RM Drake Quotes About Love, Moving On, and More

If you are a sucker for Instagram profiles that exhibit finest of thoughts in the forms of quotes, poetry, and short story, RM Drake could be someone to add to that list. He has a decent amount of Instagram followers that is currently buying his recent released named ‘She’, and sharing it to their Story posts. Today, we decode some lessons learned from this social media influencer and express them as RM Drake quotes.

Who is RM Drake?

RM Drake’s real name is Robert Macias, born in 1981 in Florida. These days he is an Instagram sensation, primarily because of this particular social media platform. His followers love him because of his thought-provoking poetry.

During his college days, he was interested in the arts. After he finished college, he decided to join Instagram which eventually became a platform for all his work. He regularly posts lines from his poem to connect with his followers.

Robert M Drake is quite famous among the new generation. Most of them can relate to his lines so quickly that they get hooked. They share his posts frequently so that others can get familiar with RM Drake quotes.

In this article, you will read plenty of RM Drake quotes rephrased for your understanding. After reading those, you will know how Drake’s works touch souls seamlessly. His works are spontaneous, fluent, and full of simplicity.

His famous works include She, Beautiful Chaos, Black Butterfly, and many others. Often you fail to put into words what you are feeling inside. Drake’s poetry books can be a real help to you by providing you with words.

RM Drake quotes

Here are some big poems shortened in the form of quotes that best describe what RM Drake lives by:

Dying is a simple process. But it takes everything to make a good living.

Just think about the people constantly fighting daily to live healthy lives. Living is not easy for anyone of us. Still, they want to fight because it’s the right thing to do.

There are others willing to die. They have nothing to gain from this world anymore. Those people choose death as the only way to end their suffering.

That being said, death is a quick process that is over before you know it. Nobody knows what happens after you die. But living is so much harder than the one time pain.

It would help if you had shelter, food, and clothes to make a good living. But you don’t need those things in case you want to die. It’s way too easy to die than to fight through obstacles that life throws in your way.

Don’t be an overthinker. It is capable of destroying everything that has value and make sense.

Many people have this tendency to overthink. Whenever they make up their mind about something, they start overthinking.

Maybe there’s absolutely nothing to worry about. Still, you are thinking about such scenarios which don’t even exist!

The truth is, the more you torture your mind by making up impossible scenarios, the more you forget good things in life. Focusing on negative thoughts affects your mental strength in many ways.

It would help if you appreciated the good things which are inside you. They have the power to make you invincible. It would help if you protected them at any cost.

Your unique qualities make you who you are. Don’t let them be the reasons for your downfall. Don’t let overthinking define you and control your decisions.

Take hold of your inner demons or else other people’s demons will take hold of you.

Not always do you have to fight with outside forces. Sometimes you must face your shortcomings to live a better life. However, it’s not always easy to get rid of your inner demons that easily.

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But you have to do it anyway. That’s because you have to survive in this cruel world. Everyone is dealing with their problems, and very few are succeeding.

Don’t let others get to you before you deal with your own.

RM Drake quotes about love

RM Drake love quotes

RM Drake love quotes are words expressed by us about love as understood by poetry written by the influencer himself. You must read RM Drake quotes on love when looking for some special messages to share to your loved one.

Don’t be afraid to love whomever you like. There’s little to do in such a small amount of time.

Human life and human perspective are both limited. Our lives are short and constrained. Some people spend their lifetimes without even trying to get what they want or love.

Life doesn’t wait on anyone, no matter how powerful you are. Love is one of those things that come once in a lifetime. If you are too ignorant to let it slip outside your grasp, you will regret it later.

Some stereotypical ideas define what love is. Our society wants to decide whom we should love and when. But that’s not how love works!

To live life to the fullest, you must enjoy life as it is. Being in love is one of the perks of being alive. So don’t measure your steps when it comes to loving someone.

It’s impossible to feel what having a broken heart feels like. You have to live it before you realize the feeling.

There’s absolutely nothing worse in this world than having a broken heart. You might know this if you have some experience in this area. But you have never experienced a broken heart before. You don’t know the feeling.

It’s easy to hurt someone. People especially tend to hurt those who love them unconditionally. After a certain period, that person won’t take the hurt anymore and silently leave your life.

