Elevate your boring wardrobe instantly. But how?

Our social media feed is usually filled with street style looks of stylish fashion icons. They wear designer clothing and accessories, and definitely a team of stylists and makeup artists are responsible for their final chic look. It’s undoubtedly a picture-perfect inspiration. Find how you can elevate your wardrobe.

But, do we all have the budget to pull off the same look like the celebrity? Can’t count me in, for sure!

What you can do instead is to reimagination you can elevate your wardrobe that you already have and incorporate style elements in it in such a way so that the plainest of the outfit will instantly pop out. Your personal style can be created in this way.

According to designer Rachel Zoe, style is a way to define who you are without speaking.

From choosing the apt hues to the right accessories, it’s not very tricky to rank high on the style meter. Your look will basically revolve around staying edgy while being subtle so that you are sure that nothing in your outfit goes overboard.

Follow these amazing tips to elevate your wardrobe to ensure that your outfits will look anything but boring.

  1. Know the latest trends

Keeping a close watch on the latest fashion trends will tell you a lot about what styles can be a good fit for you. These days, jumpsuits and victorian sleeves are trending, and so are bright colored bags and kitten heels.

Fashion weeks held worldwide, fashion magazines, and fashion influencers on social media are great ways to learn the latest trends.

However, following trends blindly won’t help you make a style statement each time. You must see whether a particular dress type suits you or not. Also, wear only what makes you happy and comfortable. If something is not according to your style and makes you uncomfortable, you won’t be able to pull it off properly.

  1. Make sure your contrasting is on point

Learning how to build an entire outfit is very important if you want a complete look that gets attention.

Mostly, we have bottoms in neutral colors like navy blue, black, beige, and brown. Keep an assortment of tops like blouses, t-shirts, and sweaters in bright and deep hues to make a good contrasting out every time you dress up.

Contrasting can’t only be done with colors, but styles as well. You can mix and match a sporty and dressy style, or a bohemian style with casual style. Check yourself in the mirror and if anything doesn’t look nice, replace it with another element to satisfy yourself.

  1. Buy the right size

The right fit will make you look well dressed effortlessly. If your clothes enhance your body’s shape, the strategy will work well to make any outfit look flattering even if you did not buy it from a high-end brand.

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If you find something that appeals to you but is oversized and baggy, get it altered before making a style statement with it.

  1. Fold your jeans

This tip is a fantastic way to bring an intuitive chic appeal to your everyday jeans and t-shirt outfit. Just fold over the bottom of your jeans such that it shows a few inches of your inner side neatly.

Wear a cropped top with this style to give off a voguish vibe.

  1. Wear pieces with a hint of neon or shimmer

I personally love neon and shimmer both. I won’t mind wearing a jacket or a top that is entirely neon or shimmer. However, they may be too bright for everyone else’s appeal.

Having a slight hint of them in an outfit would work wonders as well. You can easily find jackets and bottoms with a neon stripe or a patch of shimmer on them. They instantly impress the onlookers and bring a much-needed bling to boring outfits.

  1. Add a luxury item to your outfit

Investing in a few luxury essentials pays off quite well in terms of an upscale look. Whether it’s a woolen shawl, a white fur coat, or a burgundy leather jacket, these items really heighten your style and make you look like a million bucks.

You can pair these clothing items with almost all kinds of looks like a casual, semi-formal, or formal look, depending on your basic outfit’s color and style.

  1. Go monochrome

A monochrome look means all the pieces you are wearing are in a single color. It looks classy and has been a raging trend for many decades.

An all-white look or an all-black appearance looks extremely swanky if done right. You can also choose other colors, as a monochrome look can be built with any different color that you like.

Use dark and light shades of the same color in an outfit and blend fabrics and textures to bring some dimension and visual interest. Make sure you balance the proportions by taking care of what shape can go with what to make a lovely silhouette.

  1. Choose elegant footwear

The eternal style icon Marilyn Monroe once said, “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.”

Although it’s something that comes at the far bottom, shoes can make or break the classiest ensemble’s look. Imagine wearing tennis shoes with a formal dress? Footwear does have an impact.

Add some elegant strappy heels to your wardrobe in neutral colors. Classic black or red pumps are also a must-have, and so are a few kinds of stylish boots, like a heeled ankle boot and long slick boots that you can match on several outfits.

  1. Make sure to add the right accessories
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You won’t be able to elevate the simple look without accessories. They complete the look of an outfit by adding a pop of color and bling.

Hats, watches, handbags, sunglasses, jewelry, and hair accessories all play a vital role in creating visual interest. You don’t need to have a wardrobe full of them, but you can elevate your wardrobe by having a few in premium quality is the right way to accessorize.

If your outfit is plain and without any sort of color combination, use bright colored bracelets and statement rings to add life to it. Long necklaces look beautiful on open jackets and dresses.

A watch is an accessory you should never go out without wearing. You can elevate your wardrobe by buying a few in delicate designs and colors. Use fedora hats on your outfits for a luxury look.

Remember that a great bag will upscale your look completely. Therefore, carry handbags of various sizes and learn how to match a handbag with an outfit.

  1. Get a terrific pair of sunglasses

Sunglasses come in a vast variety, whether it’s about the frame type and color or shape of its glasses. Sometimes, sunglasses have blingy elements on them as well, which give a highly exclusive look.

Whenever you step out during the day, sunglasses are a must accessory. Just make sure they suit your face type as doing it otherwise may kill the look.

  1. Your hairstyle makes a huge difference

We often make the mistake of not having a nice hairstyle and focusing all our efforts on clothing and accessories.

A suitable hairstyle alone is powerful enough to give you a modern look. It’s mostly up to you if you wish to let your hair down or pull them up, but keep in mind that certain hairstyles look suitable with specific outfits. Loose curls look amazing on dresses and a jeans and t-shirt outfit, while neat buns suit formal dresses. For winter looks with a lot of layers, try braiding your hair or a high ponytail.

Wrapping up

You may have a minimalist wardrobe, and your outfits tend to be boring. But if you follow these simple techniques, it will elevate your wardrobe quotient in an instant.

Purge worn-out clothing and accessories and start fresh with pieces that speak quality and style. Lastly, do keep in mind that focusing on every element in your appearance is essential to look stylish.

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