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Everything Everywhere All at Once quotes are a list of dialogs taken from one of the most successful movies released in 2022. With a star cast that dazzles throughout, the words they said will echo down the cinematic memory lane.

I thought of compiling some of the most significant sentences that made the movie what it did. After you know the context and the explanation, you might fall in love with the movie once more.

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Everything Everywhere All at Once

If you haven’t watched it already, here are some reasons why you must!

Everything Everywhere All at Once won 7 Oscars.

The movie explores a variety of topics including multiverse, immigration, sexuality, family and so on. All of these topics are sensitive issues that had a great script and an amazing star cast to enact the same.

The protagonist here is Evelyn Wang who is a Chinese-American immigrant. Directed and written by Daniel Scheinert and Daniel Kwan, the movie is indeed star-studded with actors like Michelle Yeoh, Jamie Lee Curtis, Ke Huy Quan, Stephanie Hsu, James Hong, Jenny Slate and Dan Brown.

Produced by Anthony and Joe Russo, the movie talks about complex themes in a simple manner that pleases the audience as well as the critics.

It’s quite exceptional for a movie that gained global recognition and innumerable awards.

Everything Everywhere All at Once quotes

Now, take a look at some of the best Everything Everywhere All at Once quotes and their explanations. Once you know the contexts, the quotes will get more meaningful to you:

We’re all small and stupid

This quote here was told by Evelyn Wang.

Evelyn and Jobu Tupaki come to such an universe where no existence of life is found. There, they sit on a rock and talk about how small and insignificant human life seems when considering the size of the universe.

Evelyn and Jobu have gone through so much turmoil in their lives that now they realize the real weight of the universe. They now know that there are other universes just like ours, and they all deal with so many problems.

This Everything Everywhere All at Once quote makes the audience feel small in front of the massive world that we live in. It give us a fresh perspective to life and makes us more acceptant.

The only thing I do know is that we have to be kind. Please, be kind. especially when we don’t know what’s going on.

Everything Everywhere All at Once Waymond quotes are deep, and teaches you best of the best life lessons. This one is from the original version of Waymond Wang.

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As the movie progresses, you get acquainted with so many versions of Waymond Wang. However, the original version is not completely aware of the multiverse, and yet he knows how to be kind.

Sometimes we don’t know what people are going through, and yet we judge them due to our nature. But what we should do instead is to know about their situation.

This is how you learn how to be kind and how to practice humility. The movie includes quotes like this one, and you’ll learn more as you read.

Every rejection, every disappointment has led you here to this moment.

This one is one of the best Everything Everything Everywhere All at Once quotes. It tells you that rejections are parts of life, and you have to embrace it as it is.

Evelyn Wang is a character who has failed many times in her life in different universes. You might think of her as a defeated character who has no idea what to do next.

The more she felt lost and rejected, the stronger she got. Eventually she came to realize the true meaning of life after witnessing the magic of the multiverse.

This quote is from Alpha Waymond who supports Evelyn even after she has gone through a lot.

When I choose to see the good side of things, I’m not being naive. It’s strategic and necessary. It’s how I learned to survive through everything.

Ke Yu Quan didn’t only win the Academy Award for best supporting actor, he also brought life to the character of Waymond Wang and his variants in the multiverse. He is an exceptional actor and one of the most well-deserved recipient of such a prestigious award.

Waymond Wang is a very interesting character from whom you can learn a lot. He is different from Evelyn as a character, but still he is unique from every aspect. His kindness makes him stand out from the crowd, and he is not willing to let that go at any cost.

Waymond’s way of surviving is different from Evelyn’s. But he is neither weak nor less effective than her. Even if Evelyn always underestimated her husband, she realizes her mistake eventually and understand that there is nothing greater than kindness.

You’re not unlovable. There is always something to love. Even in a stupid, stupid universe where we have hot dogs for fingers, we’d get very good with our feet.”

This is one of the best quotes from Everything Everywhere All at Once because it makes us feel lovable even when we think we are not.

Evelyn as a character goes through changes throughout the movie, and realizes things that she didn’t consider before. She wasn’t the ideal character in the beginning, but she learned how to embrace kindness over time.

Similarly, she was against Joy’s relationship with Becky, and wasn’t the most supportive mother. However, in the hotdog as fingers universe, Evelyn is in a relationship with Deidre. So, now she knows it doesn’t make much sense to be skeptical about her own daughter’s sexuality or relationship.

There are deep inner meanings to these aspects explained in the movie. If you still haven’t watched it, I recommend you stream on Amazon Prime!

