Open When You Need a Laugh Messages From Your Loved One

No one of us wants to wake up in the morning by thinking something bad, right? We all try to stay positive all day long by doing activities like open when you need a laugh that makes us happy. But someday, you might feel low and down. Different people feel low for various reasons; some might feel low due to the challenges at work, while some feel low for their personal issues.

If someone near your surroundings is going through a bad day or hard time, you need to lift their energy by sending something that keeps them happy. If you want to gain some new ideas on how to make someone’s day happier, then this article is helpful for you.

In this context, we are sharing the ideas on open when you need a laugh. Here we will also share with you the ideas on writing an open to smile letter and some examples.

How to I tell him I like him

What can you try to keep your loved ones happy?

There are many open when you need laugh ideas to try to keep your loved ones happy. Here we provide some best ideas on this. When anyone is going through a bad day, they need a small cute message or gift to lift their mood. You can lift their spirits by sending cards. Here we suggest a few open when you need a laugh point that could brighten your loved one’s day!

Gift vouchers to their favorite restaurants

Most of the people follow the rule of good food & good mood. People love their favorite foods, and they crave them when they feel low. By sending them the gift vouchers, you can make them feel comfortable. If you know the favorite restaurants of your loved ones, then this is the time to surprise them. Pick a gift card and give a restaurant voucher with a small motivational note. You can’t decrease their problems, but you can treat them with a delicious & comfort meal.

Care package

A care package has the favorite pair of snacks and drinks. You can gather all the small chocos, snacks, and beverages and wrap them into a colorful plastic to cheer them up when they are down in their life. You can also send a care package to your friends and colleagues to make them laugh.

Home spa experience

When people are stressed, they need some relaxing treatment. If you want to make me laugh, then you need a home spa. You can give them the tools for personal care or voucher to get the spa experience at home. Otherwise, the best thing to surprise them is to decorate their room with scented candles, eye masks, face masks, bath bombs, and a bottle of wine with relaxing music. You can also add some creativity from your side to keep them relaxed and smile.

Let them unwind

Sometimes, people need to detox themselves by relaxing the outside. A change is just a person’s need when they are depressed. When a person goes through hard times, then they need time to unwind themselves. So, rather than gifting a home spa voucher, you can send them an appointment letter from a local spa. You can give them a surprise for facial, pedicure, and massage.

A bundle packed with joy

If you know a person well, then you might have an idea about their likes and dislikes. So, you can gift them something that they love most. You can gather all the small stuff together and packed them in a basket with few chocos and a small cute message. In this way, you can make them happy by sending the basket of happiness!

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Heart melting paragraphs for her

Steps for writing an ‘Open When You Need a laugh’ note

It’s not easy to make someone laugh on their bad days. You need to put so much effort into making someone feel special and happy. So, the best rule to make someone laugh is to speak from your heart. You don’t need to copy-paste the notes from any online sites.

Just take some hints and write them in your way. They want your love and care. So, if you want to elevate the letter filled with the encouragement that takes them up to a whole new level, you can follow the below steps.

Anticipate the need

If you know that your loved one is under stress, you can write an open when you need a laugh letter. You should pay attention to the things that they are going through. You should know the situation of your dearest one before writing something to them. According to their situation, write a letter of encouragement and laugh. Write to them that they are not alone and you are there to help them in any phase. Give them emotional support and make them feel comfortable.

Make the purpose clear

While writing anything, make sure that the purpose is so clear. If you write a letter for someone when they have hard days, add some phrases that reflect your emotion. When a person is stressed, they might forget the purpose of this letter because they are in their unconscious mind. So, by keeping the purpose clear, you can share the right purpose in the recipient’s mind.

Read when you need a laugh

Praising letter

When someone is going through a personal and professional issue, all they need is your praisings and blessings. This is when they feel down and open when the letter is a great opportunity to list out the qualities that you admire in the recipients. Include some praising words that can make them feel good and feel that they are best in their way.

