Hunter S Thompson Quotes for Life, Love, and Motivation

Reading Hunter S Thompson quotes will open you up to a new way of understanding the man and his mindset. If you are curious about why people still talk about him after 17 years of his death, this is precisely where you need to be!

Throughout the entire article, we will discuss the colorful life of Hunter S Thompson. Then you will find some of the best Hunters S Thompson quotes that are widely recognized worldwide.

But before that, let’s take a detailed look at Hunter S Thompson’s life. After that, you will read some remarkable life quotes.

Who was Hunter S Thompson?

Hunter S Thompson was a prominent journalist from the United States. That being said, we couldn’t possibly define him with just his works as a journalist.

Hunter Stockton Thompson was born in Louisville, Kentucky, on July 18, 1937. His father died when he was just fourteen. He spent days in Jefferson County jail for a robbery case.

Hunter joined the air force and served from 1955 to 1958 after he got released from jail. He took an interest in journalism right after he started his service.

Thompson was different from his contemporaries. He had his style of writing, which we now know as “Gonzo Journalism.”

Thompson was famous among the young generation as his life was no less interesting than a thriller movie. His lifestyle was different, and because of it, he quickly became a popular figure.

“Hell’s Angels” is his first book which is based on his own experience that came out in 1967. But his most remarkable work is “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.”

His other famous works include “The Curse of Lono” and “The Rum Diary.”

On February 20, 2005, Thompson took his own life at Woody Creek, Colorado. That’s mainly because of his constant obsession with alcoholism and drugs, which affected his health severely over the years.

Now let’s jump right into the good parts, where we noted down phrases inspired by Hunter Thompson quotes.

Best Hunter S Thompson quotes

Do you know what is special about the best Hunter S Thompson quotes? They make you think deeply about what you have learned since you grew up. They make you question everything you know. Here are some thoughtful quotes for you.

I try to learn new things every day. When I do, I believe that I’m perfectly fine.

Hunter S Thompson says that his life seems meaningless unless he tries hard to learn something new. That’s how it should be when living a good life.

The only way you can grow more daily is to gain knowledge. You can always take more steps toward what you want to achieve by taking advantage of what life offers.

According to Hunter S Thompson, he saw every day as a win whenever he got a chance to improve himself. Whenever he failed to get something good from life. But later he felt that his life is going nowhere.

That’s what you should do, too, in case you want your life to be a fruitful one. You won’t feel like you are not doing great if you find a way to grow. That’s precisely what we all should look for.

Sex without love is as hollow and ridiculous as love without sex

There’s a reason why sex is called making love. Lovemaking loses its meaning when you get physical with someone you don’t have romantic feelings for.

Similarly, with the person you love, you are supposed to get physical with them. That’s what romantic love is all about!

That’s why Hunter S Thompson tells you that in case you love someone romantically, you need to have intercourse. If you don’t have any feelings for someone, then don’t sleep with them ever.

Life gets better when you become casual.

This particular life philosophy might seem odd to some people. But it worked for Hunter S Thompson.

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People tell you to be serious. They want you to deal with situations as if your life depended on them. You just can’t let loose for one moment, regardless of what time it is!

The truth is, the more you give importance to specific situations, the more you seem content. You can’t get out of it unless you choose to deal with things like they are unimportant.

Some people might not agree with this idea. But this is the best thing to do when you are out of options. Maybe you won’t get back on your feet again if you overthink a problem.

If that’s the case for you, you can follow Thompson’s advice. It’s an excellent way to take your mind off things for a little while.

Don’t let fear chase you. If you want to get rid of it, you must face it.

Fear is the one thing that resides within us. It’s the truth we have to live with.

But that doesn’t mean your existence must be controlled by things you are scared of. Life is all about finding a way to get rid of your demons before they somehow find a way to get rid of you!

That’s why Hunter S Thompson tells us to face our demons up front. There’s no need to think that your deepest fear will get the better of you. Don’t let it chase you wherever you are going.

Instead, you tell it that you are not scared anymore. It’s time for you to fight back. Do it with your head high, and don’t hold back.

Do things that excite you every time you think about them.

You might have dreams that you want to come true one day. You also want to try things and be a bit more courageous.

But some people tell you to stop. They let you know that whatever you are thinking of doing, don’t because it sounds silly!

