6 things you should know about student life in Caribbean Medical School

The Caribbean is always a viable option for students looking for a stellar medical career. Students studying at Caribbean medical schools enjoy a variety of little perks throughout their college journey. Frankly, student life in top-tier Caribbean medical schools is pretty exciting and full of adventures as this island never allows students to be bored witless. Thus, Caribbean medical school are consistently gaining popularity among many international students.

This blog will walk you through six mind-blowing things about student life in Caribbean medical schools. After learning these six things, you definitely would like to become a student of these top-ranked Caribbean medical school. So, let’s get started with these secrets to Caribbean medical school’s student life.

  • Caribbean medical schools provide accommodation to students

Going to a foreign destination to pursue medicine is an intimidating experience for many international students. Caribbean medical schools are well known for providing housing to unaccompanied first-semester students inside the campus. The dorms in these medical schools are fully furnished with beds, closets, air conditioning, microwaves, refrigerators, fans, chairs, tables, and internet connection. Students can also avail pay-per-use laundry facilities while residing on university campuses.

  • Enjoy various amenities in Caribbean medical schools
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Unlike your schools, medical colleges and universities are pretty demanding. If truth be told, the journey to becoming a doctor can be exhilarating and intimidating at the same time. Thus, Caribbean medical schools make students feel at home. There are many things that students can do for fun at Caribbean medical schools. There are a lot of amenities like fitness clubs, gyms, and basketball or badminton courts to keep your stress at bay.

  • Exposure to cultural diversity

As students from all corners of the world come to the Caribbean to acquire a medical education, you will enjoy cultural diversity. Caribbean medical schools offer students exposure to a broad array of cultures, opening their minds to the world. Students will get a chance to gain insights into various religions and their beliefs.

  • Opportunities to serve communities

Ranging from teaching to medical fraternities, students can become a part of any of these teams to provide community service. Students can also offer education to underprivileged students who do not have access to better education facilities.

  • Explore white sand beaches on weekends
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The Caribbean enjoys warm weather with temperatures between 75°F and 85°F. The island is surrounded by the Caribbean Sea, making it a perfect weekend getaway for medical students. Enthralling white sand beaches, palm trees, coral reefs, and azure water appeal to a large number of tourists from different parts of the world. So, medical students can explore these captivating beaches and sun themselves on the weekends.

  • Well-connected transportation

Another little but crucial perk of studying in the Caribbean is that the island is well connected to public transport. Students can easily access transport facilities and take a tour here in less than an hour. Students can also obtain a temporary local driver’s license for US$ 48 a year.

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