You can only know for sure what they are going through right now. This is no big deal to hurt someone’s feelings. But the matter of the heart is to be handled with dedication, or it breaks into pieces.

Only when someone hurts you like hell will you know what it feels like. So don’t ever hurt someone who loves you. The feeling is terrible and you shouldn’t do it to someone else if you wouldn’t want to feel it yourself!

RM Drake quotes about love

RM Drake quotes about moving on

Something is interesting in RM Drake quotes as he posts the lines on his social media accounts. The posts attract people not because they are eye-catchy but because the lines touch your soul and bring out your true feelings.

When going through a heartbreak, you need something to direct you to the right path. You need to read some lines that tell you your life story.

This section is about some RM Drake quotes about moving on, in case you need it.

If you are in desperate need of something that would help to ease your pain, you can try some RM Drake quotes.

Moving on is not always about getting rid of toxic people or those who hurt you.

Sometimes it’s about moving on from what’s toxic inside you.

Wherever you go through something terrible like a breakup, you want to move on. You want to shake off the worst feeling as soon as possible. You don’t even like the other person to remain inside the deepest layers of your heart.

However, moving on is not always possible when someone leaves you. Moving on means it’s time to let go of whatever is toxic inside you.

People tell you to move on from a toxic relationship. But they never tell you that getting rid of negativity is also necessary. It is necessary for your good.

Also, it would help if you remembered that getting rid of toxic people can be simple. But eliminating the toxic negativity inside you could not be as simple as you think.

It would help if you accepted that people don’t remain the same forever. You have to find a way to live with it.

As sad and depressing as it sounds, we all must accept the truth. People don’t remain the same as they are right now.

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They go through certain phases of their lives, some good and some bad. No matter what phase they go through, it changes them. They are different from what they were before.

It’s true when you are in a relationship. You can’t tell for sure that your loved one won’t go through such a phase. They will change with time, and so can you.

Just because they have evolved, that doesn’t always mean it’s a bad thing. It could be good for both of you. But most importantly, you have to find a way to accept as things are going now.

However, if they have changed too much, they leave you with no choice. In that case, you have to let them go for good. Also, it would help if you lived with the fact that nobody is permanent in our lives.

Maybe not now, but eventually, you will understand that specific individuals will not stay no matter what you do.

Everyone wants to be with someone they love and have deep feelings for. They want to spend a lifetime with them and love them till the end of time!

However, most of us are not as lucky as the rest. Often we want to be with some people who don’t want to be with us. They don’t even love us back.

You have to accept the truth to be at peace with yourself. They are not here to entertain you. No matter what you do, you can’t make them stay in your life.

There must be a possible explanation of why it is what it is. You need to learn the bitter truth and move on with your life. It’s just how the world works.

Liar quotes

Strong woman RM Drake quote

Here are some fantastic strong woman RM Drake quotes.

She would never be stronger if she wants to be controlled by others.

Throughout ages, women have been suppressed in a male-dominated society. Females had no say in anything meaningful. They had to depend on a male figure to make a living.

That being said, it’s also true that time has changed now. These days women are not to be meddled with and should be respected. They also are self-dependent now and can make decisions themselves.

But there are still some women who are afraid to claim what’s theirs. This way, they can only sometimes be decisive.

That’s why she has to write his fate and to do so. She must take things into her hand. It’s the only way for her to be stronger than others.

Often you see the beauty of her outside. But you never understand how broke she is from the inside.

The definition of beauty differs from person to person. Some people appreciate you the way you are, and some want to enjoy your outside facades.

But beauty is both inside and outside. A woman is often described as an embodiment of beauty. People see her outside appearance and find it fascinating.

However, they can’t realize what’s going on inside her. Maybe there’s nothing inside her. Only a hollow space resides there. But nobody can know for sure that her heart is shattered into pieces.

That’s an example of how strong she is. No matter what’s going on inside her, she is too good to hide that.

RM Drake quotes

Final thoughts

RM Drake quotes are famous among young folks looking for someone who can relate to their thoughts. They are lucky that today we have found someone like Drake among us.

If you have never read any of his works, jump right into his Instagram page, where you will find everything you need.

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