Unexpected Falling in Love Quotes to Express Your Feelings

Have you hopelessly fallen in love with someone? Do you not know how to express yourself? Well, here we share with you unexpected falling in love quotes to express feelings correctly!

In this article, we have decided to talk about a unique topic, and that is unexpected falling in love quotes. If you, too, have experienced falling in love with someone in the most unusual way, there is no doubt that these quotes are for you.

Even if you feel that something just like this is happy in your life right now, you must read the full article. That’s because you might figure out what is happening to you by the end of the discussion.

Throughout the discussion, we will tell you some of the best unexpected falling in love quotes.

But before that let’s discuss why people talk so highly about surprisingly falling in love with someone.

Unexpected falling in love

More often, you anticipate the things you want for yourself and know that you are on the perfect track.

You are not entirely right, even if you believe that you have already figured out what is best for you and what is not.

Maybe life, too, has already planned something for you, and you are unaware of that.

You might be feeling that you know what love is or how it comes into a person’s life. But in reality, you know about the notion of love. There is no way of knowing about it unless your heart finds its home.

We all know that whenever something good happens, all of a sudden, we get excited. We feel the thrill, which is only possible if you least expect something.

This is why people love to fall in love without expecting to fall in love. That’s what makes it so special.

Love is not something that can be traded, or you can have it for yourself. It’s about feeling something in your heart you have never felt before.

This feeling should not depend on a particular thing. Just because you love the qualities of a person doesn’t mean you should start loving that person. That’s because love doesn’t work that way.

Love is not a matchmaking service that would find the perfect life partner for you. The heart is the one to decide who is going to be your actual soulmate.

If you want to have someone you dreamed about, that is nothing but an illusion. That’s because if you do that, you are in love with the notion of a person and therefore not with an individual.

So it is always better not to start the journey of love by chasing somebody down. Just take one thing at a time and see what happens next. You might end up finding something amazing you’d never thought about before.

Now that we have already spoken plenty, we should get to the good parts immediately.

Stick around to read several types of unexpected falling in love quotes. You might realise something deeper you never thought of before reading the article.

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Unexpected falling in love quotes

Unexpected falling in love with your best friend quotes

Some people say a girl and a boy can never be friends. There is just one explanation for these kinds of relationships: romance. Nothing platonic can happen when things revolve around two different genders!

Regardless, a man and woman can be best friends without having romantic feelings toward each other. Then again, they can be soulmates too.

So you need to stop pretending and admit if you have feelings for your male best friend.

At this level, things could get awkward between the two of you. So here are a few unexpected falling in love with your best friend quotes.

Love and friendship can’t last without each other.

When you are in a relationship with someone, there must be a friendship between you.

Love is a two-way street, and you have something to contribute to keeping the relationship healthy.

But romance can’t go much further in case there is no friendship between you two. The bonding between boyfriend and girlfriend starts to grow daily because of the friendly atmosphere.

Though you need each other’s company, the relationship would fall apart if you hesitate to see him as a friend.

Likewise, if you fall in love with someone who is already your friend, that is even better!

There is nothing in this world better than being in love with your best friend.

Not all of us have this privilege of having a best friend with whom we can share our deepest and darkest secrets. Having a best friend is the best feeling in the world.

So what happens when somehow you realise that your best mate might be your soulmate too?

We tell you that you have managed to get a chance to become the luckiest person in this world! That’s because you two already know everything good and bad about each other. So there is no barrier between you too.

Unexpected falling in love quotes

Sometimes you don’t know that you two are more than best friends. But when you do, don’t ever fight the feeling.

Falling in love with your best friend is amazing. That being said, what if you are late to realise that you have fallen in love with someone you have known as just a best friend all along. There are plenty of people out there who are friends with people without even knowing that person is the love of their life.

But some people try to fight this feeling of love. They try to hide their feelings just because they might lose the other person. They are afraid that the feeling might not be mutual, so it is best for everyone not to confess.

