstanding marriage gift for girls.

You can even give her a customized pendant with a picture of her and her spouse. She will always remember and cherish this for life.

An 18-carat golf pendant starts from Rs. 8,000.

#10 Chocolate Basket

Wedding is one of the sweetest moments in a person’s life, and gifting them a chocolate basket or hamper is essential.

A chocolate basket is a good option too as it is a long-lasting gift and one can keep it for months.

You can buy a ready-made basket from Zoroy Pure. They have a chocolate box with 15 chocolates, and it cost Rs. 2,100 on their website.

However, chocolate baskets are highly customizable, so you can add chocolates how much you want and what fits your budget.

#11 Bachelorette Party

To celebrate your friend’s wedding, you can always throw a bachelorette party for her.

Planning a wedding is hectic, and the bride is probably super tired from all these. A bachelorette party is a way where she can let loose, relax, and can have fun with her siblings, close friends, and cousin.

You can do a surprised party for her or a pre-planned with her help where she can put some of her inputs; the choice is yours.

Choose something which she will feel comfortable with and will enjoy. Different people have different ideas on how they can have fun, but most generally go to theme parties.

First, you need to make the guest list, send an invitation to all of them, and then book a venue. Do it as early as possible cause then you can have a great deal.

According to some people, a bachelorette party means there will be drama and being wild, but it does not have to be like that.

If time is short, you can do a small party at one of your houses and just chill and sleepover.

#12 Couple Watch

If you know both the bride and groom, the matching watches are perfect marriage gifts for couples.

You can find a lot of watches; Sonata’s black dial metal strap watches are on the inexpensive side. It costs Rs. 2,975 at their website.

Titan’s Bandhan Silver White Dial Stainless Steel Pair Watches is a leather strap watch with a three-piece lock system mechanism. It is priced at Rs. 5,795 at their website.

However, titan’s official website is running a sale right now, and it costs Rs. 4,645.

If you want to gift them a luxury couple’s watch, then you can go for Fossil’s watches. Their His & Her Three-Hand Stainless Steel Watch Box Set is priced at Rs. 17,995 at their website. These watches are made of stainless steel and water resistance.

#13 Food Gift Box

Food box as a wedding gift? It might be unusual, but it is very different and unique.

There are so many types of food boxes you can customize according to the bride’s taste.

If she likes namkeen and salty food, then you can add packets of bhujia, nutcracker, aloo bhujia, salted peanut, roasted almonds, mixed namkeen, moong dal, phalhari chiwda, and a lot more variety you will find.

Again, if she likes sweets, add chocolates, rasgulla, soan papdi, gulab jamun, etc.

If she likes cooking or a chef, then you can make a food gift box with different spices and sauce available in the market.

If you want to shop online, then the big basket is a great site when you will find hundreds of food varieties and add them to your customize food gift box.

Final thoughts

Choosing the perfect marriage gifts for girls can be difficult, and also there are so many options to select from.

You know the bride a lot more than us so see what she needs or wants and choose the gift according to that.

Once you go online and type marriage gifts, you will see a thousand options from different budgets and being as low as Rs. 400.

You will for sure find something that fits your budget and suits her style.

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