Dark Quotes for Pain and Humor With Deep Meanings

You know why you’re looking for dark quotes. You might want to share dark humor or express pain you feel lately.

Dark quotes have different types and people who choose them have layers to their personality. If you’re not yet sure what type of dark quote you want to use, we have articulated some of the best in here.

First, let us tell you why you might like these dark quotes.

Well, for starters, these can teach you a lot. They let you know the importance of the dark.

Dark quotes can mean a lot to you when your life doesn’t seem like a walk in the park.

You may lose hope, and you may think that darkness is all there is.

After realizing the true meanings of dark quotes, you will know precisely why we go through tough times. You will know what it means to go into the light.

Now, without any further ado, let’s read some dark quotes.

Dark quotes

Never fear the dark. It is only here to make meaning to light.

Now we want you to sit back and think for a second. Do you think being in the light would mean so much if darkness didn’t exist?

We like to stay in the light because we know what darkness is. We know how scary it is to remain in the dark for the long way. That’s why we are so eager to eliminate darkness from our lives.

Bad times make us realize how badly we need to value small things. But good times try to allure us in such a way that we could get lost forever.

I don’t fear the dark because I have a friend.

Friends are needed no matter who you are or where you are. You can’t live in a world where you can’t call anyone a friend. That would be a nightmare for almost every human on this planet.

Sometimes being with a friend is all you need or ask for. It’s always better knowing that someone has your back, no matter the time or place.

When darkness falls, a friend will always remain with you. They will encourage you and inspire you. This way you won’t realize how tough it is to overcome the dark.

Dark brings melancholy. Light brings joy. But none of them last forever.

We all know that people say dark is supposed to bring sadness. It is about melancholy, and nothing good could come of this.

On the contrary, light is supposed to bring joy. It’s about eliminating the wrong things and making room for everything good!

But that’s only sometimes the case!

Darkness can be fruitful if you know how to utilize it. The moment you learn to use the bad times to make something good, you won’t need anything else.

Some people prefer darkness more than light. That’s because sometimes a little dark could be good for us. Often light doesn’t provide us as it is supposed to.

Again, if dark is bad, it will not last!

We all have darkness within us but are usually afraid to express it out aloud.

A person is made of many things, and darkness is one of them.

But they will show it to you when you ask for it yourself. It would help if you didn’t think that most people on earth are all good. We don’t know their deepest and darkest secrets.

The truth is that a dark side resides within us. It comes out from time to time. When it does, people judge us for it.

Being in the dark could be your blessing in disguise. But you must know how to use it for good.

You might think that your life is about to end now that you are standing on a cliff and waiting to jump. Maybe there is no hope left for you anymore. You are wondering if this is the end!

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But you can always do better than that. Nobody knows you better than you know yourself. Deep down, you know that there’s still something left in you to hold on to.

At times, the dark could be your best friend. It can teach you valuable lessons that you can never forget. So, hold on, and wait for the night to end.

Hope is born in the dark and grows in the light.

Hope doesn’t come out of anywhere. It doesn’t appear magically. It’s a process that begins when you have nowhere left to run or hide.

That’s when you find just a little hope, the only thing left to use. Once again, you find the strength to get back on your feet against all odds.

Then the darkness goes away. It makes room for light to come. In the light, that little glimpse of hope grows until it helps you achieve greatness.

Pain dark quotes

Being in the dark can be painful. That’s why reading some pain dark quotes is essential to ease the sadness.

Darkness can’t be driven away by the dark. It can only be driven away by a glimpse of light.

When you find yourself leaning towards the dark side, feel free to look for the light. It’s the only way to redeem yourself.

Some people don’t even try to look anymore. They feel it’s better to give in rather than look for anything else. Sometimes it’s better this way.

Although, you should know that darkness can only be removed by light. There’s no way you can free yourself from corruption.

The dark can teach us lessons more than light ever can.

Most people like to avoid the dark in every way possible. That’s because it can be tough to see in the dark. For some people, it is overwhelming and impossible to get through.

But no matter how difficult dark times are, they are essential in our lives. If it wasn’t for them, we would’ve never understood the importance of light.

