Billy Madison Quotes From Adam Sandler’s 1995 Classic

One of the hilarious American comedy movies is Billy Madison starring Adam Sandler as Billy. Before we move on to Billy Madison quotes, let us talk a little bit about the movie.

It is a 1995 comedy movie, and Tamra Davis was the director. Not only was Adam Sandler the protagonist, but he was also one of the writers of the movie and Tim Herlihy.

Robert Simonds produced the movie. The film made more than $26 million worldwide and debuted at no. 1 at the box office. However, from the critics, it got mixed reviews.

Billy Madison Cast

  • Adam Sandler plays Billy Madison
  • Josh Mostel plays Principal Max Anderson
  • Bradley Whitford plays Eric Gordon
  • Bridgette Wilson plays Veronica Vaughn
  • Larry Hankin plays Carl Alphonse
  • Darren McGavin plays Brain Madison
  • Dina Platias plays Ms. Lippy
  • Jim Downey plays Judge of decathlon/Principal
  • Mark Beltzman plays Jack
  • Norm Macdonald plays Frank
  • Theresa Merritt plays Juanita
  • Robert Smigel plays Mr. Oblaski
  • Hrant Alianak plays Pete

The plot of Billy Madison

Billy Madison is a man-child who has been the typical spoiled rich brat all his life. For most of his life, he spends his days partying and drinking.

However, soon his father becomes annoyed with Billy’s irresponsible lifestyle. Hence decided to challenge Billy to become responsible.

Due to his father’s influence, Billy has graduated from school. But now Billy has to retake all the tests and pass every grade within 24 weeks.

If he does not pass these exams, his father’s business will be handed over to Eric, his father’s business partner.

Billy Madison quotes

Billy Madison Quotes

#1 “I Am the Cleverest Man Alive”

It is one of the funniest Billy Madison quotes. We can see Billy is not smart like in other 27 years old. However, if he plans to do something, he will finish that task.

Moreover, he is extremely proud of himself even when he does the smallest thing correctly. This happened because his father will throw graduation parties every year when he completes.

When he was in 2nd grade, Billy needed to win a spelling bee test and spell “couch.” He almost failed by spelling it “corch.” However, he saves himself by asking his instructor, “Will you go to the mall today?” and then declares, “I’m the cleverest man alive.”

#2 “You Blew It”

In the beginning, Billy hated his teacher Veronica Vaughn. But later, he showed affection to his teacher. He wanted to go out with Veronica. So, he asked Ernie, his classmate, to call their instructor.

When Veronica saw Ernie, she thought he wanted to ask her on a date. Then she explains to Ernie that adults like to go on a date with other adults.

Later Veronica insulted Billy for his childish behavior and said Ernie behaved more like an adult than him. This made Billy angry and he mimicked Ernie over the phone call.

Lastly, the scene ended with him hilariously shouting, “you blew it,” although it was his fault.

#3 “Sometimes I Think I Am Dumb. However, I’m Dumb So, It All Works Out”

Since the whole movie is about Billy going back to school when he is 27 years old, being dumb and an idiot makes a lot of sense. During one of his graduation parties, he and Veronica became closer.

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Moreover, this Billy Madison quote was said when they talked in the yard.

#4 “If people think peeing in the pants is cool then consider me Miles Davis”

The movie has a lot of funny dialogues that make us laugh. But the best Billy Madison quotes make us emotional as well.

We see Ernie peed his pants in one scene, and then Billy sticks up for his friend. He tells everyone that peeing in the pant is not bad, but cool.

Then the old farm lady said, “If people think peeing in the pants is cool then consider me Miles Davis.”

Even though the children did not know who the jazz trumpeter was, we know who that is, which makes this quote even more hilarious in the film.

#5 “What does the horseshoe do? Is there any horse sock? Why is nobody listening to me?”

This happened when Veronica started to respect Billy for who he is, and the 3rd-grade students took a trip. Also, Ernie peed his pants, and we see Billy standing up for his little friend.

Moreover, there is another hilarious dialogue by the old farm lady. When the class was walking in the field, the old lady talked to the class, but nobody listened to her. So, she said that dialogue.

#6 “I will make sure to turn this bus around.”

Chris Farley is one of Adam’s friends and a comedian. He played a minor in the movie and acted as the bus driver who is always mad. He took that to the 3rd grade on the field trip.

Moreover, many of his dialogues can fall under our Billy Madison quotes. But this one is our favorite.

He said this when the children threw some sandwiches at him. He got angry, yelled, and said that he would turn the bus around and end their precious field trip too soon.

#7 “T-T-T-TODAY JR!”

As the movie progress, we see Billy’s character development as well. But sometimes, he becomes a bully. In 3rd grade, he first meets Veronica as his teacher.

One day a kid in his class was asked to read a paragraph from a book. But the boy was having trouble and was stuttering continuously.

Billy saw the opportunity, mocked his kid, and said, “t-t-t-today jr.” But Veronica quickly called out Billy on his mean joke and then dragged him out of the class by pulling his ear.

Billy Madison quotes

#8 “Do not look at me, swan.”