Add some jokes

How can you forget to add some jokes and punch lines while writing a letter for open when you need a laugh. Laughter releases the endorphins that are good for your health. But before adding jokes, make sure that this is not related to their personal or professional situation. Also, you should write a joke that sounds funny but decent. In this way, you can promote the mental health and wellness of the body!

Comfortable Words

This is just what we said in the above points! Adding jokes and humor is good, but you should write these by keeping the recipient’s comfort zone. Use comfortable words that do not sound bad and vulgar. People always praise your authenticity, so be worthy with your comments!

Be encouraging

When your nearest and dearest ones are in stress and depression and struggling with their emotions, all they need is a few encouraging words from people. This is just what you have to do for them to make them smile. In this letter, you can remind them of the situations you have gone through and found success in. You can also remind them of the issues they had gone through in their past days and had recovered from them happily. Point out their strong points, qualities, and how cool they are.

Some examples of ‘Open When You Need a laugh’ Note Examples

Can’t we always be there for our loved ones to help them every time, right? But yes, we can make them feel right & cheerful with our words. They might have bad days in their office or their home, so, in this case, an open when you need a laugh is quite handy.

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You should write a letter or note in such a way to reflect the right things that you want to reach them. It would be best to fill the letters with joyful and energetic words that keep a person active and feel good. Give your loved ones a letter like this and tell them how much you care about them on the good and bad days. They need some positive message that can lift their mood. Here we provide few examples to cheer up someone.

Example 1: Dear XYZ,

I am sending you this note to open when you are exhausted with your life. I remember when I had gone through the bad days in my professional career. You are the only one who helped me and supported me a lot.

I will never forget those days when you had stood with me strongly and confidently. I know how it feels, but I also know that you are the strongest person I have ever met before. You can handle the ups and downs with more confidence than anyone else.

You are an angel who helped many people in their tough days, and this is the time to support you. As a best friend, I wanted to say you be strong and confident because this situation will also pass like others.

Example 2: Dear ABC,

Hey baby! I know you are going through a bad mood but guess what! I have something special for you in your room. You are my sweet angel who always stood with me in my toughest days! So, how could I leave you alone on your bad days! Don’t worry, I am with you, and I will be.

You are an amazing personality, and god sent you to this world to spread love and happiness, and you did it very well. But this is the time to apply it to yourself. Here I send you lots of hugs, kisses and don’t forget to open my gift, right next to your bed.



Example 3: Dear UVW,

I know you are struggling with your emotions and that’s why I am writing this letter to help you. I feel really lucky that you are a part of my life. You are such a helping angel who supports me whenever I feel low. You are incredible. Everyone has to face some good and bad days in their life, and this is the time to deal with the bad days.

We passed the good days by smiling and enjoying every minute, right? So, why you can’t enjoy your bad days too? This is just the time that will pass away soon. Don’t lose hope, and keep praying. You can change the world, and yes, you have that much potential. You are an inspiration to me.



Example 4

Hey, charming boy, I wish I would be there to hug you and appreciate what you did in your last days. But for now, you close your eyes and imagine that you are wrapped in my arms. Yes, we are at a distance from each other, but the love and care we hold for each other will never go.

You can survive in this world by holding the charm and little kindness in your heart that you already have. Well, I left a small gift for you in your cupboard; open it and call me.

Your love,

Example 5

I know you are going through a bad phase, and I just wanted to tell you, if you ask for help, then ask me. I am always ready to help you and support you. We all have ups & downs, but what makes us different from each other is how we deal with the situation. I admire you, and I know you are the only one who has the strength to deal with this. Sweetie, you can call me whenever you need me. We will get through this and win.

Final thoughts

Knowing someone who is going through the painful days feels so bad, right? You can’t always be there with them, but your words can. You can send an open when you need a laugh note and make them feel special. It works when you cannot help them, but your words can feel them confident and lift their energy.

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