Fred Hampton Quotes That Created a Revolution

The great captivating revolutionist who worked for social change is Fred Hampton. He was a young black man in his twenties with a family of three and some odd jobs. In 1967, he was recruited by the Black Panthers to work for them as their organizer in Chicago. He was also appointed as a community organizer for the African American community. Fred Hampton quotes soon garnered fame due to his intellect and knowledge.

The Fred Hampton quote I am revolutionary has a massive impact on the masses. And from there he became very famous and also a hope for people.

Fred Hampton has been very active since his school time. He was an active member of the civil rights movement. He became a member of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and was elected head of the organization’s West Suburban branch’s Youth Council.

Fred Hampton officially joined the Black Panther in the year 1968. During this time, the Black Panthers became a household name throughout America. And this time, Hampton’s leadership truly began to shine.

He was known as a charismatic, intelligent man with a fiery passion for justice in the community. But his skills didn’t just lay in organization and activism; he also possessed an extraordinary ability to speak. He addressed audiences eloquently, passionately, and with an unmatched eloquence that gave him a powerful hold on those who listened to him.

Fred Hampton was killed by the FBI on December 4, 1969, when he was just 24 years old. But he is still in our hearts. His powerful revolutionary quotes can be heard from every corner of the world.

One of the most famous black power Fred Hampton quotes still lies in everyone’s mind. Let us remind one of the most revolutionary of all time, Fred Hampton. Given below are some of the most potent quotes by Fred Hampton.

Fred Hampton Quotes

Let’s feel the revolutionary Fred Hampton quotes

Quote 1

“You have to understand that people have to pay the price for peace. You dare to struggle, you dare to win. If you dare not struggle, you don’t deserve to win.”

Peace is something that can’t be gained without sacrifices. Every person worldwide must understand that there is also a price for peace. If you struggle and fight for the peace you want or which will help society become more peaceful, you can win. But if you are afraid to battle for peace, you don’t deserve it.

Sometimes the words are not enough to spread peace, and you have to struggle to spread peace. Many people take a breather for granted and think it comes for free. But they are wrong. Many revolutionaries have sacrificed their lives for a peaceful world. In life, struggling is very important, whether you are struggling for your life or the peace you want.

Struggling is sometimes very difficult, but you can win over any situation when you dare to fight. The first thing you have to keep in mind is never giving up. Peace is an essential thing that can’t come so quickly. Fighting for peace is the ultimate way to get the real peace you want in your life.

Many people choose not to fight for the peace they want in their lives and then frustrate themselves. But you have to understand that peace is the soul of life. To live your life to the fullest, you must struggle for the peace you want.

Quote 2

“You can kill a revolutionary, but you can never kill the revolution.”

Revolution and revolutionary are two terms that depend on each other. A revolutionary fought for the freedom of everyone, but many a time, revolutionaries were killed at the hands of cruel people.

If one revolutionary dies, another extreme will be born. People with selfish deeds can kill one revolutionary, two revolutionaries, or even a hundred revolutionaries, but they never kill the revolution.

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Masses lead revolutions, and every person in the group is a revolutionary. The fire of freedom and the spirit of changing the world lies in their heart.

Revolutionaries never think twice before giving up their lives for their energy and space. They are the true warriors that always lie in the heart of every person. Mass rejection of any ruler, law, or racism led to revolution, and many revolutionaries took part in it.

They are courageous and never give up on any circumstances. The life of a revolutionary is full of fear, but the extreme never fear death, and even he/she can happily give his life for the sake of their unity.

Fred Hampton quotes

Quote 3

“You can’t build a revolution with no education. Jomo Kenyatta did this in Africa, and because the people were not educated, he became as much an oppressor as the people he overthrew.”

Education is essential for everyone and everywhere. Educated people know how to deal with any situation, and they know about the ongoing circumstances and learn how to deal with them. To start a revolution, one needs education, and the people who are a part of the revolution must learn a lot.

Jomo Kenyatta also led a revolution, and because the people were not educated, he became an oppressor. Jomo Kenyatta was the founding father of Kenya, and he led many processes to make his country independent.

Education is the backbone of every revolution as it gives a name to the course. If all the revolutionaries and the people are well educated, then it becomes pretty easy for the people to win.