Billy is a spoiled brat at the beginning of the movie. At one point, his father’s business partners and guests were at their house and were waiting for Billy before they could sit down and start eating.

However, Billy, who was drunk, was upstairs taking a bath. He was playing with shampoo bottles as if they were his bath toys.

He was making the bottles argue about which shampoo was better, and then he threw them in his tub. Then he wanted to turn towards the golden swan faucet and said the dialogue.

This is one of the famous Billy Madison quotes because this dialogue was parodied in an episode when Adam was hosting SNL.

#9 “Chlorophyll? It Is More Like Borophyll”

Billy passes his grades very easily and moves to high school quickly. But he finds high school a lot more tough than drawing small little animals.

We see that Billy was in science class, and learned about chlorophyll, he blurts out this dialogue as a joke. But others do not find it funny, mainly the girl sitting beside him.

She then calls him a loser and tells him not to talk with her anymore. Hence Billy decided to embarrass her and said that he would not make out with her.

Moreover, the whole scene is a joke, but it starts with his childish joke about chlorophyll.

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#10 “O’doyle Rules!”

In every grade, Billy has met a lot of new kids, but one who is there the entire time of his school life is O’Doyle. All the O’Doyle kids were bullies in the school, and they used to yell “O’doyle Rules” in the school hallways.

This dialogue was said more times than any other dialogue.

One time Billy said that he felt that the O’Doyle family would go down. This did turn out to be true.

In the latter half of the movie, we see that father O’Doyle slips on a banana while driving. This caused the car to fall off the cliff.

Adam Sandler movie quotes

Adam has done a lot of movies, and all of them have some iconic quotes which people still remember today. We know Billy Madison quotes are famous worldwide, but there are so many other Adam Sandler quotes that are very iconic.

Let’s look at the dialogues from his other films:

#1 The Waterboy Quotes

  • You do not have any social skills. This is why you will never have any friends.
  • Excuse me, everyone while I go and hang myself.
  • None of my sons will play foosball.
  • Bobby, what did your mom tell you about girls.
  • Once again, I am not sure what does this means.
  • It is the devil.
  • Now, this is what I call a high-quality H2O.
  • Everything is bad, according to your mom. I like school, and I also like football. And I will keep doing both of them because it makes me feel good
  • Water sucks and Gatorade is so much better.
  • You can now go and have some fun.
  • You can absolutely do it.
  • Since you have come to mom’s bedroom, she will not brush your hair.

Do you remember this famous conversation?

Bobby Boucher: Mom, something terrible happened today.

Mama Boucher: What happened? Did someone hurt you, my son? You will tell your mom who hurt you?

Paco: Oh! look how Bobby tackled. I have never seen someone tackle like that other than Joe Montana.

Walter: You idiot, Joe Montana’s position was the quarterback.

Paco: Well I said Joe Mantegna.

#2 Hubie Halloween quotes

  • I’m so proud of you for how you have worked to ensure that this Halloween is fun as well as safe for everyone.
  • People die every day. They do not skip holidays.
  • Hubie Dubois is one of the nicest men in this town.
  • You are a smart cookie.
  • That nickname spread like peanut butter.
  • Give a hoot but do not pollute.
  • Trick or treat and smell my feet.
  • It is always the shy ones who are most naughty.
  • You are the best. You always think of others and not for yourself. But I think that is what makes you a hero.
  • No! But you need to dial a number immediately. 911!
  • I will do what I have been doing every year on October 31. I will make sure that everyone is protected and safe in this community.
  • Hubie, do mine.
  • I think it is a lot of stress to look cool all the time. So, I am jealous of Hubie, who can be himself all the time and still is cool.
  • Happy Halloween to everyone and a good fight.
  • Damn it, him and his hope.
  • I cannot believe that I have spent 3 years of my life self-confident for absolutely no reason.
  • Just know that I will love you always. Happy Halloween.
  • I wanted to tell you that I have loved you since 2nd grade.
  • Happy Valentine’s Day. I am talking with you, Violet Valentine.

#3 50 First Dates quotes

  • Happy Birthday! What are you? 200 today?
  • Ula comes back and helps me clean the pool. Also, if it is your brownie, do not let the dolphins eat them.
  • You kids suck. Damn, you are good at everything.
  • You crazy b*tch! (after she got beats by Lucy)
  • Are you staring at me or at her? Because it is creepy.

Do you remember these famous conversations?

Henry: Why are your legs on my pillow.

Ula: Sorry. (Removes her legs and sits on the pillow)

Henry: I do not want you to sit on it either.

50 first dates

Lucy: I do not know you. (to Henry)

Marlin: You are dating him.

Henry: Sorry, I am not better looking.


Kid: What happened to that turtle?

Henry: Sadly, he got lung problems to cause he has smoked a lot of turtle weed. It is bad for your health, isn’t it, Ula?

Ula: What do you mean I do not smoke weed.

Final thoughts

Adam Sandler is a brilliant actor and a comedian. He has made all of us laugh through his movies and his being a host in SNL.

Moreover, his movies are a must-watch, and Billy Madison is a great comedy film for all age groups.

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