You don’t have to pay attention to whatever people tell you. You know what you have to do. Nobody knows you better than you.

It would be best if you did things that excite you no matter how often you think about them. You can’t get it out of your mind regardless of what you do. In that case, don’t hesitate to give it a try!

Being free is meaningless until you capitalize it.

Nothing could be better than an ideal world where you can do anything. That means you are free to make your own decisions and choices without having someone to hold you back.

This idea of your perfect world could get ruined in no time if you don’t capitalize on it. Just because you are free doesn’t mean you are on top of the world. You still need to work on your goals to get better at what you do.

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Hunter S Thompson quotes Fear and Loathing

“Fear and Loathing” is the most famous work Hunter S Thompson has ever done. This novel is the reason why the whole world still remembers Thompson today.

Below you will find hunter s Thompson’s quotes about fear and loathing.

“Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” is a novel written in 1971 by Hunter S Thompson. He is most famous, mainly because of this book.

The story is about Raoul Duke, who is on his way to Las Vegas to fulfill his American Dream. This novel is also based on Hunter S Thompson’s experience when he went to Las Vegas with attorney Oscar Zeta Acosta.

The book has plenty of instances where too many drugs are being used. Thompson was criticized for using that many drug references. But this novel is nonetheless essential when it comes to literature.

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A film was made in 1998 based on this book. Johnny Depp played the character of Raoul Duke, and Benicio del Toro played the character of Doctor Gonzo.

Don’t be afraid of riding. Just book your seat.

This is one of the best hunters s Thompson quotes. Through this line, Thompson encourages us to take risks.

Life is full of uncertainty. No one knows which choice will lead to the right destination. Maybe you have to take chances if you want to get something good.

Some people are afraid of riding. They are even scared of thinking about riding higher.

How would you know what it feels like unless you try it at least once?

You get a wild joy when you are high in the air. You feel like you have won a jackpot. But first, you have to take a leap of faith.

Get out of your comfort zone once in a while. You might need time to adjust. But eventually, you won’t regret your decision.

Where we all live, nobody is innocent. But you will only get punished when somebody catches you.

Hunter S Thompson seems to tell the truth here when he says that no one is innocent in our society.

We all have our dark secrets that we don’t want anybody to discover. No one can say that they are entirely innocent.

But the irony lies elsewhere. A sinner only receives his punishment when somebody catches him. Until then, there’s nothing to stop a sinner from sinning.

As long as you commit crimes in secret, nobody will call you out. But the moment you can no longer hide it, you will get punished.

Hunter S Thompson Quotes for Life, Love, and Motivation

Hunter S Thompson quotes life should not be a journey

As you read previously, Hunter S Thompson liked to think a bit differently when it came to life. In this section, we will tell you more about this.

People say life is indeed a journey. You have to keep going and going until you reach the destination you are looking for. They also say that the destination is not essential. The way you are walking down the pathway shapes your character.

But Hunter S Thompson never indulged himself in stereotypical ideas. He had opinions about how he wanted his life to be. Read hunter s Thompson’s quotes life should not be a journey. It’s one good way to look into our journey toward the end.

Life is not supposed to be like a peaceful walk only to end up dead. Life is about taking risks, strongly announcing your presence, and saying that you have done something great.

Life is not a thing that you should take for granted. That’s because life is too short to think you have enough time.

You are born into this world, meaning you will leave the planet one day. Some leaves too soon without getting a glimpse of what they desire. Some stay for some time without realizing what they are lacking in life.

If you don’t want to end up dead or not enjoying your life, you have to do something that leaves a mark in people’s minds.

If you want to do something, then do it now. Don’t go on thinking about something to do it later. Too much waiting most of the time gets you into real trouble.

Life gives you resources to use. Open your eyes to see the beauty of human life and this beautiful world. Maybe you will find a new perspective to live through the obstacles.

Hunter S Thompson Quotes for Life, Love, and Motivation

Final thoughts

Now that it’s time to end the discussion on Hunter S Thompson quotes, let’s summarize the article.

Hunter S Thompson is someone who has done a lot to journalism into what it is today. He is not with us anymore. But the legacy he left behind will go on for some time.

We have so many exciting things to learn from Hunter s Thompson quotes. Make sure to let us know which section you liked the most!

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