Top 13 Harley Quinn Quotes for Wacky Caption Ideas

Harley Quinn, who made her debut in the world of DC in 1992 with Batman: The Animated Series, is among the most favorite villain characters. Even if a new character, she quickly rose in popularity after her big-screen appearance in Suicide Squad (2016). DC fans love to use Harley Quinn quotes in conversations and as captions for their photos on social media.

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Harley Quinn Quotes

While most people acknowledge Harley Quinn as Joker’s girlfriend, her unique personality makes her extremely entertaining. She is an enchantingly twisted character who’s violent, creepy, and crazy. So, the Harley Quinn quotes that we’ll share with you reflect everything from her feminist side to her biting wit.

“Being Joker’s girl gave me immunity.”

When we met Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad, she was in a committed relationship with Joker. Throughout the movie, her deep attachment to Joker is prominent. When it comes to assisting Joker in his crimes, she never fears the consequences.

While in Suicide Squad we can see Harley’s sincere devotion, in Birds of Prey we finally understand why she acts the way she does. She accepts that being the beloved of Joker gives her the immunity she always desires.

The line beautifully explains why Harley is always reckless. It is symbolic of how a faithful girlfriend becomes an independent woman. Hence, Birds of Prey is all about showing a more nuanced and grounded version of Harley.

“A-Okay, Mr. J.”

For someone who does not know Harley Quinn, this line may not appear interesting. Despite being one of the shortest Harley Quinn quotes, this sentence captures the essence of Harley and Joker’s relationship.

When Harley met Mercy, Lex Luthor’s attractive assistant, the two ladies started fighting. Lex and Joker, on the other hand, continued to converse casually. The battle soon became intense and both Mercy and Harley were beaten and bruised. Harley still responded to her partner in a cheerful tone, even when engaged in a vicious fight.

So, the quote proves that Harley’s commitment to Joker knows no bounds. She will never forgive someone threatening her lover and unleash her wrath upon them. Harley always stands next to her man – be it getting into a conflict or accompanying him.


“Now that’s a killer app!”

You have to admit that dating Joker is not everyone’s cup of tea. Having spent a lot of time plotting with Joker, Harley ended up developing apathy toward demise. Something as disturbing as watching someone breathe their last seemed humorous to her.

Harley Quinn made this remark when one of the most ridiculous villains of Suicide Squad tried to run away from Task Force X. Rick Flag took the help of a detonator chip to blow the head off of the escapist. Harley was thrilled by the idea and exclaimed that it was a superb app.

Under normal circumstances, seeing an individual lose their head can be a traumatic experience. However, in Harley’s line of work, it is not an uncommon sight.

“Sweetie, Get Mommy’s Bazooka.”

The worst crime that Harley Quinn and Joker ever committed occurred in the movie Batman Beyond: Return of The Joker. After they kidnapped Tim Drake, Harley Quinn started taking pleasure in the so-called family dynamic. She referred to herself as the mother of Drake and loved to call him names like ‘sweetie’.

When Batgirl confronted Harley, she maintained a jovial attitude. During their combat, Harley asked the Jokerized Robin to bring Bazooka for her. No real parent will instruct their child to fetch a deadly weapon. However, Harley’s hilarious line during the dark moment perfectly goes with her badass personality.

Maybe I can sneak you some shampoo.”

The Arkham game series is incomplete without Harley Quinn. She has played a key role in taking forward the game’s storyline. She said these words to Poison Ivy who was living in Harley and Joker’s captivity.

Joker and Harley managed to imprison Poison Ivy. If you are familiar with this character, you already know that she was too obsessed with her plant babies. Poison Ivy’s obsession with plants was so unhealthy that she couldn’t stay away from them. So, she was in distress as she couldn’t bear the pain of being separated from those “precious babies”.

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As Poison Ivy was visibly uncomfortable, Harley took to sarcasm to make her captive feel comfortable. She assumed that the unclean space made Poison Ivy upset. So, she suggested that she can arrange some shampoo and Ivy can take a relaxing shower. Little did Harley know that Poison Ivy was desperate to be re-united with her plants.

“I’m rubber, you’re glue, whatever you say bounces off me and makes a six-inch diameter exit wound in you.”

When Harley Quinn threatens her enemies, she always starts with an epic remark. The ‘rubber-glue’ dialogue is one of the classic Harley Quinn quotes that you must have heard multiple times.

Whenever someone tries to make fun of Harley in the middle of a robbery, this is her usual response. This line should come as a warning that she is about to do something drastic.

The beauty of the character lies in its unpredictability. One moment she’s cracking a joke and the next moment she turns violent. She attacked her victim by shooting a six-inch hole right after saying these words.

“It’s the end of the world. Have a drink with us.”

Harley Quinn has many impressive qualities and her optimistic attitude, as evident in this quote, is one of them. She can stay positive even when the world is supposed to end.

In the movie Suicide Squad, Enchantress performs evil magic tricks to end the world. At that moment, stopping her seemed impossible. In one of the scenes, Harley and other Task Force X members stopped for a drink.

