Amanda Gorman Quotes to Fill Your Life with Positivity

Harvard graduate and award-winning poet, Amanda Gorman is a worldwide sensation. A social activist, Amanda writes about issues like feminism, racial discrimination, marginalization, African diaspora, and oppression. Amanda Gorman quotes from her poems and books are so inspirational that can inspire anybody to push their boundaries.

So, here are some quotes from the impressive woman that everyone should know.

Amanda Gorman Quotes on Optimism, Hope, and Light

The first National Youth Poet Laureate of America, Gorman is a phenomenal woman. Check out these Amanda Gorman quotes to boost your confidence and take charge of your life.

“There is always light. If only we’re brave enough to see it. If only we’re brave enough to be it.”

This quote is from The Hill We Climb, a poem written and recited by Gorman at Joe Biden’s inauguration on Jan 20, 2021.

When times are hard, many people feel like giving up. It becomes challenging to discover a way out during dark times. But with resilience, one can overcome any arduous or painful situation.

Here. Gorman asks all to look for the silver lining, no matter how difficult things are. There is always a ray of home and this light comes from within you. Your indomitable spirit is all the light you need to keep working towards your goal.

To be the light also means to prioritize the needs of others and show them the path. So, to illuminate another person’s life, you must practice empathy and kindness.

“We lay down our arms
so we can reach out our arms
to one another
We seek harm to none and
harmony for all…”

A harbinger of peace, Gorman firmly believes that to achieve harmony, adopting violent means won’t be effective. So, the Black community of America has surrendered its arms as it’s of no use anymore.

The only wish of the marginalized people is to co-exist with everyone in a safe, just, and respectful society. They don’t want to cause any harm to anyone but simply earn their right to live freely.

Therefore, the act of laying down arms does not mean someone is weak or giving up. On the contrary, it speaks volumes about their ability to forgive the ones who have committed sins.

“Do not ignore the pain. Give it purpose. Use it.”

This is one of Amanda Gorman short quotes where the purposeful poet focuses on pain and its transformative power. What does using pain as fuel to embark on your journey mean?

Pain can come in any form – be it discomfort resulting from an illness/ injury or mental distress. Everyone must experience different kinds of pain in their lives, but what can set you apart is how you address that suffering. Moreover, the cycle of life is such that even the worst of times will pass.

So, when something is hurting you, you must not drown in your sorrow. Use your suffering to build yourself, to explore novel opportunities, and to grow as a person. Even psychologists affirm that emotional pain can give purpose to an individual and bring out their best version. It is pain that shapes you and enhances your ability to face problems.

Quotes from Amanda Gorman on Activism

“The only way to correctly predict the future is to pave it,
Is to brave it.”

This quote is from one of the poems in Gorman’s poetry collection Call Us What We Carry. Gorman here speaks eloquently about the power every individual has to pave their future.

There is something called destiny, but with hard work, a person can move mountains. So, instead of wasting time trying to predict the future, start working towards your goals. You should devote all your time and energy to shaping your future.

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Hence, when things do not go as planned, don’t blame it on your luck and sulk at home. Mend your broken wings, and take charge of your life. The choices that you make today will decide where you stand tomorrow. Choose to stay positive now and tomorrow will be equally positive.

“May we not grieve, but give.
May we not ache, but act.”

This is one of the most well-known Amanda Gorman quotes from the Hymn for the Hurting.

These lines remind every aching heart that free itself from the burdens of the painful past. Life is too short to be spent in mourning. When you are constantly grieving, you fail to appreciate the good things happening in your life.

So, get up and do what it takes to put all your sufferings behind you. It is the time to heal, to take action to better your life.

Poetry and language are often at the heartbeat of movements for change.”

This is among the most quoted lines by Amanda Gorman which she uttered during a conversation with Mitchel Obama. It means that poetry is so powerful that it can transform the world.

Gorman here looks back at the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement in which poetry and art played a key role. Many Black poets and authors have raised their voices against racial injustices in their poems and stories. Their magical words have transcended all barriers and motivated millions of oppressed people to fight for their lives.

Therefore, language and poetry can cross gender, race, time, culture, and continents. It triggers your imagination and makes you see everything differently. It is revolutionary as it gives voice to the immortalized rebels and the downtrodden.

So, through these lines, Amanda Gorman celebrates, not just poetry but all forms of art. For centuries, people have used art as a form of resistance. Hence, the artists are no less than activists who rely on art to condemn institutionalized oppression and unjust government structures.

