Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Friend for Thoughtful Gift Ideas

Friends are the ones that stand by you through thick and thin. They gradually become a family that is related through the heart and only not by blood. Making your friends feel special and important is the best thing you can do for them. So, is your friend’s wedding anniversary knocking around the corner? Are you looking for lovely words to send the couple on their special day? Well, then start reading our blog! Here we have got for you the best wedding anniversary wishes for friend that will make them feel special and emotional! Start scrolling down before you type out a message dedicating to your friend on their wedding anniversary!

Wedding anniversary wishes for friend

Nothing can replicate making your friends feel special on their wedding anniversary than good wishes. So, if you are looking for 1st, 2nd, 20th, or 25th wedding anniversary wishes for friend, start scrolling down!

The list of quotations we have below can cater to all your requirements. So, let us check out some of the best wedding anniversary wishes for friend:

Wish you a happy wedding anniversary, dear friend. I hope your marriage is blessed with cheer, joy, and laughter.

When you are looking for 1st wedding anniversary wishes for friend, this is a simple quotation you can choose. It is simple yet means a lot in those two lines.

May the love keep growing with the passing years. And may you two have nothing coming between the two of you. Here’s wishing you a happy wedding anniversary, dear best friend!

Another among the wedding anniversary wishes for friend is this one. In two lines, you can convey such an important and essential message for a marriage. You can let the couple know that you admire them and don’t wish any bad influence to affect their relationship. If you really love your friend and wish the best for him/her, this is a great quotation.

I have been lucky to see how your relationship has grown over the years. The two of you are the most adorable and beautiful couple I have ever seen. It has been an honor knowing you and your partner. Your love has been absolutely inspiring. Happy anniversary, dear friend.

If you have seen your friend and his/her partner’s love grow and prosper, then this quotation is indeed for you. Let the couple know how much you are delighted to see them together and how they inspire you.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Friend

The true love that each of you shares is truly thrilling and delightful for us. It has been a pleasure to be a part of your lives. Thank you for being the best couple ever. Happy anniversary, dear friend!

If you are happy to have the couple in your life, then this is among the wedding anniversary wishes for friend you can put up as a status. Let the couple know how important they are to you and how pleased you are to be a part of their lives.

The affection and, of course, love both of you share are remarkable and inspiring. Wish you two a happy anniversary. May God shower all his blessings on you!

This is a quotation that is applicable for 1st or even 25th wedding anniversary wishes for friend. In the two lines, it beautifully tells the couple how their love is inspiring and wonderful. So, if your friend’s wedding anniversary is hitting around the corner, it is time you put this up as your status.

As the years pass by, the love both of you share grows stronger and lovelier. Here’s wishing the couple many more happy years of togetherness and loads of magical memories. Happy anniversary!

Another among the wedding anniversary wishes for friend is this quotation. You can let the couple know that you wish them the best through the beautiful words mentioned above. And they will surely start their special day on a good and wonderful note!

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Who would say that the bubbly girl I knew from childhood has eventually turned into a graceful, responsible, and beautiful lady? Seeing you managing every bit of your relationship is extremely delightful and pleasing! Wishing one of the best couples a happy anniversary!

Apart from being an anniversary wish for a friend, this can also count among the wedding anniversary wishes to sister. You can let your friend or your sister know that you notice every change that she goes through. And how marrying the love of her life has made her change into a graceful and beautiful woman. Be it a childhood friend or your sister, and this wish is going to make the person emotional!

Wishing the couple with an inseparable bond a happy and prosperous year ahead. May the love shine on both of you and your relationship always! Happy anniversary!

You can count this as an appropriate quotation for childhood or school, or college friends. Just in a few words, you can convey your message and make the couple feel special. Moreover, the words will be an inspiration to the couple. They will be pleased and delighted to get this message from you!

The couple that is made for each other. May you and your partner keep adding more candles to your anniversary cake. Wishing the most beautiful couple many more happy years of togetherness. Happy anniversary!

Friends are one of the most special people that we meet. And being by their side on an extremely special occasion is delightful. So, if you also want to be by your friend’s side and let him/her know how inspiring their relationship is, put this quotation up as your status. You can even write out a card and post it to them! And you will see a smile that will remain on their faces for the rest of the day.

Wishing the most beautiful couple many more years of unlimited romance, affection, support, and love. Sending warm hugs.

You can convey this message to a friend who is a colleague or neighbor. It is a formal message that you can wish a couple on their anniversary!

Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Friend

Saluting both of you for staying with each other through the highs and lows of life. May the couple I admire the most spend happier times together. Happy anniversary! Cheers!

Another among the wedding anniversary wishes for friend is this quotation. It tells the couple how beautifully you admire them and love the bond that they share. So, dedicate this post to your friend and see how special they feel.

The relationship both of you share is extraordinary and excellent. May you continue to share such an inseparable bond. Heartiest congratulations and I wish you a happy anniversary, dear couple!

If you are a true admirer of your friend’s relationship, then don’t hesitate to let them know that. Just in a few words, let the couple know how beautifully they inspire you and prove to be a fantastic couple. When you search for happy 20th anniversary wishes for friends, don’t miss out on mentioning this on the list.

Just as a pure diamond is, your relationship is also that pure. As long as the sea lasts on the face of the Earth and the sun keeps shining, may your relationship remain the same. Wishing you a happy marriage anniversary!

Friends are the people who pull up the mirror in front of you. Be it for your bad deeds or for your achievements. Similarly, as you scold your friend for not doing something right, you can also take the opportunity to tell him/her their achievements. Staying in a relationship is also an achievement for a couple. So, if you truly admire their relationship, take the opportunity of their wedding anniversary to wish them the best!

Hold each other’s hands once again and take the vow of spending another year of marriage together. Both of you are wonderful people, and I wish you stay with each other as long as the sun is shining! Happy anniversary dear friend!

If you are looking for an opportunity to tell your friend to stay with his/her partner, then don’t miss out on their wedding anniversary. Remind them of taking the vow together and wish them the best! Being a friend that is the most you can do!

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Thoughtful wedding anniversary gifts for friend

As you wish them with a wonderful quotation to celebrate their married life, don’t miss out on the opportunity to give them a gift as well. Here are some great gift ideas that you can choose from to send your friend for their wedding anniversary. Check out the following:

Beautiful map art

If you happen to be one of those creative friends who love gifting their friends a unique gift, then indeed, this gift is the ideal choice for you. Select around three cities that are close to the couple. You can think of where they met, or their hometown, or their wedding destination. Then, get their names together and create a map. You can even add pictures. Finally, don’t forget to frame it up.

It is a gift that the couple will admire and love! It is indeed going to be an adorable gift! If you are short of time and cannot make it yourself, you can go online on several sites and see them having a preformat. All you would have to do is put in the pictures and names of cities, and your good to go! So, do consider this as a gift for your friend and let us know how he/she liked it.

Customized gift box

If you are searching for a gift for their first or 25th wedding anniversary, you can never go wrong with a customized gift box. You can personally design a gift box with all their memorable images, wedding anniversary notes, and a small gift that you would want to give them. However, if you happen to be caught up with work, you can always go online and get a preformatted one. All you would have to do is put the pictures and messages and do the rest.

Customized gift box

Personalized cupcakes

You can never go wrong with cupcakes. Please select from a renowned confectionary some customized cupcakes and send them to your friend on his/her special day. You can also ask the confectionary people to write their initials on the top of the cupcake. Your friend and his/her are indeed going to celebrate their wedding day with a sweet tooth.

All-purpose utensil

How can you ever go wrong with kitchen utensils when gifting a couple? So, why don’t you get them cookware to upgrade their kitchen? And can you get a better opportunity than their anniversary? Well, not at all! So, go online and see what the new utensils in trend are. Order them and have them delivered directly over to your friend’s house! The couple is indeed going to love the inclusion of a new member in their kitchen!

Personalized comfy bathrobes

A couple’s romance intensifies on their anniversary. So, why not add fuel to the fire? Get the couple a lovely personalized bathrobe that will have their initials on them. Plus, don’t forget to choose a nice shade that they would like. Send it over to their house, and you’ll get to hear some steaming romantic stories later!


A fun and thrilling photography session

Do you recall a recent picture that the couple has posed for? Can’t remember? Well, then why not plan something for their anniversary? Book them fun and thrilling photography session. You can avail of several professional photographers who conduct such sessions. Give the couple this gift, and they will cherish the memories all their life.

Final Thoughts

As we bring you to the end of our blog today, we hope you know what to do to celebrate your friend’s wedding anniversary!

Please select one of the wonderful wedding anniversary wishes for friend mentioned above and have it printed. Also, don’t forget one of the gift ideas we have given you and send it over to your friend. The couple will be more than glad to receive and will indeed appreciate your gesture!

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