Most Popular Dildos For Women

When it comes to finding the best dildos for you, the choice can be overwhelming, especially if you haven’t used a dildo before. They come in all different shapes, sizes and colours so you won’t be stuck for choice. If you’re a woman looking to invest in a new dildo, most websites offer discreet packaging and will send it out within a few days. Whether you’re looking to masturbate alone, or with your partner, here are some of the most popular dildos we would recommend…

Vibrating dildos

For those who want to satisfy their G-spot and have some movement with their new dildo, a vibrating dildo could be the right option for you. There are plenty of online dildos out there that vibrate and sometimes have silent settings. These can be useful if you have housemates and you want to keep your play time on the down low.

Realistic dildos – Popular Dildos

If you are new to using dildos and the bright colours put you off, go for a realistic dildo that is a good representation of a penis. Depending on the colour of your preference, you can find black, white and brown dildos with veins to make them extra authentic. Beginners might prefer these types of dildos as they feel and look more natural, however, this will all come down to personal preference.

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Suction dildos

If it has been a while and you’re thinking about masturabing alone, a suction dildo might be the best option for you. These dildos can be stuck anywhere, meaning you can use them on the wall, in the bathroom or on any flat surface. They can also be used with a partner to seduce him or her, while they watch you insert the dildo yourself. The biggest benefit of suction dildos is they’re hands free.

Waterproof dildos

For those who would like to extend their bedroom fun to the bathroom, most dildos are waterproof but you should check this before purchasing. Buying a waterproof dildo will ensure you can use it anywhere you like. However, it’s likely the dildo you find will be waterproof and can be washed or wiped clean after use.

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Is there anything to make my dildo experience more pleasurable?

Your dildo experience can be made more pleasurable by adding some lube, there are a range of different types of lubes out there and most sex toy websites will have a few to choose from. There are warming lubes, tingling lubes and other types that will help you when inserting the dildo and make playing more enjoyable. Lube is recommended for beginners who haven’t used dildos or sex toys before, as this will make things smoother.

Now that you know the main options you have when it comes to dildos, you have lots of choices to choose from. Why not try out a few different dildos and see what you like best? Once you find the best dildo for you, you won’t be able to stop using it!

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