If you, too, think like them, we are telling you not to. That’s because love has found you somewhere along the way, and hiding in the shadows is nothing but ignoring the blessing.

People spend their whole lives finding true love. Still, some people fail even to glimpse what true love looks like.

Now that your best friend has become your soulmate accept the truth and do something about it.

Love strikes when you least expect it.

You might have noticed how sudden changes come into an individual. How life takes a u-turn and your conventional ideas begin to fall apart.

But sometimes, this is a good thing. Miracles do happen in life when you don’t expect anything from anyone ever again.

This notion is true like daylight when it comes to love. You don’t know exactly when the love of your life will show up and blow you away.

Perhaps life is not as a fairytale as we expect it to be. Not always a prince magically appears and sweeps you right into his arms to give you your happily ever after. That is just a notion of a happy ending, not a real case scenario.

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So it would help if you kept your mind open so that the right person does not hesitate to come into your life. No matter how weird the present situation is, you must let him know what is in your heart.

Unexpected falling in love quotes for him

Let’s pretend that you fell in love with someone you didn’t expect. Therefore you two are together now or married for life!

So now you are desperate to find some unexpected falling in love quotes for him.

In that case, keep a cool head and go through the unexpected falling in love quotes. Then you won’t be out of words again in front of him.

We get that confessing love in front of someone is not a piece of cake. That takes a lot of courage, along with the right preparation.

So we have decided to help you by writing down some unexpected falling in love quotes for your amusement. Enjoy reading the quotes and thank us later.

You know that I’m madly in love with you. But you should know this too. I want to fall for you every moment.

They say that falling for someone might be easy. But it takes everything to stay in love with the one for the rest of your life.

Amazingly, you have found your soulmate without trying too hard. But the rest of the journey will not always be like riding a bike.

It is up to you and your life partner to make each day a new beginning. Make everything look like a joy ride, and you two don’t want it to stop.

That is how a relationship lasts longer and doesn’t die along the way. So you tell him you want to fall for him constantly, which makes the relationship special.

You have to make an effort to say in love with your beloved. Or else it would be hard to keep the relationship peaceful.

So, just because you have married the guy doesn’t mean you are supposed to let go of everything. Your magical ride has just started. The very best things are still waiting for you at the finish line.

I didn’t choose you as my happily ever after. But life magically chose you for me.

Of course, you didn’t choose any of these to happen. You didn’t try to chase some random guy to get a boyfriend. You did nothing of the sort, and still, you are in love at the end of the day.

So you must have understood that his love has found you even if you didn’t want him. You can’t just ignore the fact that life has something better planned for you.

Regardless it would help if you were grateful to have him in your life no matter what.

I don’t think I could ever let you know what your love means to me. But I will spend the rest of my life trying.

Not all of us can properly express exactly how we feel, especially when discussing romantic feelings. That tends to happen even more when love comes right before us from nowhere. That’s when you can’t figure out what to tell him so that he knows how you feel about him.

His love has caught you by surprise. So you didn’t get a chance to express your emotions. But you are sure that somehow you will find a way to tell him his worth.

The biggest surprise of my life is to become your partner for life without even knowing.

Perhaps you still have not experienced how someone could find their perfect match without trying.

We are telling you that sometimes it happens. Maybe it was just a casual date and absolutely nothing serious to you.

However, you feel something is missing whenever you are not with the other person. You miss him like hell when there is no need to feel lonely. That’s when you know that you have somehow developed feelings for him.

This realisation could lead you towards him, and this particular feeling is truly unique. You would laugh at yourself just by thinking about all the moments in between you have spent together. Also, you are eager enough to make new memories with your newfound love.

Final thoughts

Before saying goodbye for today, let’s sum up the article for you.

You were reading about some of the best unexpected falling in love quotes. We gave you suggestions about how you can express your feelings to your best friend. You also realised why unexpected falling in love quotes are so special and important to your love life.

Last but not least, no matter what, never be afraid to express your true feelings. No good comes out of just concealing feelings within your heart.

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