The 4 Elements of Cloud Storage Pricing

If you’re relatively new to the world of cloud storage, you might not know how to understand how expensive the cloud storage process might be. Cloud storage pricing is typically like any other subscription, which means that it can be a bit confusing if you don’t know how these companies often price their products. Here are the four most important things to look at when it comes to cloud backup pricing.

  1. Default Price, With Potential Bulk Discounts

The first element of the price is going to be the company’s default price. This is just the monthly fee, with no specialties. However, many cloud storage companies also give you a sort of “bulk discount” if you choose to buy more than just a single month at a time. Companies do this to try and get you to essentially sign up for a contract; rather than mandating a contract, they give you a bit of a discount for choosing a longer-term contract over a month-by-month purchase.

  1. Add-Ons and Extras

Next, see whether there are any add-ons or extra services that you want to add to your cloud storage. For example, you might pay a set fee for a single device, and then an add-on fee for additional devices. You might also need to pay for extra file history or to rent physical devices if you want those. Every cloud storage company has different add-ons and extras, and these add-ons should never be advertised as though they’re part of the base package – you should know from the beginning that they’re an extra fee.

  1. Physical Hard Drive Fees- Cloud Storage Pricing

Physical hard drives can be an important part of cloud storage for some people. Most commonly, these are used when you want to transfer data from the cloud back onto a device, especially if you’re setting up a brand-new device and you need to transfer the data more quickly. Check to see what kinds of fees apply if you want to get a physical hard drive with your data on it, as well as whether there are ways to get those fees waived or reduced.

  1. Free Trial
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Lastly, check to see whether the company you’re interested in has a free trial. Most cloud storage companies offer free trials because they’re an effective way to see whether a specific company will work well for you. Remember that if a company offers a free trial but requires that you provide your credit card, you need to remember to cancel the free trial in time to avoid accidentally subscribing.


Cloud storage is a great tool for you to keep your data secure. If you want to make sure that you’re not dealing with data issues, you really want to pay attention to the completeness of your cloud storage. Typically, it’s also not that expensive. If you want a full understanding of cost, you’re going to need to take these four things into account. Transparent pricing should also always be on the company’s website.

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