Happy Gilmore Quotes to Remember the Adam Sandler Classic

Happy Gilmore is an American comedy sports movie. It is one of the famous 90s comedy movies, and today we will share some hilarious Happy Gilmore quotes for reminiscence.

Robert Simonds produced the mobile while Dennis Dugan directed it. The film’s protagonist is Adam Sandler, an ice hockey player who finds interest in golf.

Moreover, the movie’s screenplay is written by Adam and his friend Tim Herlihy. This was their second collaboration after Billy Madison.

Happy Gilmore was released on February 16, 1996. The movie received mixed reviews, especially negative from the critics. Despite that, the film was a commercial success. It earned 39 million dollars when the budget was 12 million dollars.

Also, the film won “Best Fight” (Adam Sandler vs Bob Barker) at the MTV Movie Award.

The cast of Happy Gilmore

#1 Happy Gilmore played by Adam Sandler

He used to play hockey but suddenly discovered his talent for golf. Happy moves in with his grandma after his father dies. Moreover, he joined Pro Golf Tour to win money to save the grandma’s home.

Happy Gilmore Quotes

#2 Virginia Venit, played by Julie Bowen

She is the public relations director at the Pro Golf Tour and later becomes Happy GiGilmore’sove interest.

#3 Shooter McGavin played by Christopher McDonald

He is the best golfer on the Pro Golf Tour. Also, he is very arrogant and rude to others.

#4 Gary Potter played by Kevin Nealon

He is an eccentric golfer at the tournament. Moreover, he plays in HaHappy’sirst match.

#5 Hal L. played by Ben Stiller (uncredited)

He runs a nursing home and is cruel and sadistic. Also, he played the same role in AdAdam’s020 movie “Hubie Halloween.”

#6 Chubbs Peterson, played by Carl Weathers

He was an amazing golf player and was forced to retire when he got bitten by an alligator. He later becomes Happy’s mentor and coach to him win this tour. In Adam’s 200 movies, “Little Nicky,” he played the same role even though New Line Cinema produced this movie.

#7 Otto played by Allen Covert

He is a homeless man and becomes Happy Gilmore’s caddy for the tour. However, his character is unnamed throughout the movie. Later, when the deleted scenes were released, his name was revealed and was listed in the end credits. Allen also played the same role in Adam’s 2011 movie “Jack and Jill.”

Secondary Cast

#1 Mr. Larson, played by Richard Keil. He is Happy’s former boss.

#2 Donald played by Joe Flaherty. He is an unruly fan and was hired by Shooter to boo Happy.

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#3 Doug Thompson, played by Dennis Dugan. He is the commissioner at the Pro Golf Tour.

#3 Happy’s Grandma, played by Frances Bay.

#4 Mover #1 played by Will Sasso.

#5 Jared Van Snellenberg as Gilmore’s caddy at Waterbury Open.

#6 IRS agent played by Robert Smigel.

#7 Mark Lye, Bob Barker, Lee Trevino, and Verne Lundquist as themselves.

Now let’s look at some Happy Gilmore quotes which we still love today.

8 Funniest Happy Gilmore Quotes

Here are some quotes from Happy Gilmore tp remember the movie by:

#1 “Oh, yes. A lot of pressure. You got to rise above it.”

It is one of the examples of how some people give useless advice to someone under immense pressure. They will provide abstract and empty advice, which means nothing to the other person.

Gary gives this positive advice to Happy, and Kevin plays this role. During this time, Kevin and Adam were cast members of Saturday Night Live.

#2 “What? I did not break it. I was testing the durability of the rake.”

It is one of the hilarious Happy Gilmore quotes. At first Happy acts like the stereotypical professional hockey player who is rude and aggressive at the Pro Golf Tour.

This means he would always break the rules and even break some objects when frustrated.

When Virginia, the public relations director, calls out Happy for his misbehavior, he tries to downplay the incident and says he was checking if the rakes were good.

#3 “I was just looking for the other half of this bottle.”

Whenever Shooter is involved, the dialogues are mind-blowing. That’s why every Happy Gilmore quotes Shooter is hysterical.

Happy thinks Shooter’s metaphorically right talk at a bar is actual threats and fights. Being a hot-headed person, he did not like and it. Happy gets face to face with Shooter at the bar.

Moreover, Virginia had to come between them before an actual fight started between these two. Again, Happy downplays this incident, and he explains why the bottle is in his hand with the humorous line.

#4 “Damned alligator popped up, and cut me down at my prime.”

Chubbs is one of the hilarious and supporting people in Happy’s life. He trained Happy when he was at the Pro Golf Tour. Chubbs helps him with all the technical stuff.

Moreover, he delivers this monologue on how he had lost his hand when he peaked his career. Later, Happy even gets the chance to fight with this alligator who has mutilated Chubbs at some point in the film.

#5 “It is all about the hips. It is all about the hips. It is all about the hips.”

Even though Carl Weathers has done action movies in the 80s, he still delivers his comedic dialogue perfectly. While teaching Happy how to play golf, he tells him to loosen his hips so that he can hit the ball. At this time back hugged Happy Gilmore and said one of the famous Happy Gilmore quotes.

