Top 112 Inner Beauty Quotes to Make Your Women Feel Special 2021

Do you have a special woman in your life? Or else, to put it in a better way, do you have many women who have extraordinary inner beauty? Well, it does not have to be a romantic relationship! The woman you want to praise can be your mother, sister, best friend, aunt, neighbor, or grandma! Being externally beautiful is a blessing but having inner beauty reflects how good she is as a human being. So, if you also have someone who you are genuinely proud of and wish to praise, read our blog! We have come up with some inner beauty quotes that are suitable for your girlfriend, wife, mother, friend, or any other woman you admire!

Inner beauty quotes

One day the external appearance will fade eventually but not your personality. In this article, we are providing you inner beauty quotes, which will help you praise the woman you admire for life:

  1. If a woman is honest, she is beautiful.
  2. Most of the boys think of girls as books. If they don’t like the cover, they won’t read the inside of the book.
  3. Beauty is actually in the heart, not in the face of a person.
  4. The reflection of the woman’s true beauty is in her soul.
  5. There is no point if you are pretty from the outside but ugly from inside.
  6. Inner beauty actually captivates, but outer beauty only attracts.
  7. The prettiest things which you can wear are confidence and happiness.
  8. You have to be pure and perfect from your heart. Nothing or none can change that.
  9. The inner beauty of a woman captivates mainly your heart, but outer beauty only pleases your eyes.
  10. You should search for true beauty the whole life, but when you can find beauty inside someone, the search finally ends, and a new beautiful journey starts.
  11. The rarest and attractive thing is a pure heart.
  12. If you become more concerned about your inner beauty than outer, then the world will turn into a nicer place to live.
  13. It’s the kind heart that makes you genuinely beautiful.
  14. Beauty is like a force of light that radiates from within. You have to judge others by their souls and admit that a woman has something more than flesh.
  15. The vessel is the pure heart that contains the true beauty of the soul.
  16. You are beautiful because of your inner light.
  17. Inner beauty should be the main force you have.
  18. You should love a woman beyond her physical appearance.

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Outer and inner beauty quotes

Check out some inner and outer beauty quotes that you may dedicate to your special one:

  1. Don’t allow your inner glow to fade for someone.
  2. The body’s beauty will fade away with time, but the mind’s beauty is timeless.
  3. If you can make your inside beautiful, your outside will become more beautiful.
  4. Nothing in the whole world can change your inner beauty.
  5. Your inner beauty is making your outer appearance more beautiful.
  6. Inner beauty with time gets brighter. So you have to be kind forever.
  7. You don’t need to show your beauty anywhere else when it lives already in your heart.
  8. If you have an ugly mind and heart, none cares about your beauty.
  9. Your inner beauty will reveal through kindness, love, and gratitude.
  10. Inner beauty is like the Heaven Kingdom, which lies inside of you. It is your soul’s signature and fragrance.
  11. Always reveal your inner beauty and appreciate yourself.
  12. You will see in the end the burned fire within them and not the physical beauty.
  13. You are like Oreos. The good thing is on the inside.
  14. The beauty of a good heart shines brighter than any other beauty.
  15. If you are beautiful from the outside, that will attract the eyes, but if you are beautiful from inside, that will attract the heart.
  16. Inner beauty is your accomplishment, but outer beauty is your gift.
  17. Not only in the face does beauty lie. It is in the heart.
  18. If you are beautiful from inside, you don’t need any makeup.
  19. True beauty is on your inside.
  20. Inner beauty is love, determination, confidence, and empathy.
  21. Your outer beauty is the visibility of your inner beauty.
  22. True beauty is something beyond what you can see.
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You are beautiful inside and out message

Check out some you are beautiful inside and out messages to dedicate:

  1. Personality gets you the heart, and beauty gets you the attention.
  2. You are beautiful sometimes, not from outside, just like the way you are.
  3. You have to stop searching for perfect woman bodies to find out beautiful hearts.
  4. The best of your version on the outside and inside is your beauty.
  5. Beauty is your soul’s illumination.
  6. One should always try to improve inner beauty.
  7. Beauty lies in the beholder’s heart.
  8. What you look at in the mirror is not beauty. Beauty is your feeling about yourself.
  9. You should choose someone with a beautiful heart rather than a face.
  10. If you have a beautiful kind heart, that is better than having beautiful faces.
  11. Your inside makes you pretty, not your looks.
  12. You can feel the most beautiful world’s things which you cannot even see or touch.
  13. Your confidence and inner beauty can shine through your smile.
  14. Smiling at someone every time is the sign of a beautiful thing, love, and a gift to the same person.
  15. If you have a beautiful heart, then only you will be able to appreciate others’ good things.
  16. Each and every smiling face is beautiful.
  17. Your outer and inner kindness, simplicity, and uniqueness are beauty.
  18. Beauty roots are kindness and love, and beauty fruits are purpose and meaning.
  19. A beautiful personality always lasts forever, but outer beauty doesn’t.
  20. You need to focus on your beauty inside. Outer beauty will only draw people, but inner beauty will help you to keep them.

