Good Friday Quotes to Remember the Sacrifice of God

Good Friday marks the day when Jesus was crucified on a cross. Many people mourn this day with their family and post Good Friday quotes and wishes on social media.

On this day, Jesus Christ sacrificed himself so that we could have a peaceful life. The Bible states that Christ bore all our burden, shame, and sin on that cross.

Moreover, this changes everything of humanity. People intended for evil when they killed Christ, but God granted forgiveness as his Son took the pain. Today we will share the Easter story, some Bible verses, and Good Friday quotes.

What is the Easter Story?

Many people do not know what happened on Easter Sunday, Easter Monday, and Good Friday. Let us discuss in brief these before we move on to the Good Friday quotes and Bible verses.

Good Friday

People who read the Bible know that Jesus was crucified at the “Calvary on Good Friday.”

The Gospel states that Judas deceived Jesus Christ, and later, Jesus was sentenced to death.

Also, Christians believed that Christ had sacrificed himself so that he could save others from their sins.

The scriptures stated that once they were done with the crucifixion, Jesus Christ’s body was moved from the cross and then was placed on a grave that the Roman soldiers were guarding.

Good Friday is also known as ‘Great Friday,’ ‘Holy Friday,’ ‘Black Friday,’ and ‘Great and Holy Friday.’

In 2020 Good Friday was on April 10. In 2021 it was on April 2, and in 2022 Good Friday will fall on April 15.

Good Friday Quotes

Easter Sunday

Jesus was nailed on a cross and followed by a few of his disciples. Three days after he has crucified, people discovered that his body had disappeared from his tomb.

According to Bible, the stone which was covering the entrance of his grave was moved. People could not find his corpse, and onlookers discovered that Jesus had risen.

Moreover, Christians believed Jesus was revied on this day, and from then it is known as Easter Sunday.

There is no fixed date for Easter, and it depends on the lunar patterns. However, it falls between March 21 and April 25.

In 2020 Easter was on April 12. In 2021 it was on April 4, and in 2022 Easter will fall on April 17.

Easter Monday

This comes after the weekend of celebrations where Christians remember the death of Christ on Good Friday and then his revival on Ester Sunday.

A lot of people believed that Christ was on the earth for forty days after revival. Moreover, several people saw him and encouraged them to talk more about the Gospel with others and spread it to the rest of the world.

Furthermore, according to the New Vision, it is the start of the Easter Octave, mainly for Roman Catholics. Also, Easter Monday is a bank holiday in Northern Ireland, Wales, and England.

However, it is not an official holiday worldwide, but some governments include it as the “local public holiday”.

In 2020 Easter Monday was on April 13. In 2021 it was on April 5, and in 2022 Easter will fall on April 18.

Good Friday Blessings Quotes

This year it was celebrated on April 2. Hence we are sharing some Good Friday quotes 2021. On this day, Christians got together with their friends and family and wished each other on this date. Find out what quotes to use for next year.

Here are some Good Friday quotes which you can share with your near and dear ones.

#1 The Lord gave his life to wash our sins; it is the greatest gift one can receive.

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#2 Holy week is a nice time to confess your sins and take the right path again.

#3 Practice forgiveness and mercy as a lesson. This signifies the love shown through Jesus Christ’s crucifixion.

#4 I thank God for his unfailing love. Amen!

#5 It is the revival of Lord Jesus that makes Good Friday good.

#6 May Jesus Christ receive all our regards, and may He hear all our prayers.

#7 On Good Friday, we should forget the meaning of Easter – when he was on that cross, we were on His mind.

#8 Hopefully, the darkest night of our life ends, and the sun rises again.

# 9 May the love of Jesus Christ fill our hearts with holy desire and bliss for now and forever.

#10 Wishing your faith in Jesus binds the prosperity and peace in your life.

#11 It is Good Friday, and it’s good because the things that happened more than 2000 years ago still prove that we all matter to God.

#12 The old history ended with the crucifixion, and the new history started with the revival.

#13 Lord Jesus has spoken to humanity by his life. Also, he has spoken to mankind by his death.

Good Friday quotes by famous people

#1 “No palm, no throne, no cross, no pain, no thorns, no glory, no crown” by William Penn

#2 “What is so good about Good Friday? Why people do not call it Bad Friday? It is because out of the bad thing that happened what came out was extremely good. And good will always trumps the evil, because bad time is temporary and the good is eternal” by Randy Alcorn

#3 “Our Lord has written the promise of the resurrection, not in books alone but every leaf in springtime.” by Martin Luther

#4 “I believe in people. Every one of them is Jesus to me. Since there is one Christ that individual is the one person in the whole universe at that moment.” By Mother Teresa

#5 “The cross of Jesus Christ has shown us that God’s love is universally distributed, for eternal time, and has the deepest descent.” By Dr. Fred Barlow

#6 “Good Friday was never about us who are trying to be right with almighty. But it is more about us knowing the difference between humanity and God. If we can even solve a little bit of humanity’s sadness then we can be our Gods and we can be all-powerful and pure.” By Nadia Bolz Weber

#7 “If there is no Good Friday in someone’s life then there cannot be an Easter Sunday.” By Fulton J. Sheen

Good Friday Quotes

Good Friday Quotes and images

If you want to send Good Friday images to your friends on social media or want to post them on your Facebook, then here are some which you can use. Simply use a nice backdrop to add these texts and create nice images to share.