While everyone looked stressed under the illusion that they’d all die, Harley still managed to behave casually. She put up a brave face and accepted that their mission had failed with a smile on her face. So, she raised one last toast with her new family.

After having the drink, all of them returned to the battlefield and joined Flag. So, this line exhibits that Harley is not fearful of death and there is great unity in her team.

“Stupid Bats, You’re Ruining Date Night!”

Joker and Harley’s origin in the film Suicide Squad showed a scene in which they were enjoying a ride. As the lovebirds were making the most of their joyride through Gotham’s streets, Batman confronted them.

Batman’s arrival always intimidates even the fiercest of villains, but Harley Quinn is a rare woman. In an attempt to injure Batman who was above her, she shot through the vehicle’s roof. It was then that she called him a foolish bat.

What Harley said wasn’t out of fear but anger. She was more concerned about the interruption that spoilt her date night. Now any sane person might question how causing chaos on the streets of a peaceful city can be someone’s idea of a romantic date night. But being a fan, you know that Harley Queen is an extraordinary woman with strange hobbies.

“Y’ know, Bats? I always thought there was a spark between us.”

Batman and Harley’s chemistry is hard to ignore and this is among the Harley Quinn quotes that adequately prove that. Whenever their paths cross, she always resorts to flirtations to catch her opponent off guard. Here she tells him that over the years, they have developed a certain level of intimacy.

Harley is seen making physical contact with Batman on multiple occasions. If you have watched Suicide Squad, she even kissed him once. In Batman: Arkham Asylum, Harley did not miss a single opportunity to entice him.

As Batman approached Harley in Arkham Asylum, she was completely devoid of fear. Instead, she seized the moment to tell him that a spark that had developed between them over time. Does this make you think she likes being trapped in a closed space with a mad Batman?

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Harley Queen flirts only to distract Batman so that she can execute her next move in her sassy style. Her heart belongs to one man and that’s her dear Joker.

“Mama’s gonna paint the streets with blood.”

In Batman: Arkham City, Harley Quinn tried to evade her rival instead of facing him. This attitude was unlike her usual behavior in the other games. However, players quickly found out the reason behind Harley’s evasiveness.

Batman discovered that Harley Quinn was pregnant from the pregnancy test kits discarded by her. So, it became evident why Harley addressed herself as Momma. When Joker died in Arkham City, she bade him adieu by singing a lullaby. Harley then vowed to take revenge by painting Gotham’s streets red in blood.

Here, painting the streets in scarlet color is symbolic of the destruction she had in mind. She promised herself that she would not spare anybody. This was her way of honoring her dead lover who was now also the father of her unborn baby.

“Do you know what a harlequin is? A harlequin’s role is to serve. It’s nothing without a master. No one gives to sh*ts who we are, beyond that.”

One of the most emotional Joker Harley Quinn quotes is when Harley says these lines. She lets people know how she has perceived herself all these years.

As Joker’s ladylove and partner in crime, Harley has always pictured herself as the second person in their relationship. Part of it could be because of Joker’s notorious profile as he was well-known in the world of crime. So, she always felt that his personality shadowed her.

But even after Harley did not have the companionship of Joker, people continued to identify her as Joker’s girl. So, the feeling that she was second in position did not leave her thoughts. Little does she know that this emotionally charged speech makes the audience fall more in love with her. We begin to develop an empathy toward everything Harley does.

“You really put the ‘fun’ in funeral.”

Death is always tragic and causes suffering to the near and dear ones of the departed. However, Harley Quinn and Joker quotes like this show that the duo specialized in plotting deadly revenge. She said this to Joker to appreciate his complex and intelligent mind.

In one of the episodes of Batman: The Animated Series, Harley’s lover was killing innocents just to grab Batman’s attention. He kept planning novel ways to anger Batman and keep him on his toes. This memorable line quipped by Harley in that episode disclosed that her mindset was the same as her boyfriend’s.

Being a creative person, killing people in unique styles was important for Harley Quinn. Hence, when she was trying to take out the inhabitants of Gotham, how could she not have fun? This explains why she was so thrilled to learn about Joker’s interesting plans.

“Love your perfume. What is that, the scent of death?”

Looking for strength Harley Quinn quotes from Suicide Squad? This quote displays her strength as she complimented Katana’s perfume.

In Suicide Squad, Rick Flag wanted to scare Task Force X by introducing Katana, his ally. So, he revealed on purpose that Katana’s superpower was to steal other people’s souls. He was successful in striking fear in everyone’s heart except Harley Quinn. She gave her hand and looked forward to bonding with Katana.

Harley felt it was nice to meet such a powerful person who could imprison her soul forever. So, her opinion on the exquisite perfume Katana wore was a jab. It was this witty comment that made Katana realize she could have meaningful conversations with Harley. It is also a testament to the fact that nobody can frighten Harley.

Final thoughts

So, Harley Quinn is sure to win your heart with her flirtatious demeanor, fighting spirit, and unpredictable nature. The famous Harley Quinn quotes that we have shared bring out every shade of her charismatic personality.

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