Top 20 Quotes for Godfathers Inspired From the OG Movie

Quotes for Godfathers are dialogs taken from the movie The Godfather as inspiration and knowledge. If you are a fan of this film, you will love this collection. You can download it and use it as wallpapers to constantly remind you of the classic lines scripted in this movie.

The first movie of the Godfather franchise came in 1972, directed by Francis Ford Coppola. It was a groundbreaking American crime thriller, the highest-grossing film at that time.

Despite being a mafia film, the main character had a lot to teach the audience. The film franchise, especially the first two films, had some of the best-written dialogues ever in the history of Hollywood. The unbelievable acting skills of Al Pacino and Marlon Brando were exceptional.

The story mainly followed the Italian immigrants who operated in the world of mafias. To them, faith and loyalty are more than everything. The theme and quotes for Godfathers successfully depicted just that.

The Godfather movie

The Godfather movies might be about crime lords. But we must remember that the quotes for Godfathers bear grave meanings and provide life lessons as well. The influence these films can have on you could remain with you for the rest of your life.

While you watch the movies, you will know exactly why people still talk about them. These quotes for Godfathers teach you the importance of having friends and staying loyal to them. You also learn that money is so powerful that it can make you stronger or helpless in no time.

The characters of The Godfathers are a living example that manipulating people is not an option. You must make your own decisions no matter what happens.

If you haven’t watched any of the Godfather movies, watch them now. You can also read the quotes for Godfathers to know what to expect from the movies.

Here’s a brief synopsis of the franchise in case you need to figure out what’s all this about.

These movies are about the Carleone family, who knows how to bring a balance between mafia activities and personal life. In the first installment, the head of the family, Don Vito Carleone, who now wants to retire from being the crime lord, wants his youngest son Michael to take over. However, things go poorly according to the plan.

That’s how the first movie goes. The second film focuses on Michael, who has now taken control of his father’s empire. Even then, problems are not at bay. This might be the best movie of the entire franchise.

The third installment is less popular in comparison to the first two ones. Still, it was a fitting conclusion to the famous franchise.

Quotes for Godfathers

Time for some of the best classics quotes from the movie:

quotes for godfathers

Family is a frequently used theme in the Godfather movies. As told by Don Vito, we should never neglect families. We must share them with love and affection.

No one can love you just like your family does. They might not be the best people in the world. But still, they have occupied a special place in your life for karmic reasons.

This is one of the best quotes for Godfathers.

Remember hearing this particular line while watching some of the famous Hollywood movies? This line is one of the frequently used dialogs in cinema history.

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Power runs in the Carleone family and this dialogue is a fitting example. It means that the power of the Carleone family knows no bounds, as told by Michael and Vito.

People like Michael and Vito don’t take no for an answer. They make people say yes by offering them something valuable.

There was a time when Michael fled to Sicily, which also happened to be where his family belonged. That’s where Calo, Michael’s bodyguard, said that Sicily is very different from America. Things work differently in Italy rather than in the States.

This particular dialogue, delivered by Bonasera, is a part of the opening monologue. The story might be about Italian mob stars. But it also deals with that famous American Dream that people are so fascinated about.

quotes for godfathers inspirational

Don Lucchesi says this line while depicting the difference between money and politics to Vincent Mancini.

Money and politics are powerful tools for those who want to take hold of this world. Politics is something that makes money even better to have.

Sometimes more money is needed to understand the situation. You must know when and how to act as it is the key to success.

quotes for godfathers inspirational

When you are dealing with a crime lord, you must also deal with respect. If you don’t, they won’t hesitate to get revenge, sooner or later.

This particular dialogue delivered by Vito Carleone might be a different one. Still, it has no less impact as Vito is true to his words. Surely this line is enough to intimidate the opponents.

You will realize how important the theme of revenge is when it comes to The Godfather movies. It shapes the lives of so many significant characters as well.

quotes for Godfathers

Vito was such a man who knew how to make friends and built a good relationship with them. He never hesitated to help a friend in need. By reading this quote, you will know that he took friendship very seriously.

When it comes to Vito’s rivals, they could never beat him as they never realized who they were dealing with.

In the world of crime lords, communication happens in codes.

When an assassination attempt took place to murder Don Vito, a dead fish was received.

It was a Sicilian message which depicted the same meaning.

The Godfather movies are anything but simple. There are examples of how complicated human minds can be. Sollozzo, the antagonist in the first installment, also has some important life lessons to share.

Sollozzo is someone who always means business. However, he also thinks twice before getting into trouble with a powerful enemy. This shows when he confronts Michael after attempting to murder Vito.

Quotes for Godfathers inspirational

In this section, you will read some more quotes for Godfathers inspirational.

Health should be of the utmost importance in human life. However, health is one such thing that often goes unnoticed.

But you should always make health your top priority. Without it, you are nothing.

You know by now how highly the characters talk about family in The Godfather. To them, the family was everything. However, they valued something precious like friendship as well.

When it comes to family, you must accept them instead of choosing them. But you can choose who is going to be your friend. You can do anything in the world when you have got friends by your side.

Don Vito teaches you an important life lesson not to depend too much on bookish knowledge. He states that he learned a lot while fighting for his life on the streets.

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When you are left alone to fend for yourself, you will know the true face of the real world. That situation can teach you valuable life lessons that will stick with you for the rest of your life. That’s exactly what someone like Vito has realized.

quotes for Godfathers

From the start, Michael was reluctant to take over his father’s line of business. But eventually, he came into power and became a more intimidating crime lord surpassing his old man.

In the second installment of The Godfather, Michael remembers a time when his father told him a valuable line. He said to always keep an eye on enemies so they can’t do anything behind your back.

The ways of Michael and his father didn’t match on any terms. Still, this particular advice stuck with Michael for so many reasons.

quotes for Godfathers

Don Vito is telling the truth when he says that lawyers are thieves. It is true to some extent.

A lawyer can twist your words so easily that it is no big deal. They also assure you to get you out of trouble. Still, they can deceive you in no time, and you would be left clueless.

Despite Vito’s son, Michael was never like his father. His worldviews were very different. Still, he was able to work on his father’s empire and even made a better one.

Michael never played by the rules. He knew that he had to take away things to survive. That’s exactly what is reflected in this particular quote.

When doing business, you might have to do some gruesome acts even if you don’t want to. The same can happen to you as well. That’s why you have to be careful not to take things personally.

Michael knew it, too, when he dealt with people. You have to do what you must, no matter whom you are against.

quotes for Godfathers

When doing business with people, you must remember an important aspect of dealing. You must play your cards right so that some powerful people owe you some fever. If you can do that, you can achieve your goal quickly.

Michael could build an empire because he was never one to accept lies. He always wanted to hear the truth, no matter how difficult.

You just can’t build anything important or real based on lies. That’s because maintaining the facade for a long time takes a lot of work. Eventually, the truth always comes out.

You might not believe a gangster movie like The Godfather could have dialogues like this. But this dialogue indeed exists.

Being in love with someone for a long time could be a person’s downfall. When that person is working with the underworld, things can go wrong in so many ways.

Don Vito is the one to tell the most important truth. According to this quote, not everyone is a legend when born. It’s a lengthy process that you go through to become someone important.

Vito always knew what he was doing. He was well aware of his surroundings no matter what he dealt with. That’s how he became an important figure everywhere he went.

Final Thoughts

If you still have watched The Godfather, you must as you are missing out on classic Hollywood films. These movies have all the qualities to be on everyone’s must-watch list. Go watch right now since you have read quotes for Godfathers.

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