Kiyoshi Kuromiya Quotes for Strength, Power and Resilience

Kiyoshi Kuromiya was a Japanese-American writer, artist, and civil rights activist. Most people are familiar with his name as Kiyoshi Kuromiya quotes commonly circulate on social media. But few know about the legendary man’s active participation in LGBTQ+ rights and anti-war movements in the 1960s and 70s.

Kiyoshi Kuromiya has given us many memorable quotes on civil rights, art, peace, love, and liberation. So, here are some of the best Kiyoshi Kuromiya quotes and you must have come across some of these.

Thoughtful Kiyoshi Kuromiya Quotes on Love

Kiyoshi Kuromiya believed in the magical power of true love. If you are looking for love quotes, check out the following:

“You don’t marry someone you can live with. You marry someone you can’t live without.”

When it comes to choosing a life partner, most people consider things like financial status and family values. While these things matter in the long run, you must not pick a spouse based solely on the purpose of starting a family. The only reason to get hitched to someone should be sincere love, neither their good looks nor their wealth.

So, this quote is like advice from an old grandmother who forbids you from merely settling down. Instead of marrying someone you like, wait for love to sweep you off your feet.

“Love is when you’re sitting next to someone who’s doing nothing, but you’re feeling perfectly happy.”

When you fall for someone, just their presence is all you need to cheer yourself up. Your whole world brightens up the moment they walk through your doors. So, this Kuromiya quote paints a picture of two people who truly enjoy each other’s company.

And when you find that person, you won’t always have to look for exciting things to do together. You will feel peaceful simply by sitting next to your partner and that person will become your home.

“I love you more than I could ever find a way to tell you.”

Love makes people passionate, stupid, desperate, caring, and several other things at once. When you love someone deeply, no words can suffice to reveal the depth of your feelings. You are so enamored of your partner that it’s hard to express in words what they mean to you.

In vain you try to describe what happens to you when you see your better half. So, the best way to prove your love is by showering your special one with affection and attention.

“Love knows no boundaries and transcends all barriers.”

As an ardent lover, Kuromiya had faith that only love can overcome prejudices and hatred. This is one of the Kiyoshi Kuromiya quotes Japanese that accentuates the universality of love.

Only love can foster acceptance and understanding. So, save this quote to remind yourself that love can create an inclusive and compassionate society.

“If I have a flower everytime I think of you… I could walk through my garden forever.”

This line elucidates the euphoric feeling of every person in love. When you are in love, the thoughts of your paramour never leave your mind. You feel that your beloved is always with you, even if not physically.

So, if you a flower blooms in your heart each time you think of that person, soon you’ll have enough flowers to set up a garden. This quote, therefore, depicts the restlessness of a doting lover.

Insightful Kiyoshi Kuromiya Quotes on Civil Rights, Social Justice, and Liberation

Kuromiya’s quotes were pertinent during his lifetime and they resonate with today’s generations as well. His wisdom shows the path to people who dream of building an equitable world.

“Civil rights are not a gift for a few, but a birthright that every individual deserves to claim and protect.”

This Kuromiya quote refreshes people’s memory about how things should be in a democratic space. Every human being is born with the right to live their live on their terms. All humans, irrespective of religion, caste, or financial background, are equal in rights and dignity.

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Hence, your rights as a citizen are not things you need to ask for as they are yours by default. It means a poor man and a wealthy man are entitled to equal protection under the law. Civil rights also include basic rights like the right to education, the right to a fair trial, and the right to vote.

“Rights are not given, they are fought for and earned through activism and advocacy.”

Social movements play a crucial role in advancing democracy, challenging dictators, addressing environmental problems, and gaining rights. For any social movement, advocacy should be the core activity. It is the act of arguing or persuading in support of a policy, idea, set or values, or cause.

Activism involves using noticeable and direct action to achieve certain goals, usually a social or political one. So, the right way to fight for rights is through advocacy and activism.

“We need to remember that the fight for justice is not a spirit, it’s a marathon. We must be in it for the long haul.”

These words by Kuromiya serve as inspiration for people who seek justice. He wanted to encourage people to be patient as justice can’t be achieved overnight.

Kuromiya realized that the fight against injustice is ever-evolving. Sustained commitment and continuous efforts are the two things needed to gain victory at last. Hence, this quote is still a motivation for people to persevere in adverse situations. That’s because when one person raises a voice against discrimination, they become a part of a bigger movement.

“Our liberation is bound up with others. We cannot be truly free until everyone is free.”

Bondage can be of any type – be it slavery or human trafficking. All these are the biggest enemies of society and therefore, activists can’t relax.

Activists don’t rest for an instant as they can see the bigger picture. Injustice happening in any corner of the world is a threat to the justice system. Their battle against injustices continues as long as someone is getting oppressed. So, unless every sufferer achieves freedom from bondage, people should not celebrate their freedom.

