Benefits of online blackjack

Blackjack is one of the popular casino games played by both beginner and advanced players. In fact, blackjack is widely played almost everywhere in the world including Asia, North America and Europe. Just like every other casino game, blackjack is available online and live (real-life). If you’re curious to know more about the two, read on to find out!

What is online blackjack?

Online blackjack involves the use of a computer programmed random number generator to copy the exact same game of real life blackjack. The main difference would be how the decks are all shuffled with each hand. PlayTech offers blackjack to all their users too.

What is live blackjack?

Live blackjack involves the use of a dealer in human form situated at a physical table. Alternatively, the live blackjack will feature a human dealer via live-stream to online players. You’ll also be able to use digital chips instead of physical chips.

  1. The game of online blackjack goes much faster

When playing online blackjack, the game can finish pretty quickly. The best part about online blackjack is that you don’t need to waste time and wait for the dealer to shuffle cards or wait for the other players to make their decisions.

You can just leave it all up to the random number generator that’s programmed by the computer. But if you’re playing a blackjack game with a live dealer, it may not apply. Despite that, most online blackjack will play the versions that don’t involve a live dealer in it. Due to the automatic program of the game, it’ll move much faster.

  1. More bonuses with online blackjack
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Most online casinos will offer free money upon registering or making your deposit for the first time. You can make more money because you will have extra money thanks to the bonuses. For example, when you bank on a deposit of just $1,500, you will get to have a bankroll of $3,000 instead when the casino allows up to $1,500 to match your initial deposit.

Besides, online casinos offer good bonuses solely because they want to keep you playing for a long time. When you play live blackjack, you won’t get to enjoy as many perks as online blackjack.

  1. Save more cost when playing online blackjack

The stakes with online blackjack are considered really low compared to live blackjack. You can find as low as $1 per bet. For live blackjack, the lowest you can find will be at least $5. This is super helpful for those who are beginners. You won’t have to waste too much money while you’re still learning how to play blackjack well.

  1. Might be hard to cash out your winnings with online blackjack

With online blackjack, players will be at risk of getting scammed or cheated. At least with live blackjack, you’ll know for sure all of your winnings are yours to keep. But certain online casinos are not real, so they scam players, including the ones that offer online blackjack.

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Hence why it’s vital to make sure you’re playing blackjack on a legitimate online casino website. To know whether it’s a safe website, check whether they own a proper license. Online casinos such as Winbox casino have a license from PAGCOR and it’s clearly stated on their website. This is a good sign you won’t get scammed when playing online blackjack.

  1. Managing bankroll with online blackjack can be difficult

Since online blackjack moves quickly, you won’t even realize how much money is running out. Live blackjack allows you to carefully keep track of your bankroll. So if you plan on playing online blackjack, be sure to have some sort of discipline so that you don’t lose all of your money. Don’t go over your initial budget that you’ve set at the start.

  1. Less immersive experience with online blackjack

When you think about it, live blackjack offers a much better experience as players are able to feel the lively atmosphere. However, you can still experience something close enough with a dealer through online live-streaming. Still, it won’t be the same as a physical experience.


All in all, it’s best to keep a combination of both live and online blackjack. Perhaps some days you can opt for online blackjack and other days you’d head to the nearest casino near you for some live blackjack. Either way, blackjack is still a fun game!

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