Top 14 Freaky Quotes for Instagram and Twitter

If you are looking for some freaky quotes for Instagram because you’re simping for someone, we have you covered!

We are going to share some of the crazy posts that you can download from here and upload on your social media pages.

These quotes will help you go one step ahead to express your feelings to the love of your life. You might not want to send it to her directly, but you can always use share it on your feed or story.

If you are looking for freaky quotes for guys, look no further! These quotes can be dedicated all genders as love is love, isn’t it?

Freaky quotes for freaks

Yup! You read that right. If we are not freaks feeling vulnerable at heart, we wouldn’t want to share quotes like these.

When you fall in love with someone, everything around you seems to take a turn. You feel that things are not the same as they used to be.

You wake up every morning with a smile on your face. That’s because your beloved is in your life at the moment. You feel like you have found the source of an enormous magic fountain.

This quote is one of the finest freaky quotes you will lay your eyes on. The love of your life will know how much they mean to you!

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Love is something that doesn’t maintain rules or boundaries. It could make an appearance in your life without any prior notice. And when it does, things change for you.

When you are in love, you don’t want to play by logic. Listening to the heart rather than the brain is now utmost priority.

But the moment you think that you have fallen in love and still you don’t want to do anything silly, think twice.

Love is supposed to make you feel free. It makes you do things you have never given a thought before. In case you still want to play by the rules, then you are not in love!

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Tell your loved one what their love means to you. You know what is the most important when it comes to your life. The important thing is being in love with those who have found a way to make your soul on fire.

Sometimes you don’t need valuable things or costly items to make a good living. A right partner is often enough to make you a better person.

So, let your loved one know that they are the only thing you need to know in the world. Nothing else could make you happy just like they do!

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Like we said before, love is supposed to make you feel differently. It makes you tell things that you know deep down that you are not supposed to. But that’s how the whole process works!

Let your soulmate know how you feel exactly when they are around you. You can’t think straight as the presence of your loved one is meddling in your brain. But definitely in a good way.

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Even if you are sober at the moment, you are feeling otherwise. You are saying things and doing things that only drunks would do!

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Desire can make wonders when it comes to love. We try to keep our desires on a leash so that it doesn’t wreak havoc. Sometimes we have to set it loose for good.

Desire can drive you mad. It can drive you into a completely different person. It has the power to set the course of your life, especially the romantic parts!

So, what you need to do is to figure out what you desire for real. Then you can choose the person who can fulfill your dreams and desires.

Apparently, you can do anything as long as your mind is free. The more you take things not so seriously, the more open-minded can you be.

Smiling is like a sword. No matter how difficult your current situation is, you can solve your problem with just a smile. Win the world over by a smile, and no one will doubt you anymore.

We know it can be hard to put a smile after having a crappy day. But when you want to make someone else smile, it automatically brings smile on your face.

Instagram freaky quotes

We are always looking for posts to share on Instagram. If you think the previous quotes weren’t enough, these ones will surely help!

When you are trying to woo the love of your life, you will want to use indirect ways to make her feel for you. Sometimes, the best thing to do is posting quotes that is indicated to her.

If you are trying to tell your crush that you are the right direction in her life, this is the perfect quote for you. If she knows you like her, she can guess that it is meant for her.

When you don’t have love in your life for many years, you long for companionship. Nothing in life makes sense to you when you lack the warmth of another human being.

Maybe you have not found true love yet. All they need right now, is just a brand new perspective.

This new perspective could only come when your mind is has thrill and joy. Intimacy bring a thrill. Sometimes that is all you need!

If you are not someone who anxiously looks out for love, this one is for you.

You might not be the person looking to chase butterflies, but wait for the right time to let it happen to you.

Love is a gift and everyone should not chase it. Sometimes the best we can do it wait and let the cupids do their magic.

Freaky mood Instagram quotes

Now, this section is all about freaky mood Instagram quotes. Go through these quotes once to know about more lines you can use as captions.

Do opposites really attract? Well, we are no expert in that. But the vibe check sure happens when two people come together with similar freakiness. You get excited about the same things and that’s the reason why you love being with your partner.

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When you seek a partner in crime, make sure to find someone who shares the same passion that you do! In that case, your time together would be like a long and healthy partnership.

Don’t you think that sometimes you get tired of playing by the rules all the time? Don’t you want some kind of entertainment in your life?

That’s only possible when some freaky people are around you. They know better about how to go crazy from time to time. You need to live life carefree so that it doesn’t become tedious.

No matter what else you have done with your romantic partner, seeing the stars together is entirely different!

Just think about the scenario when winter is just around the corner. The night sky gets clearer, and the stars are brighter than ever. At that time of the year, all you need is a partner who will see the stars with you.

This idea might seem a little weird to some people. But try it once if you are up for anything. Surely it would be a brand new experience for you.

Freaky Twitter quotes

When you are on Twitter, you need to grab attention. To get attention, you have to tweet and catch quotes that people will relate to. But how do you do that?

We are here to help you. In this section, you will read some of the best freaky twitter quotes. This way you don’t have to search through the internet to get ideas!

A man was a primitive creative before deciding that we must do something spectacular in order to achieve greatness. At the end of the day, we are still the same creature that we were millions of years ago.

Think about the time when you and your partner are alone on an island. There’s nothing to do for you two except give in to the temptations!

This quote could just be the right quote for you to tweet for your partner to see. It would certainly raise suspense in the mind of your partner. He would be intrigued to go on an adventure with you!

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Not all people on earth like to be normal. Some want someone that would share the same kind of feeling with them. Nobody wants to live a boring life with boring people.

When you are good, you want someone to balance your character. That’s because sometimes being too good is just the problem.

Similarly, bad people want someone good. That’s because they know what it’s like to be bad!

That’s why we say that the opposite attracts like a magnet. You just can’t ignore the attraction.

Final thoughts

After reading those freaky quotes, now you can express your feelings into words without even trying. From now on, you can use these quotes anywhere as you want. Remember that sometimes some good freaky quotes can make your day!

So, next time someone says that you are a freak, don’t hesitate to take that as a compliment!

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