You Can Do It Quotes to Go on in Life No Matter What

When in times of trouble, when nothing seems to go right, when you want to give up, are moments when you have to pause and feel light. You need to ask your brain to stop thinking about the negative and tell yourself you can do it. These are also times when we need external help in the forms of quotes and motivation to keep us going. Today, I present you can do it quotes to keep you going during dire times.

Honestly, today I don’t feel like I can go on either. I had to pen this down at the time when I was at my lowest, a time when I needed to reassure myself that I can do it.

The best learning one can ever receive is maximizing the usage of what we have. No matter what situation you are in, until you are alive in human flesh and blood one abundant resource is time.

Most times we are so worried about the outcome that we do not put our 100% in what we do. But if we stop telling ourselves we cannot do it or what we do won’t make a difference, is exactly when we can do our best.

You can do it quotes are not here to give you false connotations. It is to tell you even if you fail, you need do your best. At least you will know you tried.

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You can do it quotes

Check out the following to see if these make a difference to you:

If you can dream it, you can do it.

The famous quote was said by the one and only Walt Disney. His imagination created a massive empire and gave us countless stories to cherish forever. Imagine if he didn’t believe in his dream, how could we have Mickey and Minnie?

You should believe in yourself even if your vision is vague. No matter how big your dream is, you should work hard and leave the rest to the universe.

You may fail several times while moving forward, but consider giving up as not an option. You should learn from your mistakes and keep in your mind not to repeat same mistake again. Also, you need to understand that dreams are meant to be fulfilled no matter what happens.

If you can think about a big dream in life then the outcome should not matter to you. Every point in your journey is you living the dream slowly and steadily.

The goal is not the destination only.

You can do anything quotes

No matter what you’re going through, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. You might find everything dark, but you won’t know what is on the other side until you go.

You may get a lot of difficulties in your life when you want to fulfill your dream. But you must have faith. Your situation cannot stay difficult throughout.

The difficult situation is temporary and it will change. You may experience hardships. But every small step will matter. If you give your best, you will reach your destination sooner or later.

Being positive will always matter because attitude and approach makes a huge difference. Passion is not pain, it is liberating and you will only look at it like that when you truly desire what you love doing the most.

You can do what you have to do, and sometimes you can do it even better than you think you can.

There are times when we fear so much about going through the process that we refrain ourselves from trying. It is usually one of the worst ways to procrastinate as we end up losing a lot of time.

In such cases, we need to stop our mind from telling us how hard things are and just go ahead with the process. Setting deadlines are one of the perfect ways to maintain timeliness and do the hard work you need to put in.

The best part?

Many times things are not as hard as our preconceived notions are. Until we go through the process we will not know that it was easy. Sometimes, piling work up by delaying the process makes it harder than it actually is. So, to avoid such circumstances remember the you can do it quotes or set it up as your phone wallpaper.

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There is no replacement for hard work. You have give your best every single moment to outshine yourself and become the best version of you.

If you are hard working, passionate and honest then you will become the best version of you. But becoming better than everyone else might still be hard.

Your unique quotient can you discover the moment you understand your sense of style and create an exclusive identity. But considering yourself as the best and also doing the work you need to put in is of foremost importance.

Keep working hard and be passionate about what you do. Being kind and staying humble are two more traits that will take you a long way.

Do not let anyone stop you from taking chances. It is your life and what you do with it will always matter the most.

Giving people the authority to have an opinion when your risks do not associate with them is foolishness. Do not allow self-doubt to creep in because confidence and determination is important when trying to push forward.

You can fall, but you can always get up. Try again and keep upskilling. You will improve every day when you work hard and improve your craft. When you succeed you will find the same people wanting to know your secrets to growth!

Have confidence at all times. No matter what you do, know that you can do it better than anyone.

Confidence overshadows all the fear you have before getting tasks done. It is a power of reassurance that you can go through what comes you way. If every situation is do or die for you, it is easy to condition yourself to move towards excellence. Have confidence in yourself and faith in the Universe. What you do with good intent will work out for the best.

You can do anything quotes

When you put your mind to something, you will know the feeling of being passionate and driven.

