Free Latin Tarot – How Is Is Different From Modern Tarot Reading?

Are you planning to pursue your career as a tarot card reader? Does the Latin tarot card attract you the most? Well, if yes, start reading our blog! Here we will inform you everything you need to know about Latin Tarot card reading, how it is different from modern tarot cards and much more. So, before you practice any free Latin Tarot card reading online or go for one yourself, scroll down below!

What is Latin Tarot?

The Latin Tarot readings are famous all across the globe. They do have an immense similarity with other tarot cards in their meanings and approach, but you will see differences when they have variations.

You can refer to the Latin Tarot as Tarot de Marseille too. It is the type of tarot readings that developed in the Latin areas.

You will notice the reading style and card meanings to be quite similar to the European style of tarot readings, which is usually and commonly seen across the globe.

It is best you keep in mind that the Rider-Waite Tarot card deck is compatible with the Latin Tarot. However, you may find it compatible with other decks that are used to read tarot cards.

The beginning of Latin tarot readings

Before we get into how you can do free Latin tarot readings, let’s check out where it all began.

The origin of the Latin Tarot goes way back into the late 15th century in Italy. First, it started in the Southern part of France in 1499. The introduction took place only when Milan was taken over by the French.

Later, Latin Tarot readings lost their presence in Italy, but it did spread widely throughout Switzerland and many more European areas where it was pretty popular. However, Tarot was introduced again in Italy and is still widely used today.

free latin tarot

Just like other tarot forms, the Latin Tarot can easily provide you with answers to your complex questions, which leaves a substantial impact on your life’s narrative. When you are put in front of a challenging decision, it is absolutely usual to get confused, overwhelmed, and lost at the same time. It is particularly true when the decision can change the course of your life.

For instance, leaving a job for acquiring your passion or selecting your life partner. Both these decisions are challenging and an essential part of your life. Do some questions come across your mind like ‘how to know it’s the best person for me?’ is the compatibility intense? All these questions are likely to cross your mind and leave you thinking.

Of course, life is never crystal clear, but getting proper guidance can help you begin with the right path. And to do that, you can always take the help of cards. Through that, you will be able to get clarity and know where to start from. It is also best you keep in mind that fortune-telling does not tell you precisely what happens in your life, but it does give you a sketch that helps in chalking how you wish to go about it.

Why is Tarot vital?

Everyone wants to know more about their future. It is the only way people get partial clarity towards their career and even get a goal that they can achieve. And to do that, you take the help of tarot cards. You get to know yourself and your future well. The tarot cards reflect answers that you’ve been seeking from your life.

More so, you get to know about your strengths, weaknesses and also become more self-aware and conscious about yourself. All of this knowledge leaves a profound impact on your life. You will get more equipped to face challenges and will also mold a situation using your skillset.

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You will find people using psychic and Tarot readings to learn the truth about the surroundings and, of course, themselves. In fact, you can do it daily and regularly to know the component goal of your life. It gives you a clear vision towards the aspirations and helps to achieve the goals of your life.

Meaning of Tarot and how it affects human lives

The word Tarot is basically synonymous with truth. So, you can say that Tarot has immense power in informing people about their truth daily.

It can be decisions relating to your career, marriage, or relationship. Through tarot card reading, you will get a clear picture that will help you make a proper decision.

The present and future you are going to face are indeed up to how you handle it. There is no particular thing that can inform you precisely about the hindrances you will face and how they will affect your life overall. However, you will get a general outline of your life through tarot card readings that will help you form clarity and guide you on the right track.

What should be done when you get consequential questions?

When you go in for a free Latin tarot card reading session, you will be given some consequential questions. So, what should you do then? Well, that is the time you have to look into yourself. Try to look within to get and interpret your answers.

It is indeed tough to understand the meaning of your cards. Particularly, if you are with a true tarot card carder, he/she will know that the answers aren’t straightforward as no or yes.

The answers that you say are much more profound and reflect your internal self.

Once you start drawing the cards, you will have insights and reminders of pieces of advice you got from near and dear ones. More so, the drawing of cards shows the subconscious truth that reveals your inner self.

Significance tarot cards in our lives

There is no one in this world that has not faced troubles and difficulties in their lives. It is an unsaid fact of existing. You will never find anything going according to what you plan. It is irrespective of how you think and the way you control the deeds of your life. The universe is always ready to test you through ways that you think are impossible.

If you think you can overcome any uncertainty, that is impossible. Uncertainty is something that the universe controls, and it is impossible for you to fathom. However, through tarot card readings, you can understand your future, present, and past better. It will give you a basic guideline that will help you achieve the things you want in life.