Amanda Gorman Quotes on Change

“I can hear change humming
In its loudest, proudest song.
I don’t fear change coming,
And so I sing along.”

Change is something unavoidable, which is why many people are afraid of it. But here’s one of Amanda Gorman direct quotes that urges people to embrace change as it is the most liberating thing. That’s because change is inevitable, and therein lies its beauty.

Change can be unsettling as nobody wants to get out of their comfort zone. However, Gorman is hopeful that the future has immense joy in store for everyone. She can feel that the world is about to change.

The new world will be a happy place for all irrespective of the color of their skin or their ethnicity. So, Gorman encourages her people to shun their fear and welcome change because the worst is over.

“You don’t have to be a poet, you don’t have to be a politician or be in the White House to make an impact with your words. We all have this capacity to find solutions for the future.”

If you want others to listen to you, there are several ways to make yourself heard. Even if you are not a renowned poet or an esteemed politician – people will revere you if you can touch their hearts.

All you have to do is look within to come up with ways that can secure your future and the future of those around you. For that, you don’t have to be an influential White House member.

If you can save even one soul from getting oppressed, your life will have a purpose. Hence, every human being possesses the power to make the world more livable. With the determination to help others, an ordinary person can emerge as someone’s messiah.

“Hear me as a woman
Have me as your sister.
See me as change,
Say I am movement,
That I am the year
And I am the era
Of the women.”

Here is one of the direct quotes from Amanda Gorman that celebrates a modern woman and the concept of universal sisterhood. This is the era of the brave and fearless women who deny to fit into stereotypical gender roles. Today’s women don’t depend on men to run their families or to feel protected.

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The unapologetically strong woman derives her strength from other women and that’s what universal sisterhood is all about. All women – irrespective of their race, nationality, or class – are united now.

Together women fight patriarchy and break free from all shackles. They uplift one another and bid adieu to hackneyed gender roles specified by a patriarchal society.

Other Inspiring Quotes by Amanda Gorman

“The only approval you need is your own.”

Do you find yourself seeking validation from others – be it your boss or your friends? Then it is time to tell yourself that you do not require anyone’s approval. That’s because when you always try to please others, you end up compromising your self-esteem.

In life, you will come across small minds who might opine that your dreams are beyond your reach. Have faith in your judgment and trust your instincts. One of the biggest freedoms is not caring how others define you.

In the end, you will be the one paying for or reaping the benefits of your actions. Hence, don’t be afraid of taking chances, and let life’s lessons be your only teacher.

“The single greatest challenge of our era is to transform without wrath, war, or wariness. “

There was a time when violence abounded and men rushed to the battlefield whenever there was a conflict. War is a violent approach that only causes destruction, suffering, and death. Political, social, and economic instability are the aftermaths of war and it takes decades for a nation to reconstruct itself.

As war’s destructive impacts outweigh its potential benefits, Amanda Gorman makes people aware of the alternatives to anger and war. Today’s generation must resolve personal and political disputes peacefully. Peaceful negotiation is a sane way to foster cooperation, harmony, and understanding.

So, the biggest challenge is to build a prosperous and peaceful nature instead of killing people. The new decision-makers must win their enemy over through love and forgiveness. That type of victory is the one worth cherishing.

“The type of leadership that I like to participate in really leans into my femininity. Things like empathy, compassion, listening, tenderness, sharing power – you think being called ‘too emotional,’ but I like to lean into those characteristics because we need to see more of that in the world.”

Feminine attributes like empathy and kindness are often perceived as weak qualities. Many see compassion as an undesirable trait, not an incredible power. Amanda Gorman tells her fellow women to not conceal their motherly, nurturing nature as the world badly needs it.

The most rewarding part of human life is to take care of others and for that, you need to have affection. Meanness and barbarity will not just leave you alone but also stand in the path of your success.

So, the truth is that warm-heartedness and generosity are humane qualities that all should harbor. These traits, as opposed to indifference and hostility, make you stronger. Remember that only gifted souls can shower love and empathy even upon those who have been unjust and unkind to them.

Final Thoughts

All these Amanda Gorman short quotes are enough to cheer you up on a dull day and remind you that if she can do so much at a young age, so can you. Whenever you seek resilience, a fresh perspective, or motivation – her quotes will be your guide.

So, make sure you save your favorite quotes that you can use to reignite the fire you require to chase your dreams.

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