“Liberation is not just about breaking free from external oppressors, but also about overcoming internal barriers and prejudices.”

Everyone desires to be a free bird, but the word is often misconstrued. What most people understand by the term liberty is freedom from oppression and external control. However, true freedom is not only about political freedom or being physically free to do what you want.

Liberty also means defeating your inner demons and nurturing a free mind. And for that, you have to confront the prejudices that you have harbored in your heart for so long. These prejudices can be anything from racial discrimination to religious narrowmindedness. It is only when you break free from these shackles that you can be truly free.

“We must learn to live together as brothers and sisters or perish together as fools.”

In a world that is divided by several differences, this quote emphasizes the significance of harmony and unity. Kiyoshi Kuromiya’s principle in life was to embrace every human as a brother or sister.

When we treat others as our kins, we can have a world where all humans thrive. This points out the intertwined nature of our collective well-being.

Kiyoshi Kuromiya Quotes on Rights of LGBTQ+ Rights and HIV Patients

Kiyoshi Kuromiya also fought for social justice and was the Gay Liberation Front’s founding member in Philadelphia. In 1965, he organized the city’s pioneering gay rights protest.

Kuromiya was also a founder of the Critical Path AIDS Project and it provides assistance to HIV+ people. So, how can we not share some Kiyoshi Kuromiya quotes that focus on those neglected individuals in society?

“We need to create a world where people are not discriminated against based on their sexual orientation or gender identity.”

Even in the 21st century, most socio-cultural norms exclude lesbian, bisexual, trans, gay, and other gender-diverse individuals from basic rights like healthcare, housing, education, and employment in several sectors. This type of discrimination perpetuates inequality and is pernicious.

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So, let us not forget that everyone deserves to be treated with respect, irrespective of their sex characteristics and gender identity.

“We must struggle for the freedom to love and be loved for who we are.”

These lines highlight the plights of gay, lesbian, and homosexual people. As a homosexual person and social activist, Kuromiya wanted to have the freedom to be loved and love without embarrassment and inhibition.

He taught the world that irrespective of sexual preferences, every individual deserves to be in love.

“Silence is death, then say.”

During the initial phase of the AIDS/ HIV pandemic, Kiyoshi invented this meaningful catchphrase. That was a time when many people felt embarrassed to discuss the sickness openly.

However, speaking about AIDS was mandatory to raise understanding, knowledge, and acceptance. Now people are aware of how the illness spreads and the healthcare system has improved.

“AIDS is not a virus; rather, it is a sign of a dysfunctional society.”

This quote by Kuromiya is all about the long and painful history of stigma surrounding AIDS. For Kuromiya, AIDS/ HIV was a manifestation of a range of social issues such as poverty and prejudice. Lack of awareness about the sickness worsened the situation.

The consequences of discrimination and stigma against AIDS patients were devastating. Many people, after being tested for HIV+, were abandoned by their families and friends. According to Kiyoshi, a society that cannot be kind and empathetic towards HIV patients is a dysfunctional society.

“The fight against HIV/ AIDS is not just a medical issue, it’s a human issue. We need to make sure that everyone has access to healthcare and treatment.”

Limited access to treatment and healthcare facilities with the biggest challenge faced by people suffering from AIDS. So, Kuromiya urged all humans to come forward and build a world where all can receive treatment. He educated the world regarding the economic and social challenges people will face if AIDS spreads.

Social reformers like Kuromiya deserve respect for supporting HIV+ individuals during those dark times. Advancements in treatments, such as the advent of ART, have caused the situation has improved dramatically.

Memorable Kiyoshi Kuromiya Quotes on Living Life Cheerfully

Kuromiya’s life was not all about his protests and social services. He also knew how to cherish the special gift of life and so should you. Make these two quotes the mantra in your life and you’ll never have a dull moment again.

“Don’t take life too seriously. You’ll never get out alive.”

We all must work hard and focus to meet career and life goals. But does the heavy burden of responsibilities make it difficult for you to relax? That’s because you are too serious about life and you have an unclear idea of what’s worth your energy and time.

Moreover, no matter how serious you are, one day this life will end. So, it is essential to have fun along the way and enjoy the little moments.

“Laughter is the best medicine. It’s good for the soul.”

Whether it is guffawing at a funny web series or giggling with your sibling, laughing has many benefits. Although laughing can’t cure all your sicknesses, it is excellent for your soul.

When you laugh, your brain releases endorphins and you feel relaxed. Laughing also has health benefits as it stimulates the heart, muscles, and lungs by increasing the intake of air. So, now you have more reasons to laugh out loud.

Final thoughts

So, Kiyoshi Kuromiya quotes English are a testament to his lifelong battle against violence, racism, and discrimination faced by the gay community and people suffering from AIDS. His blessed soul may have left the mortal world, but his powerful words continue to guide us. We hope that after reading his quotes, you feel inspired to lead a meaningful life.

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