#6 “Somebody is Closer.”

One of the reasons Adam’s comedic performances are amazing is that he can manipulate his voice. Whether Adam is singing or doing a peculiar accent, he will do it perfectly to make the audience laugh, even with simple dialogues.

When Happy gives an impressive shot against his rival Shooter McGavin, he mocks him. Happy turns to Shooter and points that his ball is closer to the hole in a childish voice.

#7 “Why Don’t You Go Home? That is Your Home!”

After the release of Caddyshack, it became a classic comedy, and a lot of films tried to find humor in golf. However, most learned the wrong lesson from the film. In a game of golf, there is no humor.

But Happy Gilmore is different. The film did find humor in golf when Happy had his stereotypical hockey player attitude at the Pro Golf Tour.

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Moreover, this was evident in this scene when he yelled at the golf ball when it stopped right beside the hole making this one of the funniest Happy Gilmore quotes.

#8 “You are going to die, clown!”

Chubbs trains Happy to learn more control and patience when he is playing. The two even go to some golf course to work on Happy’s weak point, which was his putting.

Moreover, when he practiced a difficult hole that featured a clown statue that blocked his shot, he lost his cool and screamed this dialogue.

Also, that Happy cannot keep his cool against a statue makes this scene even more hilarious.

Happy Gilmore quotes Chubbs

Some of the best qutoes from Happy Gilmore are just the dialogue between Happy and Chubbs. The way both the actors deliver their dialogue is immaculate:

#1 Happy Gilmore hole in one quote

One of the popular quotes from the film. This was between Happy and Chubbs.

Happy Gilmore: (after hitting the hole-in-one) He shoots, and he scores! Ah, man. It was easier than putting. Maybe I should try to get this ball in a single shot each time.

Chubbs: That’s a good plan.

Happy Gilmore Quotes

#2 Happy Gilmore quotes happy place

Chubbs: (this is when Happy when to his happy place for the last time and he saw Chubbs there) Stop talking Happy. Do not feel bad about me. Also, see I got my hand back?

Later Chubbs sings and plays “We Have Only Just Begun” on his piano.

#3 Happy talking about real sports with Chubbs

Happy: (to Chubbs) A man your size, why did you not play some real sports, such as football?

Chubbs: My mum would not sign the permission paper. She said it was dangerous.

Happy: Oh, good call.

#4 Happy and Chubbs talking about hockey and golf

Chubbs: So, you play hockey, huh?

Happy: Yes, I am a hockey player.

Chubbs: So, you are going to give that up. You are going to pursue golf now?

5 Interesting Facts about Happy Gilmore

#1 The film is based on a real person

The character happy was loosely based on Adam’s childhood friend Kyle McDonough. They grew up in New Hampshire (Manchester) and would often play golf when they were teens.

Moreover, Adam said that Kyle was amazing at golf and could not outdrive his friend. His friend also played hockey.

Furthermore, Kyle played for the British Hockey League, East Coast Hockey League, and league in Norway. Also, both Kyle and Adam are still friends to this day.

#2 Pro golf player appeared in the film

Mark Lye and Lee Trevino made a cameo in the movie. Mark talks with Happy at some cocktail party, and Lee shakes his head several times in disappointment. But Lee was silent most of the time.

However, later Lee said that he regretted being a part of this film as it has a lot of words. He said if he knew about it, then he wouldn’t do it.

#3 Christopher McDonald rejected this film twice

It is hard to imagine someone else playing Shooter McGavin, but Christopher did not wish to accept this role. He said that he wanted to spend more time with his family. Also, he said he wasn’t sure if the man who did “Opera Man” would be a good fit for this role.

But later, he won a golf match and wanted to do the role. So, he called his manager back and asked if the part was available.

#4 A lot of pros loves Happy Gilmore

Even though critics did not like Happy Gilmore, many professional players did. Martin Kaymer, the German golfer, had once tried the Happy-style technique in a long drive competition at a PGA Championship.

Also, Matt Besler, pro soccer player of Sporting Kansas City, said a quote to the Portland reporters after the draw. The quote sounded very familiar.

Matt said that it was a tough game. But he can tell that the real winner of the match was the city of Portland. Each time we visit here, it becomes difficult to leave. Lastly, he said that he thinks the people of Portland must have put something in their water.

#5 The film is co-written by one of his college roommates

Tim Herlihy met Adam when they were roommates in college at New York University in 1984. Later Tim went to law school, and Adam got a job at Saturday Night Live (SNL). At this time, Adam asked Tim to join him as one of the writers at SNL.

Other than Happy Gilmore, they also wrote Billy Madison together. Even though they now wrote these films, they do not know who came up with which dialogue.

However, Tim takes credit for one of the best quotes from Happy Gilmore, and that is “I eat pieces of sh*t like you for breakfast.”

Final thoughts

It’s been 25 years since Happy Gilmore was released, and people still love this comedy movie. The movie’s cast is perfect, and the dialogue delivery is so good, which makes the film even more enjoyable.

Happy Gilmore quotes are hilarious, and you can even use them in real-life conversations. If you and your friends have watched this movie, you can use so many dialogues in different scenarios. It is a must-watch movie for people who love comedy.

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