Top 14 Master Oogway Quote and Life Lessons

Kungfu Panda characters left an imprint in our lives as they made laugh, cry, and get our adrenaline high. But out of all of the lessons we learnt, there is an upper hand in the role played by Master Oogway. Like an aged individual, different types of Master Oogway quote made us reevaluate our lives.

While Master Oogway quotes today is a gift is the most famous one, it is not the only one he shared. If you want to have a list of the top quotes by Master Oogway, this blog will let you have them.

Who is Master Oogway?

Master Oogway is one of the most prominent characters in the Kung Fu Panda trilogy. The best way to understand his significance is by watching the first part of the movie.

He is an aged tortoise known who helps every character reach their destination. The funny thing is, the name “Oogway” originally means “tortoise”.

Spoiler alert: Master Oogway vanishes into the air (dies) in the very first part of Kungfu Panda. But even after death, glimpses of his character still lives throughout the other parts.

As the creator of Dragon Warrior Legend, he is indeed knowledgeable and helps Kung Fu finds his real purpose.

Master Oogway quote

Here are some of the best Master Oogway quotes that will teach you lessons for life:

Master Oogway quote

Master Oogway is the wise one. He tells you not to lose hope no matter how difficult life feels. He tells you that anything can happen anytime.

Your mind believes exactly what you need it to believe. In case you have no faith in your own ability, your mind will also believe that nothing good is going to happen ever.

Having said that, you can do wonders just in case you fill your mind with positivity. You need to have faith in yourself. Faith helps you create a mindset that makes you achieve anything you want.

Being the mentor of almost every character in the Kung Fu Panda trilogy, Master Oogway says that you need to believe that nothing is impossible in life.

Master Oogway quote

Elders always ask us to keep calm and handle situations maturely. It is because they are more experienced than us. They know that an agitated mind is the root of all problems.

A hot-headed person can’t make the right decisions. It is because they fail to perceive what is really happening.

That’s why Oogway says that you need your mind to settle down so that you can think logically. You might regret having an agitated mind later, as it made you make wrong decisions earlier.

Master Oogway quotes there are no accidents

According to Oogway, accidents don’t just happen accidentally!

Everyone goes through ups and downs in life.

Every now and then, bad things happen to all of us.

There is a reason behind each action.

The reason might be too small to notice. But that doesn’t mean it made no sense.

Oogway reminds the audience once again to look for logic just in case something doesn’t make sense to them.

Belief is what keeps us going.

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Belief that we will wake up tomorrow.

The feeling that we have a lot to do and we will be able to complete all we want.

If you don’t have faith in anything, it’s almost impossible for you to become successful.

Faith is the base of your first step towards a better future. If you believe, then you can do wonders.

This Master Oogway quote tells you exactly that.

Certain people reach the top and they start to think that they are above all of us. But that’s not always the right way to think.

No matter which higher rank you are in, you can always improve yourself.

There is always room for improvement in case you really want to grow.

You can be so powerful that the world might seem to be in your grasp.

You should know that no one can truly say that they know everything. Even if they do, they are unaware of their own foolishness.

You should always be interested in learning new things.

The world is evolving and people should make the most of it.

This Master Oogway quote is important when it comes to taking your destiny into your own hands.

As a wise character, Master Oogway does what he does best. He inspires everyone to do better.

There’s no better way to live life than being the writer of your own fate.

Master Oogway quote

If you know the Chinese Farmer story you will know exactly what this means.

No information is either good or bad unless you have a constant point of view to look at like neutrally.

It all depends on your perspective and how you perceive the world.

Master Oogway says that there’s only one definition of news, and that is just new information.

We should not take any information as catastrophic or celebratory.

Master Oogway quotes and life lessons

Through this quote, in particular, Oogway the giant tortoise tells you to get out of your comfort zone no matter how difficult it might sound!

It’s the way to be a better version of yourself. In case you just want to remain within the boundaries you created for yourself, you would be confined to a particular place. You won’t try to go further.

That’s why Oogway encourages you to do things that you have never done before. That’s the only way to show the world that you can overcome anything that comes your way.

While growing up, you have to make some choices. These choices have the power to lead you to certain destinations.

Only you can make the right decisions so that your life can be beautiful.

Similarly, where you are born is not important. You didn’t choose your parents.

But you can always choose what kind of person you want to become when it’s time for independence.

Most of us have a similar way of thinking that we have enough time to do what we want to do. We take things lightly as if there’s no need to hurry up.

In reality, you don’t know exactly what amount of time you have on this earth. One moment you are here and the next you are gone. All of your dreams and wishes are also gone with you.

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Whenever you think you have all the time in the world to get the job done, it’s not the right thing to think.

You are leaving under a spell which needs to be broken immediately. You should wake up before you run out of time.

If you want to do something, then do it right now! There’s no such thing as doing it later. The more you wait, the harder it will get!

Master Oogway present quote

Surely you have heard the quote today is a gift. Let’s explain it in detail for you so that you know why people talk about this particular Master Oogway quote so much.

This quote right here is probably the most dialog of the Kung Fu Panda movie. Master Oogway tells this line to Po who needs encouragement.

The quotes reflects how we have no way to change our past or predict our future. All of what can happen depends a lot on what you do now. The fact that we have ‘now’ is the gift we should cherish.

What is in front of you is important. The quote asks you to not waste time on regrets.

Your present is your hands and you can make the best out of it.

Through this Kung Fu Panda Master Oogway quote, we learn an important aspect of being human.

Have you ever thought about what makes you human?

Well, apparently Master Oogway has thought about it and he has an opinion. He says that it’s our emotions that make us human.

As a human being, you cannot be programmed or reprogrammed. You have a heart which tells you what to do and what not!

You listen to your heart no matter how silly that sounds.

Master Oogway says that’s exactly why you are not a machine. You have the power of loving someone and that is a special ability indeed. That’s what makes you different from those machines that always need reprogramming.

The aster Oogway quote shared here reminds you that being successful alone in life is not enough.

You can have your own goals. Definitely, you have the desire to reach the top. We all should have personal goals.

On the other hand, you need to keep it in mind whether you are happy in real life or not.

In case you are unhappy with your life, or you don’t find happiness in what you do, that’s a real bummer.

You have to constantly upgrade yourself in order to get success. No one can expect to achieve greatness if they stay inside the same loop.

Just imagine the situation when you are inside a circle. No matter how much you walk, you will always end up just where you started.

You have to look for ways where you can improve day by day. You have to experiment a little or sometimes you need to test yourself.

How you react to certain situations tells a lot about who you really are.

Final Thoughts

If you have never watched Kung Fu Panda, I hope this post got you excited to watch it.

It is a great story of a constantly munching Panda that finds his way to becoming the Dragon Warrior.

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