How to I Tell Him I Like Him Without Affecting Friendship

One-sided love can be excruciating if not treated well. However, significant blocks arise when you confess your love to the person you like. So, have you ever wondered how to I tell him I like him? We bet that you have and more than once. But if you read this article till the end, your fantasy could become a reality.

Most of the time, the boys don’t have a clue that somebody likes them. Often the girls, too, are equally guilty. They show no interest in confessing to whom they like.

Some people think that they only dress up if they need to impress someone. It may sound weird, but it’s the truth. But what’s the point if that someone doesn’t know all of these are just for them?

It is bothersome to try to get someone’s attention constantly. Looking for ways to tell him how much you like him is even more frustrating. But if you want him to know how you feel, you have to take it the hard way.

So right now, we look for the answer of how to I tell him I like him.

And we have good news and bad news. The bad news is that you don’t know much about him most of the time, and that’s a bummer. But the good news is in this article, we have articulated all the tricks for you.

Walk-in and confess

Well, most guys prefer those who are not afraid to say the things they want to. So all you need to do is to walk up to him and tell him. Confess that you like him.

But again, this is the hardest part. It would help if you had a lot of courage to do something like that. It may not be the most common thing to do, but it works.

If you choose to take this road, you won’t have to worry about impressing the guy. Your direct approach would be enough to send a message to him that you are straightforward.

Admire the way he looks

Now, “how to I tell him I like him”?

It’s clear as daylight that every time you look at him, you get butterflies in your stomach. So, of course, you want him to know that. Tell him how hot he is in your eyes.

This will benefit you in both ways. He will get the signal that you notice him the way nobody else does. And also, this way, he will see you with a newfound interest.

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Admire what he does

Every guy wants to be praised because of their looks. But not just looks, they also want you to admire their work. Tell good things about his job or encourage him to keep up the excellent work.

This way, he will understand that you notice every detail about him. Admiration works both ways, and the way you admire him, he also will do the same for you.

Speak with your body

The fact is whenever you need to say something to a guy, you don’t need to use your tongue. There are some other ways to talk if you really want. So try that, and you will see the magic.

Try to get close to him when you two are standing face to face. Make some gestures by which he can tell that you like him.

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Level with him

To show someone how much you are interested in them, you need to level with them. So always look him in the eye while talking. This is the best way to get someone’s full attention.

You don’t want to scare him off. So take it easy. Looking at someone’s eye can do wonders more than you can imagine.

Smiling is the key

Smiling is a great flirting technique. You have to make him understand that you are happy with him. This should be like giving a message to him.

Of course, you don’t need to fake anything. If you like him for real, the smile should be spontaneous.

You know what? You don’t need words to confess how you feel. The signal can reach the guy in several ways other than saying it out loud.

Know more about him

When you like a particular person, obviously you will want to be aware of everything about him. So you can ask questions about his family, hobbies, and memories of his. This way, you can get more personal space.

If you ask someone about all these, that person will know that you find him attractive. The guy will understand you find him intriguing. So it’s a signal.

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Ask if he has a girlfriend

Well, if your guy has some brain, he will instantly understand what you want. And if he doesn’t, he is the last person you should look for. It’s a straightforward way, but it works.

When you ask something like that, it’s clear that you’re looking for a romantic partner. You can proceed to win him over after knowing that he is single or not.

Give yourself a makeover

Do something different with your hair or regular attire. He will notice the change in you. But there is one thing you need to understand.

Whenever you will do something like that, make sure to do it for yourself. That’s because sometimes doing something different with your looks is a good thing. It’s like getting some fresh air.

But all of this could go in vain if your guy doesn’t notice you. You don’t want your heart to be broken. So please do this for your sake, not his.

Please don’t beat yourself up by constantly thinking about how to I tell him I like him. There are many ways. Let’s see what’s next.

Should I tell him I like him?

So now you know the answer to the question, ” how to I tell him I like him.” But again, another question pops into your mind. That is, should I tell him I like him or not.