But if they all are uneducated, it becomes challenging for the leaders to lead the revolution correctly. Education is essential to understand any speech or situation; otherwise, people will misunderstand it. It fails the course.

Quote 4

“Everything would be alright if everything were put back in the hands of the people, and we’re going to have to put it back in the hands of the people.”

The main power must rely on the hands of the people so that they can understand the true meaning of independence. It is their country, and they should have the right to choose what they want in their country. People always know what type of leaders they want or their primary motives. Hence, putting everything back in the hands of people will help a lot in making everything alright.

In the quote, Fred Hampton was trying to say that it is the people on whose hands the power must rely. And it is because they know they’re good and evil. So he was going to put the power in the hands of everyday people. This makes ordinary people powerful, and no one can take advantage of them.

Power in the hand of familiar people is significant; otherwise, many influential leaders take advantage of them. No powerful leader listens to them. Friendly people wander around here and there for their rights.

Effective leaders suppress the people and make laws according to their own will, which is entirely wrong. Ordinary people must have the right to do the rightful things, and thus power in the hands of the people is significant. It will bring peace and harmony.

Fred Hampton quotes

Quote 5

“If you walk through life and don’t help anybody, you haven’t had much of a life.”

The real meaning of life is showing kindness and helping others. When you help others, you feel inner peace. The peace will heal all your sadness and helps you in becoming a good human being. Helping others is always an excellent way to live your life fully. But most people don’t understand this. They think whatever they have only belonged to them. They don’t understand that their little help can change the life of any needy.

God gave us life, and the main objective of this life is to help others. One day we all will die, and then nothing remains. The one thing which will go with us is our kindness. Whenever we help someone, we can feel inner peace, and it encourages us to do better and better in life.

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Many of us are just are passing life and not enjoying it. Every day, we wake up and prepare ourselves for life that we don’t like. Life has no meaning because we are just working for ourselves and not looking to those who need our help, and we keep a blind eye on them.

We know that many people around us need our help, and they look at us with a sign of hope. But the only thing we do is ignore them. This ignorance feels like a bullet in our hearts, but still, we do that.

We all are capable of helping others, but we don’t do that. And the main reason behind it is that we don’t have time for that and if we have time, we don’t want to spend our money on that. This is a real shame for all humankind.

Life is microscopic, and every single day is very precious. Life is full of hardships and sorrows, but it also has joy and happiness. One of the simplest ways of having pleasure in life is helping others.

The feeling of helping others is a blessing, and not everyone has that. The one who never allows others and ignores the needy can never live life to the fullest. The main essence of life lies in helping others.

Quote 6

“People have to be armed to have power, you see.”

Power is essential if you want to rule the world. Most of the leaders worldwide are very powerful, and they enforce on the ordinary people. But in the revolution, if people have to stand in front of influential people, they should be armored. Armoring them will help in making them powerful.

You can see the real power when the people are armored. Then you can see the real power of the people. Influential people know what is good for them and what is not. The best thing about armoring people is that the real power will rely on their hands, and then no one can harm them.

Armored people can face any situation with courage. No one can change the world in one day, but when the power comes into the hand of ordinary people, the world will surely change.

Quote 7

“We understood that politics is nothing but war without bloodshed, and war is nothing but politics with bloodshed.”

Politics is a game that involves everyone, as read in this Fred Hampton quotes. It is a war without bloodshed. Politicians make such policies that make them more and more powerful. On the other hand, their policies make the ordinary people more and more poor and without any power. Politicians play mind games to rule over ordinary people.

War involves a lot of politics. War is the second face of politics. Many innocent people die in the war. The reason for any war is the ego of the politicians, which ends up taking the lives of the innocents.

Ordinary people all around the world are a victim of wars and politics. Many people have lost their loved ones because of these wars. Politicians are so selfish that they never think twice before taking anyone’s life. War is also another way of taking the lives of innocent people.

In politics, most politicians are greedy and only think about their wealth. They play with innocent people’s lives and enjoy the tax they pay. Politics is full of conspiracy. In politics, there is always a war going on, and the common have to pay for the outcomes of these wars.

War and politics kill humanity while killing humans. To make humanity alive, you have to stop these politics and wars. Whether it is with bloodshed or without bloodshed, it results in the suffering of the common people.

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