11 Tips to cure Hair Fall which can give sure Results

Hair loss does not only affect men. Women’s head can also get quite light. But why actually? And what can you do about it?

People lose hair about 100 hairs a day. This is quite normal. In the vast majority of cases, hair loss is not a concern. Nevertheless, it is often uncomfortable for those when the hair thins on the head.

Hair loss is generally when hair falls out permanently and does not grow back. A distinction is made between uniform hair loss (effluvium) – here no bald spots form, but the hair becomes lighter all over the head – and alopecia. One speaks of it when receding hairlines or round hairless spots form.

Forms of Hair Loss

In both men and women, the most common cause of hair loss is hereditary hair loss. For most men, it’s just a part of getting older. Eight out of 10 men are affected. This thins the hair on the forehead and temple and then also on the back of the head. In contrast to men, women usually lose their hair evenly when parting. They are also affected less often – only about three in ten and mostly only after the menopause.

The second most common cause of hair loss is circular hair loss. Round, bald spots appear on the head and other hairy areas of the body such as the eyebrows or beard. In contrast to hereditary hair loss, children can also suffer from circular hair loss. The fault is probably a malfunction of the immune system.

Another common cause of hair loss is diffuse hair loss. The hair is thinned evenly all over the head. Usually, it is a temporary side effect of internal or external influences on the body, such as hormone fluctuations or deficiency symptoms.

Stress-Related Hair Loss

Another cause of hair loss that should not be underestimated can be stress. It can affect the hair cycle and thus promote hair loss.

On the one hand, this can be physical stress, triggered for example by a serious illness. On the other hand, constant emotional stress is a stressful situation. If the stress persists over a longer period of time, it can affect the body and trigger hair loss, for example.

To stimulate hair growth again, it is usually enough to reduce stress. This is of course not always easy, but at least one can assume that the hair loss is not permanent.

Hair Loss! What to Do?

There are many ways to counteract hair loss and range from hairstyle-related concealment to chemical preparations for oral use. The problem with many of these preparations is that there is often no evidence that they really help.

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If you want to fight back against your hair loss, the first thing you should contact a dermatologist. They can determine the cause and, if necessary, recommend suitable therapy. For example, if there is a nutritional deficiency, the causes can usually be easily remedied.

Keys to Combat the Hair Fall

How to prevent any of these three variants from spreading in people? We point out that the key is to pay attention to a series of 11 tips that will allow people who do not yet suffer from alopecia to avoid it and those who already have it to delay it.

Maintain A Good Diet

Experts recommend avoiding the intake of harmful fats and unhealthy foods. It is important to increase the consumption of iron, vitamin A, vitamin C, omega 3 and biotin.

Avoid Using Tobacco

According to a study by Lin-Hui Su, from Memorial Hospital and Tony Hsiu-Hsi, from National Taiwan University, smoking affects hair, as tobacco destroys hair follicles, interferes with blood circulation and hair hormones, in addition to increasing estrogenic levels, which accelerates hair loss and give rise to hair transplant.bywinona.com

Beware of Gels

It is important to maintain a rational use of the gels and in general chemical products that are placed in the hair for styling, since in the long run they can damage the hair follicles. You can use products, but not every day.

Avoid Using Thermal Devices

One of the things that damages the hair most is heat, points out the experts. Experts recommend that not only men but also women should avoid the use of thermal devices on the hair, such as dryers or irons, which make the hair brittle and prone to breakage.

Take Care of Sun Exposure

At a point that goes hand in hand with the previous one, it is important to avoid prolonged exposures of hair to the sun, as it can cause dryness. Whenever we are faced with these conditions it is important to try to wear a cap or hat.

Massage Your Scalp

After being in the shower and with wet hair, it is important to try to massage the scalp, an action that will reinforce circulation in the area and help the hair keep its course. Be careful, it’s about massaging, not pressing or pulling the hair.

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Learn to Choose the Correct Items

For the specialist it is also relevant that people buy the right items for the hygiene and cleaning of their hair, avoiding being carried away by brands and preferring those that are coupled to the style of hair. It is important that they learn to identify their conditions. Otherwise, they affect other facial areas and give rise to Beard Transplant and Eyebrow Transplant.

Seek Medical Support

Once you have identified that you are beginning to be a victim of this disease, you should avoid speculation and seek support from a dermatologist. “A mistake that we usually make is almost always heeding the recommendations of our stylist, they know important things, but they do not have the medical requirements to be able to give an effective treatment.

Prepare A Good Bowl of Lentils

Lentils are an important source of iron which, combined with vitamin C, helps increase your metabolism, circulation and oxygenation of cells. Which is essential for a healthy development of the hair follicle.

Do Not Abuse the Hair Dryer

Heat weakens the hair proteins. Constant heating and drying can lead to brittleness, which can cause hair loss.

Natural drying is best for your hair, so try to blow dry your hair naturally more often than using hot air.

Anaemia, The Most Common Female Cause

If you’ve been feeling particularly tired for a few days, your blood iron levels (iron deficiency anaemia) are probably below healthy.

One of the consequences of the deficiency of this mineral is hair loss. And, if there is little iron, there is little haemoglobin that can carry out its function of transporting oxygen to the tissues. The first thing is to do an analysis to check your haemoglobin and ferro thin levels (the amount of iron in the blood). From there, your doctor will decide the most appropriate measures.

Final Words

These are some tips to cure hair fall. However, these must be taken over a longer period of time to get the desired results.

Hair transplant is another sure way to combat receding hair line and get permanent natural looking hair. If you want to opt for hair transplant, look for a clinic that is registered, has a good reputation, has a good success rate and offers affordable procedures. You can get all this at UK Hair Transplant Clinics and Hair Loss Solutions.

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