How to Say I Love You in French and Get Romantic

Love’s language is exquisite and amazing. And love makes the couple go over leaps and bounds to express their emotions and search for modes to say I love you! And the immediate go-to for them is using the facet and warmth of some languages. Among all the lovely languages present out there in the world, French is one of the most beautiful ones. So, most passionate lovers want to know how to say I love you in French! And to help you, dear ardent lover, we will provide you the perfect guide. Not only in French, but we will also help you say ‘‘I love you’’ in all languages that we find can reflect your emotions correctly! Start scrolling down to learn how to express your love in an unknown language!

How to say I love you in French

French is a beautiful language, and to express your love in this language with bringing out the perfect feel and essence you wish to express. So, to help you convey your heart’s message in the best way, we have curated a list of ways that will give you an idea of how to say I love you in French. Check them out below:

I love you: Je t’aime

The meaning of the term ‘Je t’aime’ reflects the words ‘I love you. However, it is best you keep in mind that the true translation is ‘I like you.’ You can use this phrase to let your partner know how much you love him/her. But the intensity of this phrase becomes stronger when you say, ‘Ja’aime mon collègue,’ which means ‘I love my colleague’’. It is best you keep a note that this phrase is said in a much neutral tone and is not romantic. However, you can always say ‘Je t’aime’ and reflect intense romanticism.

You are the love that is present in my life

‘You are the love that is present in my life is the definition of the term ‘Tu es l’amour de ma vie.’ And the literal translation also means the same phrase. For instance, if you tell your beloved in French, ‘Tu es l’ amour de ma vie, ma Cherie,’ it will mean you’re the love present in my life, oh my dear.’ People tend to use this phrase to define the depth of a relationship. Moreover, you can dedicate this phrase to the time you are in a mature relationship.

How to Say I Love You in French and Get Romantic

You are the reason for me to live

If you wish to know how to say I love you in French, then let us tell you, there are several ways. And one of them is this! It simply means, ‘you are the reason for me to live.’ If you wish to express yourself to your beloved in a complete sentence, then you can just add ‘Dans ce monde Pourri.’ Once you add this part to the sentence, it will only add the meaning ‘the reason of me living in the rotten world.’ Indeed, this is a phrase use to convey love in a mature relationship.

You are the reason why I live

There are several ways to say I love you in French. And among so many emotional phrases to dedicate love is ‘Tu es ma raison d’ etre.’ It means you are the purpose. However, the literal translation is ‘you are the reason why I live.’ If you wish to tell your beloved this phrase, then you can simply add -Dans un monde sans senses.’ It will completely mean that you are the sole purpose I love. Plus, it will also mean that the world does not make sense without you.

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A tip of using this phrase is that you may say this phrase in an intense moment!

Each day I love you more

Since you are searching for ways to know how to say I love you in French, we thought of adding this one to our list. In French, you will have to say:: Je t’aime chaque jour advantage, means that ‘’as each day passes or is passing, the love I have for you is more’’. Wasn’t this something you wanted to tell your beloved? Well, if you do, go ahead say this to your lady love or dream boy. And you are sure to see an outburst of emotion from the opposite side.

Quick tips: Always keep in mind the time you are saying this to a French native. That’s because this is only said when the couple has immense depth and commitment in a relationship!

I love you truly with my entire heart

Another phrase that can be a suitable answer to your question, ‘how to say I love you in French is this one. The phrase in French will be:: Je t’aime de tout mon Coeur, which implies that ‘I love you truly with entire heart”. And the literal translation for this phrase is also the same. You can consider this as one of the strongest phrases to truly express your deep feelings. Also, it would be best if you kept in mind that his phrase is not only applicable for people who in a romantic relationship. It can also be said between siblings, parents, and other strong relationships.

I like you even today over and above yesterday

If you wish to say, ‘I love you so much in French, this is an ideal one. ‘Je t’aime plus qu’hier, mais moins que demain’ means ‘I like you even today over and above yesterday, and a lot lesser than tomorrow.’ Through this phrase, you are expressing care and concern but in an absolutely subtle way.

I love you without a reason

The phrase means ‘I love you blindly.’ However, the proper translation of this text means, ‘I love you without reason.’ So, if you wish to dedicate this phrase to someone you love and don’t care about what the parents have to say, then you might say, ‘Je t’aime de déraison. On s’en fou de nos parents’. And the phrase means ‘I love you blindly, and we would not care what each of our parents has to say.’

This phrase can be of great use in any romantic movie. It has the power to say that there are no boundaries, and the couple does not even care what the parents have to say. If a romantic movie is made in French, then this is a must-inclusion dialogue.


