Games to Play Over Text With Friends When You Are Bored

Texting has always been one of the best ways to stay in touch with your close people. What’s great is playing games over text. You may not have thought of it, but text games can be one great way to stay in touch with everyone. So, what are the games to play over text that does not allow the conversation to die? Let’s find out.

If you constantly keep texting your friends or crush what they do, ask about their favorite things, the conversation is most likely to get boring. However, if you get your hands on real texting games, it just adds some extra fun.

Well, who are you going to play the games with? Friends, girlfriend, crush, boyfriend? Endless options, right? So, the options for games to play over text are endless too.

List of some of the best games to play over text

If you are confused about which games to play over text, you can download the games over text app. Most of these apps have a wide range of games such as texting games, emoji games, and so much more. Thanks to these apps, you can now have a fun time with your extended family without any interruptions.

20 Questions

This has to be one of the best flirty games to play over text. If you want to know your significant other a little better, this is just the classic go-to game. You already are familiar with the basic likings and disliking of your partner, but what about others?

This game allows you to choose from various questions. Well, you can ask out your crush for a movie or dinner date. If you and your partner can maintain weekly scores, you will be eligible for prizes too. However, prizes aren’t always necessary.

One of the best benefits of playing this game is that it will teach you patience. After a certain time, either of you may feel that the game is getting boring. It’s during these times that you will need to spice things up. 20 Questions is all about having fun with your partner and knowing them better.

Being one of the best flirty games to play over text, you can get various advantages, one of the best being close time with your partner. Weekly prizes or not, you are winning it.

Kiss, Marry, Kill

This is one of the classic real texting games. This game became so popular amongst everyone that people made it viral on social media too. Kiss, Marry, Kill was originally a trend on TikTok. If that’s not all, Kiss, Marry, Kill also became a popular template on Instagram.

Why only limit it to your romantic partners, right? People started using Kiss, Marry, Kill for celebrities and musicians too. In this game, you are given three choices, and you need to decide whom you want to kiss, marry or kill.

But, please don’t stick to the general schedule and try to make it enjoyable. You can always opt for make-believe or even pretend. You don’t have to stick to the prevailing norms. If you are insecure, try spicing things up. However, if you are not sure about the game, abort the game immediately.

This is one of the most flexible games to play over text. Why? You get to choose different categories too. It’s one great way to cope up with your sleepless nights.


You will get several trivia games to play over text app. Whether it is your favorite movie, a favorite show, or anything, trivia is everyone’s favorite. If you think you know everything about the show, anime, or movie, take a trivia test.

If you are tired of those desktop trivia apps, download one on your phone. What’s great is that you can challenge your friends. All you need to do is choose a category and start questioning each other. If you win, you score, and if you lose, your opponent scores.

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You have the flexibility of setting guidelines. Most of these trivia apps allow the first person to score a ten win. Constantly winning may also get you some extra cool prizes.

Never Have I ever

Okay, let’s admit it, this has to be one of the flirtiest games to play over text. The game’s title got so popular that even a Netflix series and Wattpad hit the same name.

Apart from texting, you can also play this game on a video call. You will need to have a group of four or more people to make the game extra fun. The game does allow you to peek into the secret corners of your friends.

Well, you can come up with some creative punishments. There’s nothing better than embarrassing your friends on social media. So, the one who loses has a bad photo on social media. However, it would help if you played by the rules. If you did the mentioned thing, you take a sip, and if not, you lose. Lying is a huge No-No. So, don’t even think about it.

Name Game

Do you remember the Name, Place, Animal, Thing game we played in school? If not, you probably have missed out on a lot of fun in your school days. Don’t worry; you can always relive those days. Well, the name game is a modern-day rendition for the same.

It would help if you choose a category, and each of your friends can start naming it from the respective alphabet. Well, you need to keep up with the continuation of the game. It is necessary to manage the first player’s word and eventually proceed with it.

Friendship Tag

Do you want to know your friends more? This is one of the best games to play over text that helps you and your pals know each other. However, it is advisable to follow the rules.

It would help if you asked your friends or girlfriend what they want. Moreover, you also get to know what your friends think about you. This will play an important role in understanding the relationship.

