Husband Hurting Wife Quotes to Express Your Pain

Are you not talking to your husband, but you want to express how he made you feel? Husband hurting wife quotes are ideas you can share through mediums like Whatsapp status, Instagram story, etc., to express your pain without direct communication.

No matter how much you love your husband, leading a life together is not a piece of cake. It takes sacrifice, mutual understanding, and patience, not to mention the ability to make amends for your mistakes. Sometimes it takes everything to spend time alongside someone who means the world to you.

Just because you had the privilege of marrying the love of your life doesn’t mean you can relax from now. Your job is going to get much more difficult from here on. But you don’t need to worry now that some amazing husband hurting wife quotes are here for you.

Husband hurting wife quotes

Whenever your husband hurts you emotionally, you do nothing but read the husband hurting wife quotes. Maybe that won’t solve all your problems, but at least you would be at peace.

Not always can you fix a broken thing. Likewise sometimes some words, you just can’t take back.

When your husband is the one who causes you pain, you are heartbroken more than ever. He is the person whom you love the most in this world. But still hurts you regardless of how much he means to you.

The walls begin to close around you, and you can’t figure out what to do next?

What should you do when feeling like there is no hope anymore?

Well, no matter how much you want to be with your husband, you must have to be practical at the same time. You can’t move around thinking that you can fix this relationship at any time. It’s not easy for anyone to fix the heart every time someone breaks it.

You need to understand the signals the universe is trying to give you. Maybe it would be best for you and your husband to go separate ways rather than repair the broken relationship.

The best gift a wife wants the most from her husband is not to give her pain.

As a husband, you might be thinking that you need to shower your wife with gifts. Each day you come from work and bring her favorite flowers and what’s not. You expect that she won’t complain anymore no matter what you tell her.

That’s not how a marriage works. A woman doesn’t always need a valuable present from her husband. She just wants her beloved to care about her and never cause her pain.

Pain gets unbearable when it comes from the person who is in your world. When you are married, your husband is your entire world. You want nothing but to understand you as you are, and no precious gifts could match the feeling.

Your married life could be tricky and you need to take every step carefully. But that doesn’t mean you can accept unfair behavior.

As we wrote before, married life is like a test you must give throughout the rest of your life. There is no easy way to pass the test. You can’t just quit midway as you have to keep the promises you made to your wife! So you keep trying and trying to do everything in your power to make your wife happy.

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However, things could go wrong from time to time. In that case, you should deal with that problem with a calm mind. Please don’t blame your wife or act like she is the only one causing problems.

Husband Hurting Wife Quotes to Express Your Pain

Broken heart husband hurting wife quotes

Women are designed to feel every type of emotion way more than men. Because of that, they get hurt more every time their husbands do something wrong to them.

Sometimes the pain comes from emotions, and in some cases, husbands cross the boundaries to hurt their wives physically.

Some men don’t understand that it takes everything for a woman to leave familiar things behind and lead a new life with someone she doesn’t know for long.

But a woman is unique, and she can go to any extent to be happy.

So she starts a new life with her husband just because she loves him so much that it hurts. However, it often seems like the woman is the only one who makes efforts to keep this relationship healthy. She doesn’t get support from the other side.

If you, too, feel this way, don’t be upset. Here are some broken heart husband hurting wife quotes for you. Check out these quotes before your heart becomes heavy with pain and your eyes get full of tears!

Sometimes cruel words just come out of a mouth as a result of trying to hide pain and failing in the process.

The human mind is so complex that no one can say what is inside it. Often we say and do something offensive that we don’t mean to. It just happens in the heat of the moment, and therefore we have to face the consequences.

Maybe that is exactly the case for your husband and you. You, too, fought, and he said things you couldn’t tolerate or accept. Therefore you are so mad at him that you never want to see him again.

But, perhaps there is an explanation for this particular incident, and you have to have an open mind to understand it. He is possibly dealing with something worse in life right now, and you are not aware of that. Maybe he is trying to protect you so much that he hurt you accidentally in the process.