#1 On this Good Friday, may we begin it with prayers and fasting so that all of us can bring Lord’s forgiveness and mercy on mankind.

#2 It is the day of hope. On Good Friday, we look forward to a better tomorrow. Many things have happened in our lives, but it has never shaken our belief in God.

#3 Good Friday is the day that marks the crucifixion of our Lord Jesus. He took all of our guilt and burden and put it on himself.

#4 Peace, love, and mercy. May Lord Jesus be with you on Good Friday and forever.

#5 Wish Lord Jesus will keep all of us in his loving care now and forever. Blessed Good Friday.

#6 Holy Friday is about love, faith, family, and friends. So, celebrate and enjoy today.

#7 Jesus is our Lord, and we can approach him without any pride, and humble ourselves without any anger.

Good Friday quotes to send to your friends and family via SMS

These Good Friday quotes are perfect for sending to your close ones via SMS or WhatsApp.

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#1 We all are blessed as God loves us. He was born in the world for use and then sacrificed his whole life for humanity. Hence, it is a day where we should be grateful to God for all the pain he suffered in silence.

#2 Good Friday is the day where we all recall the sacrifices that Jesus Christ had made and took the sins of mankind to save this world. Wishing you and your family a warm Good Friday.

#3 Sending all my best wishes on this lovely occasion of Holy Friday. We hope your heart is filled with happiness, joy, and kindness.

#4 I am praying to Jesus that he will always keep you safe and fill your life with love and eternal happiness. Wish you a happy Good Friday.

#5 On Good Friday, Jesus made a big sacrifice and freed all of us from sins. Hence let take some moments and thank Jesus Christ for the eternal love that he has blessed us.

#6 Hope the sacrifice done by our Lord is a motivation for you to move forward and redeem yourself. May you have a wonderful time on this Good Friday.

#7 On this auspicious occasion of Holy Good Friday, I’m sending you and our family best wishes and hope you have a day full of delight, smiles, and goodness.

Good Friday quotes from Bible

#1 Hope the Blood of Lord Jesus washes away your bitter past, and the Name of Lord Jesus opens up your bright future.

#2 God has loved our world so much that he gave his only Son. Hence anyone who believes in Lord will have a delightful and eternal life.

#3 May Jesus Christ instill happiness and hope in our hearts. Hope he gave all of us the courage to endure everything. Lord Jesus is with us all the time.

#4 May our Lord give you strength, and Christ’s graces shine on all of us on Holy Friday and always.

#5 May Jesus gives all of the immense blessings on this lovely day.

Good Friday Quotes

Good Friday Wishes

#1 On Good Friday, we pray that Lord Jesus is there for you always and gives you his blessing. Hope you have a delightful day on Good Friday.

#2 Extremely thankful to Lord for giving me so much blessing throughout the year. Happy Good Friday to everyone.

#3 We are always praying to God to keep you and your family in his blessing and care. May the path of your life shine like the stars. Lord is always with you every step that you take in your life. Good Friday to you.

#4 May this Good Friday brings you peace and harmony in your life. Hope the Holy Spirit will shield you from every threat. God will always light your way now and forever.

#5 Christ has borne everything in silence because he has accepted every sin on him. We hope that we can return to Jesus Christ. Have a wonderful, Good Friday.

#6 Wish you a blessed Good Friday. Hope this day bring peace and happiness to our life.

#7 May Lord give all of us love, mercy, and forgiveness in our life so that we can live a wonderful life. Wishing you and your family a Blessed Holy Friday.

#8 May you and your family be always blessed with a special blessing from Jesus Christ. Have a happy, Good Friday.

#9 Hope Lord turn this Holy Friday into a wonderful beginning of your life. May Jesus Christ fill all of your life with happiness on this day. Blessed Good Friday!

#10 Holy Friday is a lovely day because it will always remind everyone that we matter to Lord Jesus. Hope you have a divine Holy Friday with your near and dear ones.

Final thoughts

Good Friday was the day when Jesus Christ was crucified. He sacrificed his own life so that humankind could live in peace and harmony. There is no fixed date for Good Friday, but it happens between March 19 – April 23.

We have provided you with many Good Friday quotes and wish that you would send them to your friends and family on the auspicious day.

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