Inner Beauty Quotes to Make Your Women Feel Special

True inner beauty quotes

Check out some true beauty quotes:

  1. Always search for a pure, beautiful heart, not a beautiful face. People who are beautiful may always not be good, but people who are good always beautiful.
  2. Beauty is in simplicity. From simplicity, great beauty comes.
  3. The girl who is most beautiful in the world has a heart of gold.
  4. You should take care of your inner spiritual beauty because your face will reflect that.
  5. All the money in your life cannot bring things that a beautiful heart can get.
  6. You should try to live in your own way beautifully and don’t try to make your appearance more beautiful.
  7. Some older people are still beautiful because of their hearts. They don’t lose their beauty no matter their very old age.
  8. No gold jewelry, fine clothes, or fancy hair that can make you very beautiful. Beauty must come from inside you.
  9. Inner beauty is very important. Above all other physical things, it is crucial to have an open mind and a big heart.
  10. Passion is the beautiful makeup a woman can use though cosmetic products are easier to get.
  11. Beauty is not the outward show, but the truth is the inner fire.
  12. A woman’s beauty is not in her figure or clothes. Her beauty lies in the eyes because it is the heart’s doorway.
  13. Girls who are happy are actually pretty.
  14. Happiness is beauty that requires no cosmetic.
  15. You should not judge a whole book by only its cover.
  16. Beauty has an attitude.
  17. Elegance only is the beauty that will never fade.

Beautiful inner beauty quotes

Check some more quotes that reflect someone’s inner beauty:

  1. Perfection’s opposite is beauty. Beauty is all about character, charisma, and confidence.
  2. You are not so beautiful as you look, talk, or walk. You are beautiful only as you love, share and care.
  3. God gifted you eyes to see nature’s beauty and hearts to look at the beauty in others.
  4. Your outer beauty can turn the head, but your inner beauty can turn the heart.
  5. The heart is the beauty’s fountain.
  6. Inner beauty is like a rose’s scent. If you have inner beauty, you will stay forever.
  7. Your inner light determines your bright shine.
  8. You don’t need to clean the face to look beautiful. All you should clean the heart for looking beautiful.
  9. Inner peace creates you as a good human being, but darkness creates destruction.
  10. Everything about a person you will understand is by his characteristics and personality.
  11. Never feel sad if you don’t look beautiful. Let your kindness and personality make you very beautiful.
  12. You should not be fake but real and try to shine from the heart brighter than the face.
  13. If you think that everything is outer beauty, then the fake world is where you are actually living.
  14. You can look for your inner beauty, but you cannot steal or buy it.
  15. Your makeup can make you look pretty, but it cannot hide if you have an ugly heart.
  16. If you have inner peace, it will lead to creativity.
  17. True beauty will shine if you are comfortable with your own body.
  18. The best version of you is the good soul and peaceful mind.
  19. A beautiful soul leads to the heart, which is beautiful, and that further leads to the mind, which is peaceful, and that creates you into a decent human being.
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Good inner beauty quotes

There are numerous good inner beauty quotes. They are as follows:

  1. You should train the mind of yours to respect the people and things which are beautiful.
  2. You have to understand and believe in yourself to attain true beauty.
  3. The development of character occurs in the adversity and struggle stream. Your character reflects in the personality, and it is your inner beauty’s foundation.
  4. The inner beauty is the truest form of beauty. It can bring an inevitable positive transformation.
  5. You should discover the beauty inside you, your consciousness, purity, and the hidden splendor and distribute it to all the people around you.
  6. The outer is the inner’s pale reflection. The exterior is just like a shadow, and the inner is more real.
  7. You need not make cosmetic beauty in practice, but you need to make cosmic beauty in practice. Practice for inner light and beauty.
  8. Love is the soul’s beauty since the beauty grows with the growth of love inside you.
  9. The power is the beauty, and the sword is the smile.
  10. You should follow the moonlight of your inside, and no need to hide your madness.
  11. If you are producing beauty all around you, then actually, it is your own soul’s restoration.
  12. The Inner beauty value will never change.
  13. Meditation is mainly listening to the inner soul’s song, seeing the inner self’s beauty, smelling the inner spirit fragrance, experiencing the divine inner energies touch, and tasting the inner God’s intense sweetness.
  14. A woman who treasures the virtue value can shine of her true beauty.
  15. You don’t need a spotlight to show your shine if you shine from inside.
  16. You cannot compare your beauty with others. A flower doesn’t even think of any competition with other flowers. It just simply blooms.

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Why describe the inner beauty of a woman or man?

As we are almost at the end of our blog, are you not wondering why you are praising a woman through these quotations? Well, it is to make them feel special and tell them how much you mean to them! However, some of the quotations can be applicable to both men and women. So, have a close look at them and don’t hesitate to express your feelings. It is excellent to tell your close ones about your inner self!

Final Thoughts

As we come to the end of our blog today, we hope that all the quotations above suit your requirements. Plus, they will help you realize the importance of a person’s inner beauty more than outer beauty. Now that you have so many at hand start dedicating them to your loved ones. You never know that these special words that bring a bit of freshness amidst the grave times we are going through! And also, don’t’ forget to let us know in the comment section below which of the quotes you liked best!

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