I’m learning to fight like you.

Throughout the course of the film, Evelyn’s journey as a character is more than remarkable. The Evelyn you come across at the beginning, is not the same you see in the end.

At first, her relationship with her husband Waymond was rocky. She always used to underestimate him because he was too kind. However, once she knew the truth about different universes and suffered a lot, she realized the true value of her husband.

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Eventually, she understands that she still has a lot to learn from her husband.

The dialog comes in during a different time in the movie, but in general explains that there should a fighter in us at all times.

I wasn’t looking for you so I could kill you. I was just looking for someone who could see what I see, feel what I feel.

When you start to watch the film, you see Jobu Tupaki as the antagonist who can go to any extreme to get the job done. However, she is no ordinary villain. She has gone through a lot after visiting the multiverse, and its difficult to remain sane after one has seen the different universes.

As the movie progresses, you realize that all she is looking for is friendship. She wants to find someone who will understand her pain, feel exactly what she feels. This is where the film gets new meaning when the antagonist turns out to be one of the most complex characters with layers in the movie.

The universe is so much bigger than you realize.

The plot of the movie deals with different universes and explaining the concept of multiverse. It is more than complicated, it is also crooked. Evelyn Wang had no idea about it at the beginning, and she came to know that there are different versions of themselves.

Alpha Waymond is another version of original Waymond, and he informs Evelyn that the universe is all powerful and bigger than she knows. As the movie progresses, we see Evelyn to process everything she understands and realizes.

I got bored one day, then I put everything in a bagel… everything. All my hopes and dreams, my old report cards, every breed of dog, every personal ad on Craigslist… sesame… poppy seed… salt, and it collapsed in on itself. ‘Cause you see, when you really put everything on a bagel, it becomes this… the truth.

Jobu Tupaki has a unique hairstyle that looks exactly like a bagel. While we don’t know exactly what it means, it certainly adds an exceptional aspect of the film. When you read the lines, you instantly feel the hidden depths that you can’t actually figure out.

Though we first see Jobu Tupaki as a villain, we eventually understand that she is as much as a victim just like others. When she talks about how she came to be, she talks about putting everything on a bagel. This is creepy but creative at the same time.

Jobu Tupaki has a different side of character that she doesn’t let anyone to see. Even if the audience sees her as a villain, she reveals in the end what she really wants. She just wants one person to feel the pain she feels. Only then can people understand her side of the story.

So, even though you have broken my heart yet again, I wanted to say, in another life, I would have really liked just doing laundry and taxes with you.

It is one of the most heart-touching Everything Everywhere All at Once quotes stated by Waymond Wang. The delivery of these lines yet again proves the outstanding acting ability of Quan as a seasoned actor.

He says this to the celebrity variant of Evelyn Wang. This is yet another universe where we see a somewhat polished version of Waymond Wang. Here he is not like a broken man we see in the original version. Here he confidently says to Evelyn that he won’t mind if he gets a chance to be with her in another universe.

Just be a rock

This quote here is a part of a memorable scene in the movie Everything everywhere all at once. Jobu and Evelyn encounter another universe which is full of nothing but rocks. When Evelyn and Jobu become rocks as well and Evelyn tries to move as a rock, Jobu reminds her to just be a rock. Eventually Evelyn realized that even something unusual like being a rock has its own charm.

I always learn something when I hang out with the elderly. Old people are very wise.

Becky Sregor is a wonderful character in the film. She is Joy’s girlfriend, and Jouy is the daughter of Evelyn. She wasn’t doing her best accepting her daughter’s sexuality, and the relationship with Becky. However, eventually she realized that Becky is a good girl, and eager to help the Wang family.

Becky brings a splash of positivity wherever she goes. So, when she meets James Hong, Joy’s grandfather, she says these lines. It brings out her fun-loving and passionate character that we all long for.

And for some reason when I’m with you, it just hurts the both of us. So let’s just go our separate ways, ok? Just let me go!

This quote here is the final conversation between Evelyn Wang and her daughter Joy Wang. These two had so many conflicts in the past, even if they love each other. So in the end, Joy decides that it would be best for both of them to separate.

They both know that their relationship won’t go right magically. Maybe some time off from each other is exactly what their relationship needs. The scene is moving and heart touching, as we see a mother and daughter deciding what is best for them.

Final thoughts

While I tried to explain my best, you will find difficult until you watch the movie. If you have seen it already, I hope these Everything Everywhere All at Once quotes helped you understand it better.

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