A Mystery in Gold: Goldworth Financial

Investing Can Be Overwhelming- Mystery in Gold

Deciding to invest can be one of the best decisions anyone can make. While the choice of what to invest in can be overwhelming, with over 2500 stocks being exchanged on the Nasdaq, new cryptocurrencies popping up every day, and the real estate market becoming incredibly overwhelming, one of the few choices that have stood the test of time is precious metals, like gold and silver. People have been hoarding valuables for centuries, but what happens when a gold investment firm goes under? Investing In Gold may have the answers you seek.- Mystery in Gold

This timeless metal has a physical source to back up its worth and can be used to create beautiful jewelry, works of art, and electronics. Gold is an incredibly useful metal that has a limited quantity, making it a perfect investment for those new to the game and veterans who have been playing for years.

A History of Gold

Nearly every culture across history has found this marvelous treasure exciting enough to make it into jewelry, coins, and trinkets that could be worn or exchanged for goods. The earliest artifacts found date back to the 5th millennium, found in modern-day Bulgaria (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gold#History). While these simple golden rings pale compared to the elaborate jewelry made today, it is a wonder that people were able to process this beautiful metal into something wonderful so long ago.

This metal was prized by the Egyptians for its luster. They valued its beauty so much that they would attempt to bring it to the afterlife by burying it with their dead. Unfortunately, this led to graverobbers stealing these prized possessions.

Graverobbers were not the last to illegally gain these beautiful artifacts. Everyone from thieves to pirates sought to seize others’ gold for themselves, hoarding whatever stolen goods in their most notorious retirement plan. Possibly more terrifying than pirates of old, however, is the idea of a modern-day investing firm closing its doors without a hint as to why. It can be just as disturbing to think a business revolving around investing can disappear seemingly overnight as a hooded figure stealing from your home.

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Goldworth Financial: What You Should Know- Mystery in Gold

Investors in Goldworth Financial found themselves unable to contact the firm in any way. The website stopped working, the physical location shut down, and Goldworth Financial seemed to disappear suddenly. This left their investors bewildered and anxious about their investments, and understandably so. These modern-day pirates had left many accounts open and with the investors unable to contact them, they were left unknowing if they would get their investments back or not.

People were right to invest in gold with the stock market fluctuating constantly, real estate prices rising, and cryptocurrency a confusing new idea. An entire firm dissipating with open accounts is a worst-case scenario, but rest assured it does not happen often. That is part of the reason people are so fascinated with what happened to Goldworth Financial and the mystery that enshrouds it.

The writers at Investing In Gold wrote an in-depth analysis of the situation and you can click here to read their thoughts, theories, and more facts on what may have happened. Until someone can contact those who worked for Goldworth Financial, this mystery may remain unsolved.


The Outcome

On the bright side, Goldworth Financial has worked to resolve any complaints made against them through the Better Business Bureau. While this is great news for some, others are still confused as to why their accounts were transferred to partner companies.

This has caused curiosity to spike across the gold investing world. It seems mysteries have and will pique human interest just as gold does. A mystery involving gold is even more exciting.

Goldworth Financial had a 20-year history of trading gold for its consumers. During this time, they had gained a remarkable number of customers and seemed like the company would be open for as long as its customers invested in them. It is possible mismanagement could be to blame for their sudden closure. The mystery will likely continue if the company does not come forward and state what happened.

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Not only did their sudden disappearance baffle consumers, but also other precious metal investing brokers. The idea that one of their own could so suddenly fade away is concerning.

Gold: Worth Its Weight

While some may find it disheartening that a top firm for investing in gold vanished, most will understand that gold and other precious metals are still a valuable source that is very much still worthy of investment. The Goldworth Financial mystery is confusing, but investing can be made easy with the right tools.

People will continue investing in gold despite this business shutting down and that is great for all parties involved. Humans have been in love with the shining metal for many millennia and that does not seem like it will stop any time soon. Gold is a wonderful resource to invest in because it has so many uses and a historical value behind it. Its praise has been spoken by kings and rogues alike. While a diversified portfolio is important, investors should not snub this ore with an incredible amount of uses.

Investing in this one item is like buying stock in jewelry, electronics, medical equipment, and currency all at once. Entire civilizations have been founded around this beautiful mineral and the mystery surrounding it only makes it more enticing.

The takeaway from this broker for precious metals should be “be wary.” This idea is important in all aspects of investing and in any place where money or precious commodities are involved. Finding the right firm does not guarantee a return on investment just as having a child does not guarantee you will have the next Mozart or Einstein in your family. It takes time, practice, and patience to grow all investments and gold is just the same.

Perhaps one day the mystery surrounding Goldworth Financial will be resolved and when it is, Investing In Gold will, undoubtedly, be one of the first to report on it

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