Working on a Cruise Ship: Pros and Cons

Many of us have always dreamed of traveling worldwide on a cruise ship – but few have thought about working on a ship. Working on cruise ships every year attracts more and more young people. This article will discuss working on cruise ships’ main pros and cons.

Pros: Are cruise ships a good place to work?

You don’t need to cook

Usually, the company provides three meals a day, so you don’t have to cook throughout the entire contract.

Decent income

The minimum wage is 900-1000 dollars a month. Some positions, such as maids and waiters, receive tips, and employees of duty-free stores receive a percentage of sales. Some higher positions get more than 2500 dollars a month.

The ability to travel

Cruise ships sail worldwide: today you’re in the US, tomorrow you’re in Australia. Each crew member almost always has the opportunity to go ashore: go shopping, have a cup of coffee in a local cafe or lie on the beach.

Free accommodation

Crew members live in cabins with private facilities. The comfort of the cabins depends on the position held and the level of the cruise ship itself.

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Medical insurance

During the entire contract, the employer provides employees with free medical care.

Improvement of foreign languages

Working on a cruise sheep is a great opportunity to improve your foreign language skills through communication with foreign passengers.

Working on cruise ships has disadvantages like any other job, which may seem unacceptable to some individuals.

Cons: What are the challenges of working on a cruise ship?

Long-term contracts

The work contract is usually 6-12 months. This is a fairly long period of stay away from home, loved ones, and relatives. Working and living on a cruise ship is a world with its own rules that must be obeyed.

There are no days off

All crew members work seven days a week for 8-12 hours. Of course, each department has its work schedule and working conditions. But regardless of whether it is physical or mental work, working seven days a week is quite hard and, to some extent, stressful.

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Motion sickness

On the ship, the most unpleasant – is, of course, motion sickness. Working on a cruise ship is not for you if you suffer from motion sickness.


If you are homesick, a person who rarely travels, and cannot imagine living in another country, then this job is also probably not for you because you will not have the opportunity to visit the country where your home is. And if you want to terminate the contract, then you will have to buy a ticket on your own, and also, this employer is unlikely to want to cooperate with you in the future.

When we talk about working on a cruise ship, there are many things to be considered because each company is unique and has different conditions of employment. You’ll never understand it until you experience it yourself. If you desire to find a job search website where you can find many vacancies from employers of cruise ships, then check out Jooble.

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