As they say, history can repeat itself. Similarly, mistakes you have done in the past and be easily repeated in the future several times. So, getting yourself a deep understanding of your past will help you realize and form a better future. Also, it is vital you keep in mind that the foundation of your past leaves an immense impact on your present and future. Consequently, making it vital to know more about your past to build up a great future.

Latin Tarot Rider Waite

The most popular decks that are in use to Latin tarot readings is the Rider-Waite deck. It was designed in the year 1909. The deck of cards was released one year later in 1910 by a London-based company known as Rider & Sons.

After one year of the original design was done, Arthur Waite brought out a comprehensive guide about the Tarot card, where he explained the meanings in detail.

Several artists across the globe take the Tarot Rider Waite deck as their inspiration for releasing new decks and designs. However, in 1971 a copyright was issued officially into the public domain of the United States. Plus, it will also be included in the United Kingdom’s public domain during the beginning of 2022. That is because it marks the 70th year of Pamela Smith’s death, who was the artwork’s original designer guided by Arthur Waite.

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How to try out free Latin tarot readings?

A traditional tarot and Latin Tarot are almost the same. Free Latin tarot readings are done mainly to understand deep questions about your future. Plus, it also provides guidance in life where crossed paths are presented. You may experience this with vital life decisions like pursuing a new path in your career or taking your casual and romantic relationships to the next level. During free Latin tarot reading, it is obvious you will ooze out your mind and formulate questions in a way where you get the desired guidance and answer.

All the steps are vital to get the best results. The moment you have a question in mind, pull out ten cards from the preferable deck.

As you finish choosing the ten cards, you see the cards representing your future, strengths, and weaknesses. It is vital for you to remain focused while making the selections. And then, you can continue asking questions.

Free Angel Card Reading

Keys to be the best free Latin tarot reader

There is not much difference you can make out between traditional and Latin tarot card readings. But there are few key points that will help you be the best Latin tarot reader. Check out the following:

  • There is more interpretation that is required from a Latin tarot card reader.
  • The spreads are the same as any other decks that are used for a tarot reading.
  • It is essential that you dig deep into your emotions when you are trying out a paid or free Latin tarot reading.
  • It is always best you keep in mind that tarot reading improves as you practice. The more you study the cards and your intuitions, you will get better.
  • It is also necessary that you keep in mind that you have to possess a strong memory power if you wish to practice Latin tarot reading.
  • The more studies you will focus on, the more you will develop your skills.
  • Even though there is not much difference between Latin, traditional and modern tarot reading, the meanings might differ. However, the method remains the same.
  • Always believe in yourself and your intuitions. The only key to be a successful Latin tarot card reader is to believe your intuitions.

Latin Tarot vs. Modern Tarot

The Latin tarot card is also known as Tarot de Marseille. You will find the structure of the Latin Tarot to be quite similar to the Rider-Waite deck. However, there are few differences that we are going to talk about.

You will notice the Rider-Waite card deck has illustrations that are unique with meanings. Whereas the Marseille card has drawings that are symbolic to each suite the card belongs to.

The Marseille deck possesses a total of 56 cards that come in four varieties of suits. You will notice each of the Marseille deck to have Cups, Coins (Pentacles), Batons (wands), and Swords. The cards do not possess a unique design, where it comes with symbols and numbers.

You will see the Latin tarot cards to have the same Trump cards that are present in the Rider-Waite deck. It is seen that the Marseille deck has the Justice card as number 8, whereas the strength card is 11.

It is essential you know the Death card is known as the Nameless Arcanum, so it implies it does not have any name officially. You will find that religious imagery and names to be a reflection of the previous tarot cards.

Another difference before the deck of cards is that the Hierophant and High Priestess is known as the Pope and Papess. Keeping in mind the Christian iconography, you must know that the Tower card is known as the House of God in the Latin or Marseille deck.

You will notice the Latin Tarot design is simpler than the symbols present in modern tarot cards. Several experts also second that modern tarot cards are harder to read. The designs of Latin cards are simple. It gives more space for the reader to think and focus on their intuition, whereas, since the modern tarot card has more images, it is easier for them to elaborate the images and make it biased to one’s mind. Eventually, making it limited to read the tarot cards intuitively and naturally.

Final Thoughts

Now that we have come to an end with our blog, we hope you know everything about Latin tarot cards. So, try out a session yourself before you start offering free Latin tarot card readings for someone else. Once you have experienced it, practicing will be easy and much more effective.

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