Gangster Quotes About Love, Life, and Attitude

Gangster quotes are for you to post if you love watching thriller movies in this genre. It is also for people who want to add killer captions to their status posts because these are cool!

If you ever think about a gangster’s mindset, you will realize that there are several layers to their personality. Nobody is born a gangster, but life puts them in situations where they select such a path.

Have you ever thought about what their psychology might be? Have you ever wondered why people choose the wrong path? Did you ever want to play a dark and messed-up role as an actor? If yes! Here are some quotes you got to check out!

Gangster quotes about love

The gangster quotes about love are not ordinary from any point of view.

Indeed you have come across so many cheesy love quotes we have written in other blog posts here at The Quotepedia. Some seem like everything is good when love is real, and most of them capture the essence of true love. But when it comes to gangster quotes, those are unlike any other quotes out there.

You will be surprised to see that regardless of being the typical bad guys, they delicately handle the matter of the heart. Not to mention, women sometimes fall for the bad guys just because they are hot.

Let’s take a look at some of the excellent gangster quotes, which are specifically about love:

You will know who loves you whenever you are going through trouble.

Everybody wants to stand by your side when you are at the top of your game, and there is power in your hand. Everyone seems to be your friend and is around you because you’re valuable.

But the situation doesn’t take that much time to change. The people around you tend to change when things do not work out for you as they are supposed to.

That’s what happens when you think that you are in love. The one who loves you unconditionally will never leave your side, no matter what position you are in right now. Your beloved will be there for you in case they genuinely love you.

I know I won’t be able to solve all of your problems. But we will face them together.

The best thing about gangsters is that they will never leave your side, no matter what happens or how bad the situation gets. Once a gangster falls for a woman, that woman becomes the love of his life. He is ready to go to any extent to make her happy.

A gangster is often a believer in true love. Falling in love with a gangster means you can expect loyalty.

Life is full of problems that we all know about. When problems come, your lover knows he might be unable to solve them.

That’s why he never leaves you to be on your own. Sometimes you need a shoulder to cry on. He assures you everything will be fine and walks with you on this long road. Because you are facing a problem, that doesn’t mean he will leave you for good.

Again, there is a high probability that being with a gangster will make you face toxic masculinity. You might be frequent to abuse, fear, and have a difficult relationship due to your partner’s professional choices. Knowing who you associate with and the repercussions it may cause you is important.

Gangster quotes

Savage gangster quotes

Nothing about the gangsters is mild or moderate. They don’t hesitate to express their raw emotions. That’s why they are savage in how they talk or do things.

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Now, stick around to read some of the savage gangster quotes to know them a little deeper. Surely you will love these quotes as much as you loved the previous sections.

Never let your enemies go out of your sight. Keep them close as you do for your friends.

Keeping tabs on the ones who give you tough competition helps. The only way to turn the table is to find its weak points and strike when the iron is hot.

But how exactly are you supposed to find their weak points when you are not looking at them? That’s why you should remain updated about where your enemies are and what they are doing. This is your only chance to be one step ahead and get into their heads.

According to the typical bad guys, you should watch your enemies more closely than your friends. Your friends are not going to hurt you. But your enemies won’t hesitate to do so.

So, never let your enemies go out of your sight. Watch what they are doing and figure out what is happening inside their head. This way, you would be prepared for them when they strike.

I might be so many things. But I am not the one who needs to pretend.

You will see so many fake people out there wherever you go or whatever you do. They all are so good at hiding who they are that it’s easy for you to be deceived. It’s not simple to see right through the people who are relentless at concealing their true identity.

When it comes to a gangster, things are different. The world knows that gangsters are terrible people. Society tells us to avoid them at any cost.

Gangsters don’t need to pretend to get a job done. They are proud of who they are and what they do.

There are so many bad things a gangster has to do to live up to his reputation. He has to shoot sometimes without asking any questions whatsoever. But the one thing he does not do is deceive someone.

Pretending to be someone you are not is a crime. You should show the world who you are behind the mask you put on from time to time. That’s a precious lesson to learn from the so-called bad guys.

Boss gangster quotes

Have you ever felt like a gangster while bossing someone around you? That’s what a gangster mostly does to control the things they want. They are the bosses themselves who give orders.

These boss gangster quotes will help you to understand how a gangster thinks.

A gangster is not a liar. He does not fear to tell the truth.

Do you know why sometimes we feel this need to lie about something?

We do it because we realize that telling the truth will result in consequences we are not yet ready to face. Maybe we are scared to state the fact just because people will love it.

This is different when it comes to a gangster. A gangster doesn’t know what fear is, let alone get controlled by it. That’s why he doesn’t have to tell lies to anyone.

They are not afraid of the truth, no matter how bitter it is.

Nobody teaches you to be a gangster. You have to figure things out yourself.

There’s no easy way to be a gangster or think like a gangster. There’s absolutely no way that anyone can guide you through the process. You have to figure it out on your own.

When you are a gangster, everything is about you. You are the center of attention and must know how to handle that pressure. No one can teach you that.

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A gangster knows that anything can happen at any time. That’s why he is always prepared to handle any situation. Sometimes this ability to handle pressure is inside you.

Maybe you don’t know that you had this power all along. But it’s already present in your mind. You need to understand how to use it to your advantage.

Gangster quotes

Gangster loyalty quotes

The idea of gangsters could be terrifying to some people. They are known for cruelty and gruesome activities which ordinary people don’t even think to commit.

That being said, gangsters are leaders. They know how to lead a team regardless of the job. That’s why nothing about gangsters is dull or unattractive.

When it comes to leading people, loyalty is the most important virtue. That’s a kind of quality that is rare in the society we live in. Our community is full of backstabbers and betrayers we just can’t avoid.

Here are some gangster loyalty quotes for you. We hope that you will love to read them.

Without loyalty friendship is nothing. Without loyalty, life is nothing.

You might think that gangsters don’t need to follow any rules as we do. They are free to do whatever they want. But loyalty is something they don’t take lightly.

Life is better when we understand that we are not alone in this cruel world. We want our friends to watch over us no matter how bad things get. Friends who are no longer friends are more like family.

Life is uncertain. No one knows what is going to happen at the very next moment. That’s why staying faithful to each other is everything.

Friendship makes no point if they criticize you when you are not around. That’s just no way to treat a friend. Living is also no point if you can’t lean on your friends and expect their loyalty.

Loyalty is not a one-way street. You get exactly what you give.

You can’t just expect anyone to be loyal to you unless you do the same for them. You have to prove first that you can do anything to save your loved ones.

The same works for others too. You will have their backs after knowing they are completely and utterly on your side. They won’t stab you in the back after things go sideways.

The summary is that loyalty is a two-way street. The more you give, the more you can expect from others. If you are not loyal to anyone, don’t ever expect loyalty from anyone.

Sometimes loyalty is the only quality every human being should have.

Think about how privileged you will feel after a friend expresses his loyalty to you. Being loyal means whatever bad things happen, that loyal friend will be there for you. Sometimes that is all we want from a loved one.

A loyal friend is always there to listen to you. They can read your mind and perfectly understand precisely what you need. Maybe they are not always able to help you. But you sleep better at night just by knowing how lucky you are to have them as friends.

Gangster quotes

No matter how many qualities you have as a human being, loyalty is the most important one. How your friends always count on you is something truly a wonder. Likewise, the way you can count on them is also a thing to cherish forever.

The gangster quotes we wrote in this article were about love, loyalty, and friendship. A gangster never ignores these precious things in his life.

Every human being should value these particular virtues no matter if he is a gangster or not. That’s why reading gangster quotes is better than actually becoming a gangster.

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