Dating My Daughter Game: It Is a Game of Incest?

Who does not like some fun and games? Games are a fun way of keeping one entertained throughout the pandemic. But does that mean we should indulge in a game like the Dating My Daughter Game?

Working from home has taken a toll on people globally. Some people feel the need to indulge in anxiety decluttering the house because of the constant mental stress. But should such activities also come with some boundaries?

One should be aware of the nature of games they indulge in to keep themselves going. The game we are going to talk about here today is the Dating My Daughter Game.

What is Dating My Daughter Game?

The name of developer of the Dating My Daughter Game is Mr. Dots. This game lets you choose options making it choice-based. The game offers choices to choose between friendship and a sexual relationship. This determines the fate of the player.

This game offers a visual novel that narrates a story during game playing. The game-based novel is in the first person. Moreover, the game develops constantly. Therefore, there is no final version out yet.

Dating My Daughter game is an XXX site game. It is classified as an NSFW game. NSFW stands for ‘Not Safe for Work.’ This statement stands as warning on websites considered to have inappropriate content by administrators. Dating My Daughter game is an incest-based game.

The game offers choices bent on sexual intentions or friendship. The game prompts you to choose between either of the two options. It gives you points and deducts game points based on your choice.

For instance, the Dating My Daughter game offers the gamer choices between staring at the daughter at his daughter’s backside or gaining points for friendship. If the gamer as the father stares at this daughter’s backside, he loses points for friendship. In the process, he gains points for a sexual relationship with his daughter in the game.

The ultimate reward for the father that is the gamer, is pursuing an incest sexual relationship with his daughter in the game. Before we arrive at the pros and cons of this action, let us first understand the main plot of the game.

Dating my daughter game

The Main Plot of the Dating My Daughter game

The user in the game assumes the position of a divorced parent. He has been deprived of his daughter’s company for years. The daughter is now 18 years of age. She has contacted her father to go out on father-daughter dates to get to know each other better.

Mr. Dots, on his site, encourages users to assume the position of the father and pursue a ‘special relationship’ with their daughter. He also encourages users to play in a way that lands them more father-daughter dates in the future.

How to Download Dating My Daughter Game

Let us enumerate a few details before you consider downloading the dating my daughter game.

It is a good idea to contemplate the pros and cons of any item before you decide to invest in it.

Pros of the game

  • Like all games, this game too keeps the user occupied and helps to pass the time.
  • Some might argue that this game is relatively better than other incest games like The Twist. This is because the Dating My Daughter game, unlike other incest games, provides friendship and incest.
  • Incest gamers may argue that incest games are better than other games as it allows an adrenaline rush. Additionally, they also convey that this adrenaline rush triggers sexual gratification.

Cons of the game

  • The game provides entertainment at the cost of an incestual activity.
  • Mr. Dots has developed the daughter in the game to be 18 years of age. Adulthood does not justify incestual relationships. Incestual relationships, even between consenting adults, are punishable to death in multiple nations.
  • The adrenaline rush and sexual gratification are provided at the cost of incestual relationships. This taints the expectations that one might be having from sexual relationships.
  • The game allows users who are 18 years and above to play. However, an adolescent at 18 still has an impressionable mind. He might pick up what he learns from the game.
  • He may consider applying what he’s picked up with his kins in his house. This is a significant problem as the game leads to changes in how an adolescent may perceive kinship and sexual relationships.
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Critics’ take on the Dating My Daughter game

Certain game reviewers have noted that it is the daughter in this game who initiates the father-daughter dates. However, this does not excuse the fact that the father in the game is free to pursue an incestual course of interaction.

This game could have taken a completely different approach. The father in the game could have used the time to get to know his daughter as a father should.

Some may argue that this game provides an opportunity for a course of platonic friendship to occur. However, the choice of friendship in the game is tainted by choice of incest existing.

The game can be a bad influence on young adolescents. It disrupts their views of familial relationships. Additionally, it gives rise to the adolescents contemplating on pursuing sexual actions towards their kins.

Critics and game reviewers acknowledge that sexual interests are subjective. However, most people consider incest as a criminal offense. A lot of game reviewers have reported being repelled by the game.

Gamers may wish to play a game that pursues sexual gratification. In such a case, they may consider other areas of sexual interests. For instance, gamers may wish to pursue a game that indulges in BDSM, sex toys, sex machines, or role-plays.

All of those mentioned above causes a psychological impact that may hamper real-life relationships. The sexual interests mentioned above do not provide sexual gratification at the cost of immoral practices like incest.

What could be the origin?

In the world of porn and kinky sexual pleasures, incestual videos between a father figure and a daughter are not uncommon.

