1st Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Your Favorite Couple

Completing 365 days of marriage together is indeed a day milestone a couple reaches. Moreover, the first year of staying together is always special. So, if you know a couple who have their 1st wedding anniversary approaching, start reading our blog. We have made a list of all the 1st wedding anniversary wishes, gifts, and much more to make the couple’s day enjoyable! Start scrolling down if you have a couple’s anniversary approaching.

1st wedding anniversary wishes

Celebrating the first year of marriage is always great. It is special for the couple and the people around them. So, if you have a couple’s wedding anniversary approaching very soon, read below! Here are the following list of 1st wedding anniversary wishes:

Wishing you on your 1st wedding anniversary. If you look back to one year, you will remember how this day was celebrated. It is an occasion that makes me and both of you extremely happy. Happy anniversary love birds!

If you have a couple’s wedding anniversary approaching, you can select this one to wish them. In a few lines, you are celebrating their love and telling them how much you admire the couple. So, add this to your 1st wedding anniversary wishes, and see the reaction of the couple.

It is a great time to celebrate your special day. This is the perfect time to tell you that you are a truly admirable couple. You’re the most romantic and extraordinary couple I have ever met. Happy 1st wedding anniversary.

1st Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Your Favorite Couple

On the day of celebration of the couple, tell them how much you admire and love them. Also, if you are truly in love with a couple, their first wedding anniversary is the best time to tell them how much you love them.

Just like how a flower cannot bloom until the sun shines bright, I will not be able to live without your love! Wishing you a happy anniversary, dear wife!

This quotation is among the 1st wedding anniversary wishes for wife. Just in a few words, you are letting your wife know how much you love her. Also, you are telling your dear wife that she is the best inclusion in your life. So, if you wish to make your wife feel special on your marriage day, dedicate this quote to her! She will be extremely pleased to get such a text from you!

As you have spent together beautifully one year of togetherness, I hope and pray that you spend many more years together. Wishing a rare couple a happy 1st anniversary.

Marriage is an occasion to celebrate. And, of course, it is a day when two souls become one. So, if you have seen a couple spending their one year of marriage well together, it is time you let them know. Tell them how admirable they are and how much you love them! You can count this among one of the best 1st wedding anniversary wishes.

As they say, ‘the first impression is always the last. Just like that, the way both of you have spent one year of marriage together, I am eager to see how you both spend the rest of the years. Wishing you many more years of togetherness. Happy anniversary dearest couple.

If you are looking for first wedding anniversary wishes for a friend, then this is an ideal one. You can tell your friend how much you wish the best for him/her and their partner. In a few words, you are admiring and wishing them the best in their life too.

I have seen both of you share a fantastic relationship together. From your first day of meeting each other to till the day you got married and even today. I have been a true witness to your relationship. And it gives me immense pleasure to see how understanding you both are as a couple.

If you are looking for 1st wedding anniversary wishes for sister, then it can be a great one. However, only if you have been a witness to the couple’s relationship. Tell the couple how much you admire them and see the never-ending smile on their faces.

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Passing through one year of togetherness does not imply both of you are old in a relationship. It only means that your marriage has grown one year stronger. Wishing your marriage becomes stronger each year. Happy anniversary lovely couple!

Another among the great wedding anniversary wishes is this one. Only in two and a half lines, you are telling the couple how much their relationship has grown stronger. Moreover, through this quote, you are giving them the inspiration to remain with each other year and grow stronger each day.

Wishing both of you a happy and prosperous year ahead. As both of you had taken the vow of being with each other right through, may it remain for the rest of your lives. It is a pleasure to watch such a beautiful couple staying with each other. Happy anniversary, dear couple!

If you are looking for 1st marriage anniversary quotes, then this is indeed a great one. Let the couple know how much you love and admire them and see the reaction on their faces. Also, through these words, you are sending them a message of staying together.

1st Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Your Favorite Couple

This one year being together has indeed been not an easy year. Both of you have gone through the hurdles but stood strong right through. So, here’s wishing both of you many more years of togetherness.

If you are looking for 1st wedding anniversary wishes, then this is also a great one. However, this quotation is apt for a couple who has gone through a tough year and faced many challenges together. So, select this as a great quotation and see how they react. Also, you can be sure that both of them will get inspiration through this quote.

I am extremely glad to appreciate and congratulate both of you for tolerating each other for one whole year! Wishing both of you a happy 1st wedding anniversary!