In a way, dark times are like lessons. We should see them as one so that it becomes easy to get through!

Dark Quotes for Pain and Humor With Deep Meanings

Dark humor quotes

Dark quotes are deep and take a lot of time to process. There’s a perfect chance that you have already grown tired by now.

So, we are here with some dark humor quotes to lighten the mood. Surely these quotes will cheer you up in no time!

All jokes are humorous until they land on you!

Do you know what most people take the most pleasure in? It’s by making fun of others. That’s what they want to do in their leisure time.

The picture drastically turns when the same thing somehow happens to them. That’s when they realize what they have done.

This quote tells you that some things seem funny from the outside. But you will get an accurate picture when you see things a little closer.

Who says life is fun? It is killing us every day!

Now, this is something we have to agree with.

No matter how good your life is, you can’t go on like this forever. You have to leave all of this sooner or later.

As we all know, human life is short and limited. And we need to find out how much time we have before our demise. So, we live a life we won’t be dead ever or anytime soon.

This quote perfectly exemplifies how to mix the sad truth with a bit of fun!

If you must remember the sad days, please do it after dark.

This way, you will not waste your time during the day!

The last thing you want is for the thoughts of your past mistakes to come back to haunt you. That’s a perfect example of how a beautiful day can be ruined.

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This humorous line tells you not to remember your past mistakes when you are working hard. Your concentration and desire are dead when those bad thoughts enter your mind.

Then again, we cannot control our minds all the time! A man can hope, though!

A serial killer might listen to you. But not a corrupt politician.

This world is full of two-faced politicians who have nothing good to contribute to the public. They only want to fulfill their own darkest desires. Only ordinary people get caught with their cruel intentions.

Naturally, these people don’t listen to the public. That’s because they don’t need to! So, there’s a perfect chance that your murderer will listen to what you have to say before the final blow. But you can’t say the same when it comes to a politician!

Dark deep quotes

This section is all about some more dark deep quotes. Go through the quotes once to dig deeper into the dark:

I would give anything to see the stars on the darkest nights.

You can see stars in the night sky only when the night is dark. The stars shine brighter and brighter as the night goes on.

Similarly, in human life, something good can happen only when you have endured some bad. If those things had yet to test you in every way possible, you couldn’t get here alone.

Just like that, seeing the sun is encouraging. But witnessing the night sky full of stars is something else entirely!

Embrace the dark. But don’t become a part of it.

Just like you have always appreciated the good times, you must do the same when it comes to hard times. It would help if you embraced what’s right in front of you, or else things could worsen.

You have to be careful in the process. It would help if you told yourself that you don’t want to be a part of all that bad. Just accept the dark as a lesson and learn from it after that.

Dark times don’t last forever. So don’t the good times.

This quote perfectly explains why we can’t say anything about life.

We must handle difficult situations just like we handle happy times like a pro.

Think about the time when you were the happiest. You didn’t question your happiness that time. So, why are you questioning your current situation?

So, the next time life throws you into trouble, remember to tell yourself that you have it.

Dark Quotes for Pain and Humor With Deep Meanings

Dark souls quotes

Let’s read some dark souls quotes in this last section of dark quotes:

You will find your soul when the darkness falls on you.

We all need to do some soul-searching at some point in our lives. We need to know who we are to find out the meaning of life.

But that is not just possible while your life is going fine. In that case, you will want to stay in your comfort zone.

You will know exactly why you are here when you see that nothing is going right for you. That’s what we know as soul searching.

Only when your soul is dark can you recognize a similar one.

The entire world seems good to you when you have a good heart. You don’t want to see the ugliness people bear within themselves.

The contrary is true when you carry a piece of darkness wherever you go.

That’s when you understand what other people’s true intentions are. That’s because the world sometimes turns out differently than you want it to.

So, sometimes, a little bit of darkness could be a good thing!

Final thoughts

If you’re done with the dark quotes, it is time to read sunshine quotes. If you are looking for some motivation and want to come out of the dark phase of your life, there are other quote blogs to inspire you on Quotepedia!

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