A common occurrence in porn is an older man assuming a step-father and a young girl as his daughter. Such videos also have a separate category and fanbase. Incestual videos of role-playing between father and daughter connected by blood can also be noted.

The term ‘daddy issues’ fires inspiration behind incestual videos between father and daughter. Like the eternal question of egg or hen, here too, it is difficult to recognize which came first, incestual videos or the term ‘daddy issues.’

Many men consider this term as fun pillow talks with women. However, they fail to realize the seriousness behind it. Daughters facing issues with their fathers has become popular enough for a term to be coined for it. It is a sensitive matter and requires precautions. However, men and women seem to be throwing the term around the bedroom for kink and fun instead.

What does history have to say?

The practice of incest has existed since the dawn of time. Studies in Sociology have perceived several instances of incest in the earlier days. Psychological studies have shown mothers-in-law being attracted to their sons-in-law.

This is because the daughter shows resemblance to her mother in terms of physical features due to genes. The mother feels the son-in-law attracts to her as she has features similar to her daughter. This is because both have similar physical features. The mother then sees her daughter as competition here.

Nagas, a tribe from India, Royal families in Japan and Korea, areas in Hawaii have promoted incest in the earlier times. There is an interesting mindset that was noted among the incestual Naga tribes. They believe that marrying within the family helped keep the family property and wealth within the family.

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There was a ‘bride price’ that was to be paid as dowry during the marriage. They believed that marrying inside the family helped conserve this and more.

Carl Jung has brought forward Electra and Oedipus complex, which explains the mindset behind incest. Electra complex is when a young girl becomes subconsciously sexually attracted to her father.

She then competes with her mother on sexual grounds to get the attention of her father. This encourages an incestual relationship between father and daughter.

Oedipus is the opposite of the Electra complex. It is a son’s attraction towards his mother. Hollywood explore such genres with movies like The Psycho.

Did You Know?

Incest is not only a social taboo but is considered illegal in multiple parts of the world. There are incest laws around marriages that are required to be observed socially.

Incest between an adult and a child is called child sexual abuse. However, when incest occurs between consulting adult people, it is called consanguinamory.

The Dating my Daughter game observes a consanguinamory incestual relationship. However, in a majority of nations, there are laws banning consanguinamory incestual relationships as well. Certain nations, allow incest keeping the degrees of relationship in mind.

Laws involving incest as based on the degrees of the relationship as well. Most of the laws revolving around incest prohibit incestual relationships where the degree of DNA shared is 25% and above.

Other laws in nations permit incestual relationships where the degree of DNA shared is 12.5% and lower.

According to this statistical information, incestual relationships between grandchildren and grandparents and between cousins may be excused in nations.

Any other incestual relationship is punishable by death or life imprisonment in multiple nations all over the world. Also, incestual action on step relations is banned in several nations as well.

Alternative Approaches and Dating My Daughter Download

Before we tell you how to download games, let us first deliberate some changes that the game would benefit from.

The idea of a father-daughter date doesn’t sound bad to the audience if no incest involved. The father is a divorcee and alienated from his daughter. Naturally, they go on father-daughter dates to get to know each other. However, sexual attraction shouldn’t be explored there for reasons other than incest as well.

Currently, the incestual relationship in the game received mixed reviews. Multiple gamers have decided to stay away from the game due to repulsion. This has led to the downfall of the game’s reputation in the gaming market among other XXX games.

Alternative Approaches to the Game

The game could instead take the following approach:

  • The father and daughter go on dates where they get to know each other on platonic terms.
  • The daughter shares her romantic interests with her father.
  • The father being protective states specific rules that he’d like her boyfriends to follow if they wish to continue dating her.
  • These can imply as rules for ‘Dating my Daughter’ in the game. This way, the game stays true to its name.
  • The father could be quizzed on the daughter’s preferences in men. Wrong answers may cost the user points as the father in the game.
  • The game could have role play, BDSM, sexual fantasies, and pleasures. This can be possible by allowing the daughter to explore those mentioned above with her boyfriends. This keeps the sexual gratification for gamers alive.

Making these changes to the game would keep its user base thriving. Additionally, the game would also grow a reputation in the market and win back many users.

People who enjoy sexual activities in the game would still attain pleasure from such changes. However, the problem of incest would eliminate from the game at the same time.

You can download the game from Mr. Dots’ site with a guilt-free conscience. Further, to download you need any one among Windows, Android, Max, or Linox to support the game.

Final Thoughts

The Dating My Daughter game has the potential in the market to be a popular game. Mr. Dots only needs to pay attention to a few of the amendments listed above for that to happen.

We hope you have had fun learning about this game and a few interesting facts on incest so far! Happy gaming!

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