If you are looking for 1st anniversary status funny, then indeed this is a great one. It is funny yet tells the couple how much they are sweet and admirable. So, put this up as your status if you are looking for a funny post and see how they react.

Extraordinary 1st wedding anniversary gifts

Apart from dedicating a couple a lovely quotation, you can also plan out a gift to give them. Are you wondering what to give them? Well, then you can choose a gift from the list we have made of below! Here are the following:

A travel maps

For a while now, travel maps have taken a backseat. However, it is a great gift option you can choose from. Give a travel map and pin-up the couple’s memorable places. Otherwise, you can gift them a box of colorful pins too. They can put it up on the wall, and after they visit each of the destinations, they can mark it red. Also, you can put on their wedding date, pictures, names, and a quotation to dedicate to them. There are several companies that sell such beautiful maps. So, get online and find a suitable site to buy this.

Handmade jewelry

If you are gifting a friend, sister, or wife, this can be a unique gift idea. You will find several companies producing jewelry from recycled paper cuttings. It is indeed going to be a lovely gift that any woman would love. So, select this as a gift item and see how the woman reacts. If you are wondering from where to buy it, then let us tell you that there are many companies that sell such products.

The adventurous book

It is not usual to find people presenting an adventurous book on someone’s anniversary. However, we thought it is indeed a great idea to present a book with all the adventurous activities for a couple to do. Some companies do produce books where each page has an activity written. All you would need to do is scratch it and take out what is written on it. It can be blindfolding each other and going on a date or any other activity. These books are made keeping in mind the couple’s emotions and much more. So, find a suitable adventurous book and gift it to the couple on their 1st anniversary. And you are sure to hear extraordinary stories later on.

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Hand-painted portrait

Pictures can never go out of trend. They are the most precious thing one can receive on their birthday, anniversary, or any other occasion. So, we thought of including a unique gift idea that a couple would love to receive. You can select a lovely picture of a couple. Then ask a painter to paint the picture on a canvas. Finally, don’t miss out on framing the portrait for the couple. And add a small card with any of the quotations you like mentioned above. The couple is sure to love this special gift.

Anniversary journal

Wishing a lovely couple remain together for the rest of their life is natural. So, when you are giving a gift, keep these things in mind, and they are sure to get inspiration. And one of them is this one. You can give a couple an anniversary journal. In the journal, the companies might have 25, 50, or even sixty pages.

Moreover, some companies also put photo pages to let the couple place pictures. So, get the couple a suitable wedding anniversary journal that will remain with them as long as they are together. And of course, every time they look at the journal, it will remind them of you.

Paper flower bouquet

Apart from cards and pictures, flowers are something people cannot miss out on giving. However, gifting it in the most unique way is the catch. So, here we have included a gift idea that is absolutely unique, and it is possible the couple has never received such a present. We are talking about a paper flower bouquet. Everyone gifts natural flowers but giving someone a paper flower bouquet is always special. Get the couple a paper flower bouquet and see the reaction on their faces. Also, you can be sure that it will not get spoilt and will remain with them for really long.

never have i ever questions for couples

A slate clock with a personalized message

If you have a couple who is extremely sentimental, then this can be a great gift option. You will find some clock companies producing customized clocks to give as a gift. Among them is this one. You can select a special message to dedicate to the couple and have it engraved on the clock. Also, you can place their wedding date or even have a picture engraved on it. It is a beautiful way of telling the couple to spend many more happy years together.

Table clock made with agate

What is more special than gifting a special table clock? You can look for places that engrave a special message dedicating to the couple on an agate-made table clock. It will not only elevate their desk but will remind them that you have given them a unique gift item as an anniversary gift.

An hourglass with a customized message

A sand timer is another unique way of telling the couple to have a lovely and memorable journey. You can give the couple on their anniversary an hourglass with a nice message that will remind a couple of their love each day. Even on a rough day, they will look at the hourglass and forget the bad things and remember the love they have for each other. So, gift the couple an hourglass and see how their love blossoms in the coming years.

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Final Thoughts

As we come to the end of our blog, 1st wedding anniversary wishes, and gifts, we hope it won’t be tough for you to organize a surprise. So, choose a unique gift and write out a lovely message dedicating to the couple. And you are sure they will remember you throughout their life. If you truly love a couple’s relationship, there is no better day than your anniversary to let them know you admire them.

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