Gifts for Girls Age 20: Last Minute Shopping for Valentine’s Day

Shopping for gifts for girls age 20 can a challenging staff. The absolute diversity of choices is astonishing!

Her sweet teen years ended, and she just entered her twenties.

A subtle but brave, bubbly little miss is about to begin her twenties. The girl could be anyone; your sister, friend, or your girlfriend. Finding the right and practical gifts for girls is a little bit difficult, but we are here to help you out with that.

Gifts for Girls Age 20

Check out some of the best things to buy for girls who are 20-years old:

Scented Candles

If your friend likes to have a warm and cozy home environment, then gifting candles is amazing. Candles can be gifts for girls age 18 and below.

These candles come in a lot of variants. One of the best-scented candle shops is Bath and Body Works. They are priced around Rs. 2,000, but the candles are always on offer, like buy one get one free or 30% off.

Moreover, it can even be practical gifts for girls too. Add a lavender essential oil or peppermint essential oil.

When kept in a diffusion while the candles are burning, these oils help relieve stress and exhaustion.


Bags are something that each woman treasures. Women from the age of 15 to 80 years love bags. Most girls like to carry handbags everywhere they go.

A bag is an extraordinary part of their accessory; it says a lot about her. Moreover, the choice of the bag also depends on the age of the woman.

For handbags, gifts for girls age 20 most probably will be a clutch or a small bag pack.

The kind of bag that you will carry at 20 is definitely quite a bit different from the one that your mother carries. You most probably know what the person likes, some girls want to use trendy things whereas some stick to their style.

There are bags which are very versatile and will go with most of the girl’s outfit. If you are gifting like that, then go for a black, brown, or beige color bag.

If you cannot decide, then go for a black or golden clutch. They are a classic, and your sister or friend will most probably like them.

When it is about bags, the choices are huge. You have to select the most refined style according to the budget and the woman you are purchasing for.

Some very famous brands are Caprese, Baggit, Lavie, Guess, and Hidesign.

Jewelry or Ornaments

Jewelry is expensive, especially if you are planning to gift something made of gold or silver. Gifting jewelry shows that you are thoughtful.

You might be buying a necklace for your sister or a ring for your girlfriend, but jewelry lasts for a long time, and it is very special to the person you are gifting.

Try to make the ornament personal and customize if that is possible.

A lot of stores make customize rings or necklaces. It shows that you care about that person a lot and want them to have something long-lasting.

If you want, you can even engrave both of your initials on the back of the ring or bracelets. Or write a sweet message.

For gifting it to your sister or friend, you can engrave their date of birth or a particular date like the day you and your find meet. You can even impress just a word with connects both of you.

Lockets are another option you can have. You can add a photo of both of you or some texts; it just adds a very personal touch to the gift.

Another thing you can do is gifting her a ring or earring which has her birthstone. Find out what is her birthstone.

Some jewelry brands: Tanishq, TBZ, Chandrani Pearls, Senco, and PC Chandra Jewellers.

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Not every girl loves makeup, but a lot of them do. If the person you are planning to gift loves make-up and beauty, then giving a makeup kit will be great.

Makeup gifts for girls age 20 or above are excellent and easy as there is a lot option you can have.

Someone who is a makeup lover will never have enough makeup. However, buying make up for someone else can be a little tricky.

Always buy a good quality product. You do not need to gift someone 5 make up products that are cheap and will cause acne or rashes to your friend.

Go to trusted brands. If your budget is on the higher side, then you can go for these brands: 1. MAC, 2. Bobby Brown, 3. Benefit Cosmetics, 4. Estee Lauder and 5. Dior.

If your budget is less than Rs.1,000, some good drugstore brands are Maybelline New York, PAC, Lakme, L’Oreal Paris, and The Faces Canada.

If you are planning to gift base products like foundation, concealer, etc., you need to know their skin tone. Also, if you are planning to gift a lipstick, then go for a classic red lipstick. MAC’s Ruby Woo is a cult favorite, and anyone would love to have that shade.

For eye shadow for a neutral palette, which has a lot of warm tone browns. That will go with every outfit she wears. Wet Wild Rose in the Air eye shadow is very affordable and is of good quality.

Cooking Book

If your sister, friend, or girlfriend enjoys cooking, then gifting a cooking book is a great option.

Cooking books gifts for girls age 21 or above is an amazing cause then she can explore a lot of new recipes.

Pick a book that has a cuisine she never tried or heard of. It will encourage her to try diverse cuisine. If the girl is a beginner and just does cooking as a hobby, you can buy a book with many dishes but is made of simple and readily available ingredients.

You can find a lot of cooking books on your budget at amazon.