When you find that thing you love the most and you do everything needed to accomplish it, the journey in itself becomes beautiful. You might find yourself failing at times, but that does not necessarily mean you can’t do it. Yes, there are times when we feel like giving up, but those are also the times to recall why at all did you begin.

You can do anything quotes

Do not doubt yourself. If you think you can do it, you can do it.

It is one of the best you can do it quotes and it ingrains the concept vigorously. There are many times when we have the confidence we need, but we keep doubting ourselves. You might not realize, but such contemplations make you take two steps backward when you should mutter all your courage and move forward. Yes, you will face adversities but you will never doubt yourself.

Everything starts with belief.

Believe in yourself is not just a tag line, it means something precious and it is time we realize the same. When you believe in yourself, you do all that it takes to move ahead no matter what life throws at you. Yes, there are times when everything seems vague, and you would rather shut things down. But putting trust in yourself can changes things completely.

Every activity we do we put our trust into it. No matter how big or how small, it is a form of decision making that is backed by belief. So, when you need to make big accomplishments, do not forget to believe.

You can do anything quotes

We are 80% positive inside out, you just have to let go of the negative.

Human life is precious and we are brought to the world with both positive and negative aspects of life. You can call it energies, thought-process, surrounding, or any way you look at it. But which one overpowers you completely depends on your perspective.

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If you allow positive vibrations around you to outshine the negative, you can survive the worst circumstances in life. You can do it quotes tries to bring out the positive and overshadow the negative to keep you going.

Nothing is impossible if you put your heart to it

While the fight between mind and heart never ends, can we admit that it is all in our heads? It is our mind telling us positive and negative stories. But we specify how our heart feels when we talk about love. When we love someone, we can go to great extents to do things they want us to do. But can you do that for yourself when you fall in love with the work you do?

If you find your vision, your passion, nothing should come your way. If you whole-heartedly put your desires, efforts, and mind to one thing, you can excel what you think you can excel.

You can do more than what you think you can do.

A famous thought-process by Elon Musk suggests that people should write down things they want to accomplish within the next 10 years and find ways to do them all within six months. It might be impossible to complete but by the end of six months the attempt will take you ahead of what you could have ideally achieved within that time.

There are times when doing is not the problem, but doing enough is. Suppose you have set a target for yourself but you are unsure if you can complete it within the time. There were definitely reasons why you made the first estimate. You probably can complete your work within the time you first thought.

The problem starts when you procrastinate and allow your brain to constantly fight between can and cannot do. If you’d rather spend the time working on things faster, you will find yourself complete at least 90% of all that you had to.

You can do anything quotes

Give your best in every moment.

Your best might not bring you success, but it will be every second of you trying to do make the most of time. Time is one part of our life that needs to be respected. If we do not respect time, time does not respect us. You have to make use of each and every moment to give your best effort. We reap the results of discipline when we prioritize time and leave the rest to the Universe to best judge. Instead of counting the outcomes just work on what you have to. Run after excellence, success with find you.

When you work hard, the Universe supports you.

Be it a famous movie dialog or a mindset, it is true that the Universe supports us when we want to create an impact. A good impact returns the favor, while a bad impact worsens situations for us. Every action that we take gets recorded in nature and nature gives us back according to what we do.

If you focus and put all your mind and heart to doing good work, you will reap the fruits of the efforts you made. But take this as a motivation and a driving force. Do not try to tamper with what the Universe has to offer.

You can do anything quotes

Wake up every morning and tell yourself, “I can do this!”

One of the most effective you can do it quotes reflect the importance of valuing every morning. Morning is whenever you start a new day and take more steps ahead to do the things you want. If you wake up unhappy and discouraged due to the failures of yesterday, you will trap yourself in a loop. You need to make a fresh start irrespective of the successes and failures, as the only thing to do is go on. Telling yourself you can do it every morning can set the tone for the day and help you make most of time.

You can do anything quotes

Final thoughts

All the you can do it quotes were penned down to motivate you. Either keep a note of your favorite ones or simply download the images here. These will constantly remind you that you can go on, no matter what!

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