Earn and travel at the same time: 7 exciting jobs for remote employment


Nowadays, the majority of the employed people are willing to have flexible working schedules and execute their daily tasks without strict control and timelines. That’s why the popularity of remote employment continues to evolve. If several years ago nobody could imagine that practically all possible professions can be held remotely, then now the number of remote jobs is growing. -jobs for remote employment

In this post, you can get familiar with the most popular remote jobs that allow you to travel the world and earn money at the same time.

Software developer- jobs for remote employment

You have probably noticed that the number of software developers of different specializations continues to increase, as well as the number of young software development companies. It may seem that this profession is quite new on the market but there are software developers with experience of 20+ years.

Nevertheless, this direction still remains relevant, providing personal and career development. Basically, software developers work as subcontractors, meaning they mostly create PIF and execute certain tasks on different projects. Thus, the employer cannot demand them to be in the office from Monday to Friday.

You can work as a software developer from any point of the world as all you need is a good and stable internet connection and workable equipment, particularly a laptop or computer, headphones, a camera, and a microphone. The experience doesn’t really matter as the software development companies have different categories of engineers—Junior, Middle, and Senior.

So you can boldly start working right after the learning course and be sure of your future career growth and development to high skill levels.

Copywriter- jobs for remote employment

The work of a copywriter is more popular and more important than you may think. A copywriter is a person who is responsible for creating different types of new and unique content for various purposes. The writing style and diversity of subjects depending on which direction the copywriter selects.

Copywriting includes everything related to content writing like social media posts, long articles for business blogs, creating visual content like images, and writing plots for videos. A professional writer does not just copy someone’s texts and paste them into the publications.\

Commonly, writing any piece of content requires deep research in the area for the purpose of covering all issues and statements, as well as expanding the knowledge and expertise in different industries for further content writing.

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There are diverse ways of cooperation between companies and copywriters. Some set tasks and deadlines every day, others provide tasks for a whole week with no strict deadlines. The more experienced a copywriter gets on the custom writing service Rated by Students, the higher rates he or she will surely have. Moreover, copywriters can have several projects at the same time and execute tasks at their convenience. You can write content wherever you are with no strict timelines.

Earn and travel at the same time: 7 exciting jobs for remote employment


Online tutor- jobs for remote employment

If the previous two professions do not require university grades and governmental certificates, this one requires you to be a real teacher with a Master’s or at least Bachelor’s degree. As you know, online education means the same as the traditional one these days.

So, despite your specialization, you can boldly hold online lessons as your main or additional job. There are two main things you need to become a good online tutor—prepare your learning plans and lessons in advance and have a good internet connection. Online education requires more effort than traditional as you need to create presentations, videos, text tutorials, create graphs and images, quizzes, tests, and so on.

If you already work as a teacher at a school or college, you can offer your students additional classes in some subjects. If not, you can easily set up an online advertising campaign on social media and suitable educational platforms with relevant users.


You may relate the work of an accountant with plenty of paperwork, numbers, and so on. However, all papers have been already digitized, numbers are counted using formulas in special tools, and reports can be generated automatically. Then you may wonder—who needs an accountant if all these processes are automated?

For example, let’s discuss software developers. As we mentioned above, all of them create PIFs that require paying taxes in time, sending quarter and annual reports, following the income, and so on. Commonly, software developers don’t have spare time to deal with all these things. That’s why they hire a remote accountant to run their PIF documents.

This profession is responsible but you can execute all these tasks despite your location and movements. Additionally, you can have several clients at the same time, which makes this work even more attractive. Higher education is not really necessary to set up automated tools to record the number and send reports to the taxman.

Sales manager

As you know, all businesses are interested in promoting their services via their marketing campaigns. However, marketers and content managers are responsible only for creating unique content to promote the company proposition and attract potential clients. The next step as the potential consumers fill in the contact form in CTA is processing the leads by sales managers.

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Sales managers do detailed research about each of the potential clients—the company, its industry and specifics, services or products, revenues, and potential problems that can be resolved. When the client is verified, the sales manager has to schedule a call to discuss the details and define the further steps of cooperation.

Overall, salespeople generate new clients and revenues for the businesses. You can surely chat or talk with potential or regular clients wherever you are. However, make sure you can turn on your camera with a nice background, as clients don’t like talking with a dark and empty screen.


There are a certain number of people who don’t suppose blogging to be a real profession. But it actually is, and this job requires much effort, time, and investment as well. Blogging entails writing posts related to personal thoughts or areas where you are an expert and publicizing them on social media profiles or online platforms where you can create your own blog like a separate website page. However, social media blogs are preferable, particularly Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Several years ago, many active Instagram users started to write text to their nice images. They were sharing their experiences in some situations, announcing the upcoming events in their lives, and sharing thoughts related to many subjects. That is how they succeed to gain a scalable audience and millions of followers.

Then, they found ways to monetize their content into paid advertising for other brands and small businesses in posts and stories. In addition to the ability to work from any place you are currently in, you have no limitations and rules as your personal blog completely depends on you.

Earn and travel at the same time: 7 exciting jobs for remote employment

Graphic designer

The job of the graphic designer requires basic knowledge in this area—the trends, styles, and designs, correct and stylish color combinations, the correct sizes of the images, and so on.

As a graphic designer, you have no link to a certain company. The more jobs you execute well, the higher rating you as a professional will have. We also recommend creating a portfolio with all of your designs to make the search for new tasks even quicker, proving your skills and experience.

To conclude

This compilation surely doesn’t include the entire list of remote jobs that you can go for. Foremost, you need to consider your interests and way of living, so you could easily combine your personal and professional life.

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