It will help if you put your emotions aside to deal with things by practically looking into them. He had no choice but to say those words to you even though he didn’t mean to. You should give him space, and he will figure it out himself.

When nothing is going right for you, it’s better to let go. If it comes back, you are lucky and if it doesn’t, you are luckier.

Life gets difficult when you spend your life with the wrong person. Every day is more of a struggle when you are in a toxic relationship. Just because you love the person doesn’t mean he is the right one for you.

You have known for some time now that something is not going as it should have. Maybe this is not something you want in your life.

But you are fortunate enough that you have realized this sooner. Most people don’t have the privilege to leave a toxic relationship before something goes sideways.

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So you should change your thought process by thinking that if the person loves you, he will come back. If he doesn’t come back, you are lucky to have decided to leave him.

You broke my heart like it was made of glass. But I am sure that you are the only one who can fix it.

Hearing bad words from your husband is like the worst feeling in the world. It’s not like anyone ever didn’t say anything harsh that made you feel bad. But we are talking about your husband, and there can never be any comparison when it comes to him.

Though you could never tell that none can repair the damage he has done to your mind. If you love him for real, you know in your heart that no one can fix it except him.

That’s exactly what a healthy relationship is. Whether the husband or the wife is responsible for breaking each other’s hearts, they should make amends for their mistakes.

As a wife, you already know that his comforting words are something else. The way he makes you feel better doesn’t get older.

So it would help if you waited for him to come back to you and ask for your forgiveness.

Husband Hurting Wife Quotes to Express Your Pain

Wife feeling neglected by husband quotes

Negligence is not a good thing, especially from someone who means the world to you. You can easily spot it by the actions of your husband, and therefore you get upset for natural reasons.

You can’t be the only one constantly doing something to strengthen the bond day by day. Your spouse should also come to the rescue whenever you need him.

If this ever happens to you, and you feel that your husband is not taking care of you like he used to, make sure to read some wife feeling neglected by husband quotes.

These quotes will help you understand that you are not the only one going through something like that. They will also motivate you to stand up for yourself and do something about it.

People adore the things they love. If he loved you, he could have never neglected you.

Remember when you were little and used to do everything to take care of that Barbie doll your mom gave you on your birthday?

That’s exactly what people do to take care of the things they love. They never do anything wrong so that their favorite thing gets spoiled.

When you are married to the love of your life, you are the best thing that’s ever happened to him. You are the most precious to him, and he could never do anything reckless to hurt you.

If your husband has been neglecting you for a long time and there are absolutely no signs of changing his behavior anytime soon, it’s high time that you accept the truth. You must address the elephant in the room after all this time and tell him that you were never important to him.

This is why he keeps neglecting you. As soon as you realize that, the better.

Love does not die overnight. It dies because of negligence to keep it.

Love might have happened overnight for some people. Two people could just lay eyes on each other and fall in love. We have seen it happen plenty of times in the movies and perhaps in real life.

But, does something like that happen when people fall out of love?

Well, your feelings for a person don’t tend to disappear overnight. It’s a long process, and mainly it happens because of the other person’s lack of interest in loving you.

You did everything you could from your half to reconcile with so little success. Nothing is working out anymore to stay in a happy relationship. Then it would help if you accepted the truth as it is.

If you don’t want me, just tell me to my face. But don’t ever act like I am not even here.

This is the worst nightmare when your husband is mad at you and decides not to express that emotion. Nothing in the world can be more painful than that.

If he talks to you, you can understand exactly where you went wrong. But whenever he ignores you like you are not around, no one should go through that much pain.

You are not a robot, and you have emotions just like he has. It’s natural to make blunders, and there is always room for improvement.

So it’s always better to have a mutual understanding and act like it.

Husband Hurting Wife Quotes to Express Your Pain

Final thoughts

Before saying goodbye for today, here are our final thoughts on husband hurting wife quotes.

We said that whenever your husband hurts you mentally, you should read some husband hurting wife quotes to find peace. But that is not always the case.

Some husbands who hurt their wives physically are still out there.

If something happens to you, just reading husband hurting wife quotes is not good enough. You should tell people about your abusive husband and take immediate action.

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