Unpopular opinions

We all share opinions, despite some of them being either hyped or too poor. Well, this is one of the most fun games to play with your friends and families. In this game, each of you will get an opportunity to share unpopular opinions.

You will eventually get to choose various topics such as hit movies, restaurants, food, and so much more. Let us tell you one of the most underrated and unpopular opinions, “Jim Jam is better than Oreo.”

Let us know what your unpopular opinion is?

What would you do?

We all make scenarios in our heads and imagine what we would do in such a situation. Well, that is precisely what the game is all about. This is yet another one of the most fun games to play over text.

You get an insight into some of the creativity of your friends. According to the rules, you need to choose a scenario and ask your friend to work it out. This is mostly a hypothetical situation where you are stuck. When you follow this game, you get to understand if they would face it or run.

Games to Play Over Text

Gun to your Head

This is yet another hypothetical game. Just like WWYD, in this game, there’s only a hypothetical situation, a gun on the head. However, that’s not all. You need to also add a question to it.

In this game, you’re putting the other person in question at gunpoint and asking them what they would do. If you are the one being attacked, you can’t retort. Well, you need to answer the question diligently and complete the truth.

Make it Rhyme

If you’re a poet or someone who loves rhyming too much, you need to give this game a try. It’s a pretty easy-to-go game. According to the rules, one person initiates the game with a word. The next person has to reply with phrases or words that rhyme with the same.

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You get the opportunity to move back and forth. However, it’s a pretty competitive game where you need to keep brainstorming. Until and unless you run out of words, you can’t quit. Sometimes, the game can even go on for an entire night if you have no mood to lose.

Asking for a farewell would be a halt, and you will be the loser.

Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

This is one of the games to play over text that movie buffs would try. Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon is based on Six Degrees of Separation. If you have watched the movie and are familiar with the concept, you can ace the game.

According to the concept of Six Degrees of Separation, two people can be connected only for a maximum of six steps. In this game, you can bring forth Kevin Bacon and another actor or actress. You can link them up and start searching for movie roles. You have only limited rounds to ace the game.

Text Strip Question Games

Well, if you’re on the lookout for flirty games to play over text with your recent Tinder match, try this out. So, many of us are aware of the concept of the game. As per the game concept, you and your partner will get the opportunity to ask each other questions.

Anyone who gets the answer to the question wrong needs to remove a piece of clothing. Well, it can be steamy and hot. So, are you ready to turn on the heat? Try this out.

The Laughing Game

You may think that this game is about laughing, but it’s not what the name says! There is a major twist in this game. Before you start the game, you need to select a list of answers without knowing the questions.

Everyone playing the game gets to choose only a limited number of questions. No matter what question is being asked, you need to answer the pre-selected ones. According to the rule, you can’t change the answers and will need to answer itself chronologically.

Fantasy Game

All of us have a fantasy world of our own. So, this game is for those who fall in that category. In this game, the members get to choose their fantasy world. Therefore, you get to select, break and make a scenario that would help you in the long run.

Well, you can bring changes to your team as you move ahead. The person who has the strongest team, in the end, can take the lead. However, you can’t repeat the same member or same team once you have let it go.

Guess The Lyric

If the playing members are into music and movies, this is the perfect game. According to the game rules, you need to choose a lyric or film name. Then, you must type the same and send it to your friends. Wait for them to answer. Besides, you can also frame a question along with it, such as the movie title, song name, actor, and so on.

As you play, you need to keep track of points. No cheating allowed, so don’t even think of Googling it. This is a cool trivia game, and you need to be experts in the field. However, there are ways through which you can ease the lyrics.

If either of you is just a beginner, you need to ease it. However, if you are experts, you can start with the hard ones only. Either way, you need to keep track of how you’re starting and where it is heading.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Sister


This is more of a personal trivia game where you get to ask each other questions. Besides, many people consider this to be one of the best games to play over text. It is easy, and you get to know a lot about each other.

Well, this is not an interview, so don’t go up that way. Besides, you can choose from simple to hard ones. For a change, you can also consider going up a little educational. Therefore, the better you do, the more fun it will become.

Final thoughts

Personal trivia games can be great fun. However, there are other games to play over text too. You don’t always have to limit yourself. Therefore, if you feel that the conversation is losing its flame, you can set up the game plan. It will workout.

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