You are present all over my thoughts

The moment you are in love, you surely want to tell your partner, you cannot stop thinking of him/her. So, if that’s what is playing on your mind and you are wondering what to say in French, then the phrase is ‘Tu es dans Toutes mes pensées.’ However, the true translation means ‘You are present all over my thoughts.’

You can consider this phrase as a profound emotional comment or a mild one too. It primarily relies much on the intonation and heavy tone to mean the depth of this phrase. Mostly this depends on the seriousness you are saying it with. If you utter the words casually, it can be taken lightly, but if you create a serious and intense moment, it can be taken seriously.

I have liking feeling present for you

When you utter the words ‘J’ai le béguin pour toi’, it will mean ‘I have a crush on you’ in French. However, the literal translation will mean that ‘I have liking feeling present for you.’

When French people are communicating, they mostly use this expression and speak in the first-person tense. Here they are slightly different from an English-speaking person because the latter generally does not tell someone they have a crush.

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How to Say I Love You in French and Get Romantic

I feel you are extremely attractive

The phrase ‘J’en pince pour toi’ implies that ‘I feel you are extremely attractive.’ However, the literal translation means that ‘I can pinch a few for you. It is best you keep a note that this phrase is not easy to translate correctly in English. You will find this entire sentence to have a different meaning and emotion when said to someone. However, it is best you use the phrase instinctively.

I am crushing on you

When you utter the words ‘J’ai un faible pour toi,’ you are basically telling the person ‘I am crushing on you. But its true translation means that ‘I have a certain weakness growing for you.’

A tip you can keep in mind that this phrase is something that people use lesser than ‘j’ai le béguin pour toi.’ But it does mean the same. However, the only difference is that it helps you describe another person’s relationship.

I truly like you

When you wish to know ‘how to say I love you in French,’ it is vital for you to know ‘like you’ first. And to that, you may say ‘Je t’aime beaucoup,’ which means ‘I truly like you.’ But the true translation of these words in French means ‘I like you.

Only by adding the word ‘beaucoup’ you are changing the entire expression. And it can be easily used amongst friends too.

How to Say I Love You in some more languages!

Now that you know how to say I love you in French and several ways to express your emotions, we thought of giving you an idea about other languages. Love is a universal feeling, but every language and culture has an exclusive way of enunciating it.

So, we have made a list of ways how to say I love you in Italian, German, Spanish, and more! Check them out below:

How to Say I Love You’’ in Spanish

Spanish is also a lovely language, and expressing your love in Spanish can help you woo your loved one easily. However, you might say I love you to any other close one of your family too. So, to express your emotion in Spanish here’s what you need to say:

Te amo

You can tell ‘I love you in Spanish by saying the phrase above. And this can be said to some with who you are in a romantic relationship with.

Te Quiero

The term ‘te Quiero’ mainly implies ‘I care for you’ or ‘I love you. You may say te Quiero to your family members and friends to express your love.

How to Say I Love You’’ in German

Just like you have seen in Spanish, expressing your love in German is also different for several people. Check out different ways of expressing your love in German:

Ich habe dich gerne

When you say ‘Ich habe dich gerne,’ it will simply mean ‘I care for you’ or ‘I have love present for you.’ You might say this phrase when you have a profound adoration declaration to give to your partner or anyone else you adore.

Ich Liebe Dich

Finally, in a romantic relationship, you may say Ich Liebe Dich, and it will mean your love is serious and you are giving a strong declaration of your romantic feeling.

Du bist die Liebe meines Lebens

If you are looking for one of the strongest expressions to express your love, then indeed it is this one. The literal translation of this term is ‘You are the only love I have in my life.

How to Say I Love You in Italian?

Just how romantic French people are, and they have so many different ways of expressing their love, Italians do the same. There are several ways in which Italians say I love you. Let us check them out below:

Ti Adoro

The term ‘ti adoro’ implies ‘I adore you.’

Ti Voglio Bene

When you say the term ‘ti Voglio bene,’ it simply means, ‘I wish the best for you, or even ‘I care for you.’ Always make note that these are the meaning and not the literal translations in Italian.

Ti amo

Just as you say in Spanish, ‘te amo”, in Italian, you have to say, ‘ti amo.’ And it will mean I love you in Italian.

Ti Voglio tanto bene

If you wish to strengthen the expression, then say ‘Ti Voglio tanto bene,’ and it will mean, ‘I love you a lot.

Final Thoughts

It is true we cannot cover informing you how to say I love you in all languages. But there are some of them mentioned above that you can try. Also, keep in mind how the other languages and French pronunciation have to be absolutely on the spot while voicing your love to your close ones. So, try out all the new ways to enunciate your love and let us know which language you liked best to express your love!

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