Egypt Tour Packages: How to plan your vacation trip to Egypt?

Have you never been to Egypt before? Well! The perfect time has come because Egypt Tour Packages online are going wild, and the weather of Egypt is just on-point to give you a warm welcome. In the past few decades, Egypt has transmitted into one of the top locations for tourists who take real-time interest in the beauty of history and encounter the beginning of the BIG BANG! Here’s a fun fact: Egypt is the beginning of BIG BANG as it was the first country to discover pyramids in the abandoned deserts.

So, if you are executing a trip to Egypt, believe it, it is going to be worth every penny!

Here are pre-tips on how to plan a vacation to Egypt? The following aspects will enhance your experience in this foreign country to no end. Let’s take a glimpse:


1: Calculate your budget and pick the right package

Even though multiple tourists will tell you that Egypt is comparatively a cheap place to visit for vacation purposes, however, it is crucial for you to play on the safe side. Without a doubt, you’d never want to be in a foreign country without money. Thus, it is recommended to calculate the budget beforehand on a per-person basis. As of 2021, the average cost of an Egypt trip from India is 1 00 000 INR per person, including meals, accommodations, adventure & exploration, and Air travel.

But, you can find multiple discounting deals offered by travel agencies that can help you to fit your budget edge-to-edge.

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Of course, it is also advised to never travel to Egypt without a rigid package. Otherwise, you will lose all your money to Air travel, accommodation or housing, or restaurants.

2: Is it the right season to go to Egypt?

While planning a trip to Egypt, tourists often forget to consider “is it the right season to go?” And, when they come back, they feel more tanned than ever. There is no doubt that Egypt is a beautiful place. However, during the mid-months of the year, i.e.., June, July and August, Egypt’s sightseeing locations are not worth it. The temperature of the desert areas crosses 95 degrees. In India, the hottest temperature in history is only 45 degrees. Thus, imagine what you are going to do in a location with a temperature twice as high as your native country.

Therefore, the best time to visit Egypt is the month of October, as it is the beginning of the winter season. You have fewer chances of encountering heavy rain or tornados. During this season, mild cold winds will make your day!

Apart from that, if you want to go to Egypt in the early months of the year, March and April are perfect. Since the winter season ends during these months, you will get to enjoy a balanced weather.

3: Keep a small change of money with you, ALWAYS!

Aforementioned, Egypt has grown into one of the top tourist attraction places. Therefore, on adventurous and explore-worthy sights, you will see multiple small adventures you can take part in. For example, camel riding, renting clothing of Ancient Egyptian culture and taking some pictures, and enjoying street food that gives a crystal clear taste of their culture. And all these small adventures cost you very little. For example, a 30 minutes ride on a camel is only $20/person.

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So, for such small enjoyable participation, always keep small notes with you. It is difficult to find change when you are surrounded by strange people.


4: Shortlist places to visit

Nothing can destruct your first real-time experience of visiting Egypt than missing out on some beautiful places to visit while you are there. For example, if you love shopping, you will endlessly regret not visiting the Khan-E-Khalili market. If you are into Historic places, the Pyramids of Giza, you must start from there! Abu Simbel Great Temple, Aswan Town, and Islamic Medieval Cairo, you wouldn’t want to miss any of them.

Here’s a surprise: When you visit pyramid locations in Egypt, you have the opportunity to take a 3-hours tour inside the pyramid. Believe it or not, it is a type of experience you will never forget!


5: Know the currency of Egypt!

Last but not least is a cautionary tale for all the tourists to plan their “spendings” while they are in Egypt. In Egypt, you must have the Egyptian Pound. No other currency will work. According to the current exchange rate, $1 = 15.66 EGP. Whereas, 1 Rupee = 0.21 EGP.

Similarly, you must calculate the rate of 1 EGP based on your native country’s currency. For example, let’s suppose you are from India, your budget is 1, 00, 000 INR/person. Henceforth, you will need 21, 053 EGP/person to sufficiently and adventurously complete your trip.

Bottom line

Thrilled to pack your bags? Don’t forget to choose the best Egypt Tour Package Online. Make the right choice. If you are going during June, July, and August, don’t forget to pick a luxurious hotel with air conditioning facilities. For more info, bookmark us!

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