2022 Guide To Car Shipping Quotes

Shipping a vehicle can often be a time consuming and expensive endeavor. Fortunately, getting quotes for car transport can save you both time and money. By getting multiple Car Shipping Quotes you can get a good idea of what you can expect to pay for auto transport and avoid any unexpected surprises. check prices to ship car across country here.

An Overview Of Car Shipping Quotes

Auto transport companies provide car shipping quotes as an estimate of what you can expect to pay for auto shipping. Some car transport companies are able to provide instant quotes online with a car shipping cost calculator, while others will require you to contact them directly by phone or email. Some may also take your basic vehicle shipping info online and contact you after to go over your transport options. As is the case with most auto shipping companies, this provided estimate will not likely be the final price to ship your vehicle. These online quotes usually don’t include services fees, charges by the carrier or insurance coverage.

What Are The Types Of Car Shipping Companies?

Not all auto transport companies follow the same business model. Each of these types of companies have their own pros and cons so you may find that one works better for your needs than the others.

  • Carriers: These types of transport companies handle everything from the booking to any paperwork while deploying a driver directly they employ. While this can make for a smoother process, it generally provides fewer transport options.
  • Brokers: Rather than employing drivers directly, car transport brokers handle the booking process and part of the legwork while searching through a vast network of carriers to find a driver that meets your particular shipping needs. Brokers are able to provide the most options for car transport.
  • Car Transport Marketplace: Marketplaces let the customer shop for themselves by allowing them to post their shipping requirements online and let the carriers bid on their shipment. These marketplaces are able to provide the best pricing and have a large amount of options available however, they don’t provide the same level of vetting of the drivers when it comes to the carriers.

Getting Car Transport Quotes Online

The majority of the auto transport companies will provide some type of quote form online. Many of them won’t provide you an instant quote however, and once you provide some basic information, the provider usually contacts you directly after once they have review your information and requirements. This entire process doesn’t usually take more than a day.

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In order to get the correct type of service to meet your shipping requirements, you will need to provide some information about your shipment. Be prepared with the following info when you start looking for quotes online:

  • The make and model of the vehicle, the year and its operability
  • The pickup location and delivery address
  • Your shipping time frame preference
  • Open or Enclosed Transport
  • Name, Email and Phone

Car Shipping Quote Calculator

When a transport company provides instant quotes on their website, these quotes usually are obtained via a car shipping calculator. These shipping calculators usually only require a few details and are much less accurate. They will however give you a general idea of what you can expect your car shipping costs to be.

Car Transport Cost Factors

There are several variables which can affect the quote you receive online. By being aware of what can raise or lower your shipping costs can help you best decide on what’s most important to you. Some of these variables which can affect the cost of car transport include:

  • Distance: Shipping a car cross country will generally be more expensive than a shorter distance trip, but trips that are longer generally cost less per mile.
  • Type Of Transport: Transport with an open carrier is the most affordable but exposes the vehicle to the elements. Enclosed transport provides the most protection and may be worth the additional fees if you have a valuable or antique car to transport.
  • Type Of Delivery: Door to door delivery is the most convenient but is more expensive than using a terminal to terminal shipping option. As the name implies door to door is where the driver will pick up and deliver your vehicle directly to your home as opposed to terminal shipping which is cheaper, but you would need to drop off and pick up your vehicle at the closest terminal location.
  • The Time Of Year: Car shipping is very much seasonal. The winter months tend to be the least expensive while January and the summer months tend to cost the most.
  • Market Place Competition: If you use a marketplace like uShip, carriers will bid on your shipment often lowering your shipping rates.
  • Vehicle Operability: If your car is in a drivable condition, great! If it is inoperable however you can expect it to cost more to ship since the driver will need special tools to get the vehicle loaded onto the trailer.
  • Vehicle type: Bigger and heavier vehicles will cost more to transport compared to a compact car.
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How To Get The Most Affordable Shipping Quotes

There are some things you just can’t control when it comes to the shipping rate like the delivery destination and type of vehicle you are shipping. There are a few things you can do however to positively influence your car shipping rate.

  • Flexibility: If you are able to be flexible with your shipping options and scheduling, you will find there are many more options available with even more providers available to pick up your shipment. By providing a range of dates for shipment and/or by scheduling far enough out in advance you will have the best chance at securing an affordable shipping rate.
  • Go For An Open Carrier: Open carrier is usually much cheaper than an enclosed shipping option. While there tends to be more risk involved with an open transport, any damages are usually covered by the carrier’s insurance in the event of damage during the transport.
  • Use Terminal To Terminal Shipping: If you live relatively close to a terminal and your destination has a terminal close by then this is the cheapest option. While this method does provide more affordable rates, it will require additional time and travel on your part to get the vehicle to a drop off location and picking it up from the terminal as well. Still, the savings may be worth a short road trip.
  • Avoid The Summer Months: As the rates for car shipping are largely seasonal, the summer months tend to be the most expensive. January is also a month to avoid if possible. If you can wait to ship your car in the off months you will be able to cut down on costs.

Final Thoughts

You fortunately have several options available when it comes to auto transport and a large amount of variation when you look at the cost of these different services. Luckily, it’s pretty easy to get car transport quotes online so you can easily compare rates and find the best pricing and options to meet your needs.

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