Badass Quotes for Instagram Captions for Men and Women

Here is the best list of badass quotes for Instagram with images that you can download and upload as post. But why at all do you need them? Well, badass quotes are for people who tick the vibe check but don’t know how to frame their feelings.

If you know that you’re a kickass rockstar from within, but don’t know how to express your exuberant personality, I am here to help. Today I am not only going to share the best list of badass quotes for Instagram, but also tell you what they mean. The explanations that resonate with you are the perfect captions to steal

Badass quotes from Instagram

Top 16 Badass Quotes for Instagram Captions for Men and Women

Do you know what’s the best way to be a badass? The answer is being YOU. As an independent adult, you have the privilege to do whatever you want.

You do not need to hide yourself from the world. The world should see you exactly like you see yourself.

Looking at yourself as a badass personality is hard when overcoming fears and inconfidence. However, this is the best thing you can do if you want to be badass.

Nobody will be able to hold you back once you become the best version of yourself.

Just because a person is breathing, doesn’t mean there’s life within. Sometimes people are alive, but they are walking dead. Why does that happen?

It is because people forget how to appreciate the privilege of being alive. The more you ignore the fun sides, the more you lose interest in this world.

This quote here tells you to be a badass by ignoring the worries of the future. Nobody knows what is going to happen in the next minute. It is better to cherish every moment while you still can.

Most of the time we care about what others feel about us. You work hard to get appreciation, but you fail every time as nobody cares. No matter how much you try to please people, they will find a way to tell you that you suck.

Your job is to do you, be you, and help yourself every which way. You don’t need appreciation from others, you need it from yourself. Take a moment to reflect on your life, and figure out whether you’re headed to make the best out of it.

Life has two sides, the upside, and the downside. You must be ready for anything life throws at you. life even surprises you with the unthinkable. However, just because something bad has happened, doesn’t mean you should lose hope. Good and bad are parts of life, and they both are at work. Never take anything for granted, and work hard always. The universe will be with you.

One of the better ways of being remembered is to write something worth reading. This is how great authors like Shakespeare are still remembered even after hundreds of years have passed.

Again, people love to read about an inspirational success stories. If you cannot use a pen to write it, you can work hard to make others write about it.

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Badass quotes for women

Here are some badass quotes for women to make you realize you are more than what the society makes you feel:

Top 17 Badass Quotes for Instagram Captions for Men and Women

Everyone knows that a pen is mightier than a sword. But this quote here says that women are more powerful than these two.

A female is not vulnerable or weak. She has the power to reproduce which makes us the strongest creatures in the world. She has the quality to become a lovable mother, but she never hesitates to transform into a fearless protector.

People tend to think that being a woman means having advantages in your sleeves wherever you go. However, that is not always the case. Every woman reading this knows how tough life is and how society makes it tougher.

A badass woman does not wait for anyone to come to her rescue. She is all she has, and she does not need anyone to vouch for her. She is the one who makes things happen, and people call it magic.

All of us want to make a difference irrespective of gender and role. However, the responsibility of becoming an important personality goes beyond any form of gender discrimination.

Women always have an added advantage because they are reproducers who continue the cycle of birth. Giving birth is the strongest attribute, and the child born can make all the difference even if the birth giver does not.

It’s time to break the stereotype where people define a girl by her beauty. Don’t you think that a badass woman like you should attempt to change this idea?

Women don’t need to think about their outer appearance. That is because the idea of beauty is not similar to what people think.

Your ability to show the world who you really are is a great definition of beauty. You do not need to be the style icon to be in a commanding position. Just being yourself will do the job fine.

Badass Quotes for Instagram Captions for Men and Women

This one might be one of the best badass quotes for Instagram. This quote teaches you that beauty and wisdom shine from within.

No matter how much makeup you apply to look gorgeous, your inner beauty matters the most. A badass woman does not need to polish her ski as she is already gorgeous. However, you need to protect the light that shines within you. Without that, you cannot dominate the entire world.

You are a badass quotes

‘You are a badass’ is a nonfiction book written by Jen Sincero. Sincero is a motivational speaker and life coach who is also a best-selling author. In this book, she has pointed out some unique qualities that can make you a badass.

Now that today’s article is about badass quotes for Instagram, I had to add this on the list. Here are some of the best you are a badass quotes inspired by the author.

Through this outstanding quote, Jen Sincero seems to be telling the naked truth. Think about the ones who always say that certain things in life cannot be changed. Do you really think that they are trying hard enough?

People can find a way whenever they are not looking for it. Be desperate to create the road for yourself. Success will come to you no matter what.

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Difficult times need different thoughts. When you are going through a rough phase, don’t forget to remind yourself of the good things. Humans are social animals and we need others to confide. You must have people who love you and sometimes all you need is a reminder to acknowledge just that.

Love yourself as there is no other alternative for it. If you do not love what you see in the mirror, then who will?

No matter how busy you are, take some time off to nurture your soul. You are the biggest fan of yourself, so treat your body and mind with what grows you.

Being a badass does not always have to be about talk and attitude. You must be financially successful as well. But how do you make yourself earn a lot of money?

Well, the answer is simple. You need to believe that you can do whatever it takes to earn. It is a big step towards financial success.

Badass marine quotes

In this last section of badass quotes, let us talk about Marines. You know how the Marines are. They are the ones who do not break or give up easily. They can fight until their arms are cut off, and they do not even fear death!

This section is all about badass marine quotes. Go through these, and you won’t have to go anywhere to find motivation.

Badass Quotes for Instagram

When you are marine, you must live life within certain conditions. These conditions are the toughest, but that is what makes you a true fighter. Being a marine is not only about performing a duty for your country, it is also about changing into a better person. This quote here is a perfect example of how beneficial a true hero’s life could be.

Marines are badass at all times as their lives are always on the edge. They always remain at the top of their game even if things are not going well. That is what we all need to learn from them to be badass.

The life of a marine is not an ordinary one. Whenever a civilian becomes a marine, they must leave out their vulnerability as well. They have no space for weakness or fear. When it comes to life, we win some and we lose some. However, in a marine’s life, there is no room for defeat as they defend their country. Thus, there is no such thing as defeat in their dictionary as well.

Badass Quotes for Instagram

Marines live by the rules, and some of those are ruthless. The marines have the backs of each other no matter the situation. There is no room for sentimentality or emotion.

These great heroes know how to work as a team. They have such an understanding between them that sometimes a marine need to be put down by a colleague.

These are some of the strict rules which every marine needs to follow. These rules certainly make them badass.

Final thoughts

Here’s hoping that you liked the badass quotes for Instagram. While I gave varied options from women to marines, you can use these for Instagram captions to grow your profile. The feeling of badass remains same across all the types. All you need to do is tap into the vibe!

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