Why should you opt for an MD degree in the Caribbean?

Interested in doing a MD program but can’t decide if the US is right for you or should you opt for a different schooling in the Caribbean. Read on to know why a Caribbean medical school and an MD degree is an ideal place to study and learn more about med school clinical rotations.

Let us take a look at the best reasons why students choose Caribbean schools for their medical education. Some of them are –

  • Earn globally-recognized degrees
  • Relatively easy admission policy
  • Less fee structure
  • No requirements for IELTS/TOEFL
  • Admissions are on a rolling basis
  • Medical curriculum is the finest and at par with the US curriculum
  • Great student-teacher ratio
  • English as the medium of instruction
  • Study program is accelerated
  • Clinical rotations in renowned hospitals
  • Excellent prospects for the future

Other than the aforementioned benefits, let us take a detailed look into why choosing a Caribbean school for doing your MD degree is a good choice.

More detailed benefits- an MD degree

  1. Live and work in the Caribbean-

After completing your MD program from the Caribbean, which is an equivalent of MBBS in most countries, graduates are considered eligible for practicing in the Caribbean islands as well. Some students could also opt for a post-graduation from a Caribbean university and intend to settle down there, a career path many students have chosen.

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2. Live and learn from a different culture-

It is no surprise that most enrolled medical students will be spending half of their time inside the classrooms, in studying, or at the hospital but there will still be ample opportunities and time to explore the local culture in the Caribbean, especially it’s mind blowing natural beauty. The culture of the Caribbean is inviting and very welcoming to diverse cultures and people with varied interests. Another interesting factor to consider is that many student groups maintain long-standing relations with the local clinics, churches, clubs, and orphanages. And a large number of students take part in the Carnivals every year. This is certainly an opportunity to enrich oneself culturally.

3. Less tuition fee – Most Caribbean medical schools charge a lot less than the medical schools in the US, both the private and public schools. And even though some schools in the Caribbean also approach the cost patterns of US schools, overall they are still a lot more affordable for students.

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4. Competition is less – the medical schools in the US and Canada are extremely selective, due to the huge number of applicants every year. As a result, they do not get the opportunity to admit many students and fulfill their dreams of becoming a doctor. This is where Caribbean medical schools step in with their high quality education and other benefits – even if you don’t have the highest GPA or MCAT scores, it doesn’t mean a student cannot study medicine or become a doctor ever. In fact, several practicing physicians in the US today have earned their degrees from Caribbean med schools.

5. A global standard training – in today’s society students with a global education receive an edge while making residency applications. And since most schools in the Caribbean are affiliated with a plethora of hospitals, the students get the unique opportunity of participating in clinical rotations throughout Canada and the US. Some schools even offer clinical rotations all over the globe.

Now that you know the several advantages one may reap from getting an education in a Carribean medical school, enroll yourself today and fulfill your dreams of becoming a doctor.


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