Well, the short answer is hell yes. The long answer is correct in the following ways. You want reasons; you got it.

He might be in the dark

Guys tend to overlook things that are generally always there. Whether you are in his friend circle or not, he might have no clue that you are drooling over him. So you have a role to play by telling him about your feelings.

No good comes from it when you decide to keep your feelings within you. He can’t do anything about it unless you tell him the truth. So it’s up to you whether you stand there feeling sorry for yourself or pull yourself together to confess.

He will be impressed

Think about the scenario where you are standing next to him and confessing the truth. Two good things could happen because of it. First of all, you would be free from this burden, and second, he will be impressed by your action.

He will now start to notice you in a completely new manner because he is already aware of what kind of brave woman you are.

Grab a date

To go on a romantic date, you two must have something in between. You are not supposed to know that until you tell him the truth.

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Maybe you two have met many times in public. But it’s different now that he knows about your feelings. Things won’t be the same hereafter.

How to I tell him I like him

It helps to make things clear

Sometimes we like some people who don’t like us back. And that’s fine. Odds are you confessed and found out that he doesn’t feel the same for you.

There’s no need to feel sorry for yourself. It’s good for you to get to know for sure what he thinks about you. If he doesn’t share the same feelings, well, you can get over him.

How to tell a guy you like them over text

Texting him is so easy when you are friends with a guy, and the relationship is nothing but pure friendship. But things could get complicated if you have romantic feelings for him, and he doesn’t know that. So here’s how to tell a guy you like them over text.

Avoid a few things

It’s good to have feelings for a particular someone. But sometimes, it is also the cause of your downfall. Here’s why.

When you like someone, you are practically drooling over him. That makes you vulnerable. So be careful enough while texting.

Don’t always start asking questions. It may bother him, or he might lose interest in you. Keep including something about yourself, too, so that the conversation can go on in both ways.

Use that particular word

Well, according to love Gurus, constantly using one specific word can get the job done. And what exactly is the word?

Of course, the word is love. Isn’t that kind of the whole point? The word itself can do magic if that’s what you are looking for.

So what is it you need to do? Do you have to tell him that you love him? Don’t tread that path.

Without doing anything stupid, you can use the word love in your messages. Like not typing the words ‘like’ or ‘prefer,’ use ‘love’ instead. This will allow you to indirectly tell him that you have a love for him.

Ask for a date

Let’s imagine somehow you managed to make him agree to go on a date with you. Probably he thinks this date is casual and nothing serious. But it may not be the same for you.

You are the one who came up with this date idea. So it’s up to you to make plans. He probably is thinking that you need to take control from here.

It’s a subtle way if you are thinking how to I tell him I like him.

What happens when you tell a guy you like him

Now the time has come to discuss your feelings. Let’s say you somehow completed the arduous process of confessing. But the question is, what happens when you tell a guy you like him.

So the hard part was over, and that was “how to I tell him I like him.” But still, there are so many possibilities.

Odds are you get rejected or get delighted to know that he likes you back. But there’s no way of knowing until you tell him.

He might be overjoyed

Maybe he, too, has feelings for you, but he was afraid to tell you for some reason. That’s good news for you. Things will improve from now on after both of you have clarified yourselves.

You can arrange a suitable date to take things to the next level. Or you can take things slow. That’s your choice.

You might be heartbroken.

This is sad, but we all have to face our worst nightmares at the end of the day. And what could it be other than confessing to someone who doesn’t like you back?

It could happen and when this happens, take it easy. Of course, it could come as a shock to you. But you have to accept for what it’s worth.

It may feel weird, but you should be happy. At Least you have shown the guts to tell this even if you knew he might not like you back. Regardless you weren’t afraid to express your feelings.

So be happy and get over him whenever you’re ready.

Do you still have questions about how to I tell him I like him? We hope we were able to answer all of your queries regarding this particular subject. If you still have doubts, look in the mirror and tell yourself that you can do it.

So be brave and say what you have to.

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