Some options you can have are:

  1. Sanjeev Kapoor Kitchen Secrets
  2. Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking by Marcella Hazan
  3. Tasting India by Christine Manfield
  4. Entice with Spice: Easy Indian Recipes for Busy People by Shubhra Ramineni
  5. The Curry Secret: How to Cook Real Indian Restaurant Meals at Home by Kris Dhillon


Even though perfumes can be a little tricky to purchase but, women of all ages like them.

Perfume gifts for girls age 20 are a very classic option, and if you know her favorite scent, it will show her that you have a great presenting skill.

You can choose a body mist, body spray, or deodorants based on what she likes and your budget.

Moreover, you do not need to go for luxury brands. Some drugstore brands have unique perfume or mist collection.

Here are some options:

  1. Nykaa
  2. Plum
  3. The Body Shop
  4. Zara

The above 4 brands have good quality perfumes, and they are priced below Rs 1,500.

However, if you want to buy from a well know the luxury brand, then some options are:

  1. Chanel
  2. Burberry
  3. Estee Lauder
  4. Jo Malone
  5. Tom Ford

Spa Session

Gifting her a spa treatment is probably the most relaxing gift ever. A spa session gifts for girls age 20 will make her feel relax and refreshed.

If your sister, friend, or girlfriend is turning 20 in the spring or summer months, then gifting a pamper spa session will be a perfect present.

However, spas are expensive, and if it is out of your budget, we have got you. Buy some bath bombs and add them to the bathtub, and light some candles; you will have your own home spa at a reasonable price.

Subscription Box

Subscription boxes are affordable, and you will find a lot of different options.

If you do not know what a subscription box is, then it is a box the company will put 5 to 6 products in a box, and you buy it.

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They are cheap cause the products you get are a lot more expensive than what you are going to pay.

Now if you want gifts for girls age 20 then try to find out what she likes.

If she likes skincare, then purchase a box that has different skincare items.

If she likes books, then go for a subscription box which different types of books in them.

In general, a subscription box costs around Rs. 850 and more.

Home Décor

Home décor is the best option when you really do not know what the person likes. Also, it can be extremely cheap too.

The best home décor gifts for girls age 20 can be artificial plants, table décor, wall art or painting, wall accessory, photo frames, clock, and even a full-length mirror.

If you are really low in budget, then a photo frame is excellent for gifting. The price might start from as low as Rs. 250.

You can purchase them online too. Amazon has thousands of home décor collections to choose from. A lot of variety of range is available there.


If a friend is a bookworm, then she will absolutely love amazon kindle what’s better than gifting an entire library to her.

There are a lot of different types of kindle available starting from Rs. 5,000 to up to Rs. 20,000. Choose whatever fits your budget.

Different types of kindle are available, and some are quite popular such as Kindle Paperwhite 4 (10Gen), Kindle Paperwhite 3 (7Gen), Kindle Oasis 2 (9Gen), and Kindle Voyage (7Gen).

However, Kindle Paperwhite is the most popular one, and it is six inches. On Amazon, it’s priced at Rs. 8,499. But amazon always has sales, so keep an eye on it.


If the person you are gifting loves photography, then the camera will be the best gift you can give her.

There is a lot of camera option in the market that will fit your budget.

If the person is a beginner, then there are some you can buy: 1. Nikon D5600, 2. Canon Rebel T7i, 3. Canon 77D, 4. Pentax K-70 and 5. Nikon D3500.

For some who is a professional, you can gift:

  1. Nikon D850
  2. Sony Alpha ILCE 7S
  3. Canon EOS 6D Mark II
  4. Pentax K-1 Mark II
  5. Nikon D7500

However, all of them are a bit pricy, but you can gift her an instant camera or polaroid camera. They are great and have all the essential features in them.

The price of these cameras starts from Rs. 4,599 on amazon.

DIY Photo Scrapbook

Gifting a DIY scrapbook is an outstanding idea for your sister, best friend, or girlfriend.

You can capture all the pictures and moments in a book, and if you DIY it, then it’s even better. They will think you have put a lot of thought and effort into making it.

Other than pictures, you can add small stories you two share, some advice, or doodles; just make it as personalized as you can.

Many journals are available online, and you can buy them from Amazon, Nykaa, and Flipkart.

They are very inexpensive, and the starting price for a picture scrapbook is Rs. 399.


Buying a piece of clothing can be difficult, but if you know what they like and their size, it can be a beautiful gift.

There are so many clothes, such as jackets, tops, dresses, skirts, jeans, jumpsuits, and endless possibilities.

Maybe you can take them to a mall and see what kind of outfits they prefer. It will give an idea.

If you want to buy online, then Myntra is the best option you can go for.

Final thoughts

Most girls are pretty open about what they like and dislike. To give them a meaningful present, just listen to them carefully.

Women love to talk about things that she enjoys, and it is certainly not because they want someone to buy it for them, but they want to share their thoughts.

Pay attention to what your sister, best friend, or girlfriend is saying, and you will most definitely know what makes her happy.

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