Real Estate Agent Presence: Building Your Brand

The most successful real estate agents have personalized brands that make them stand out. Genuineness and personality are two useful factors when building your very own real estate agent presence. If you are lacking an identity as a real estate agent presence, you’ll notice grabbing the attention of potential clients is severely difficult. Building your personal brand is a huge part of being a reliable real estate agent. Let’s go through what exactly personal branding is, and how you can use it to improve your real estate agent presence skills.

Personal Branding

You may not understand what personal branding exactly is. Personal branding is curating a face for your authentic and genuine self. For example, we all know the celebrities are each associated and viewed a certain way. This is how they have achieved making their presence known to a wide audience of people. The presence famous people build is derived from a persona that exaggerates who they truly are. Your real estate persona drives your personal branding. Yes, people may enjoy the less exaggerated version of you, but by putting more effort into who you are, you can build your self image. There is no need to change yourself, but it is important to outline the characteristics that separate you from others. Conclusively, a personal brand is showcasing your individualism in a pleasing presentation.

How to Get Started

Wondering how to discover and create your personal branding may feel overwhelming. Don’t worry, personal branding isn’t an overnight process. In order to get started, you have to be organized. Following these steps will push you to begin creating your personal brand.

1. Experience

Reflecting on your real estate experiences so far can determine your qualifications. If you are a beginner, it’s best to be honest about your amount of experience. At the start of your career, your brand can focus on selling smaller housing. Overtime, you can showcase how you have improved over the years in real estate agent presence. If you are already quite experienced, you can focus on selling more pricey housing options.

2. Audience

Some salespeople are better at selling to certain demographics than others. Say you are more successful at selling to elderly people. If this is the case, focus on obtaining higher amounts of elderly clients. This goes for any type of demographic you sell the most houses to. When you know your target audience, you can avoid wasting time on clients that are likely to pass on housing options you sell. Another benefit of being aware of your audience is knowing what clients usually look for or need help with. Familiarizing yourself with your target audience makes your personal branding much more specific and appealing.

3. Advertising

Promoting your services won’t be effective if done incorrectly. Not all real estate agents are able to advertise themselves on huge billboards or on any signs located in their selling area. Advertising is a crucial part of getting your name out there. In order to grow your client base, you have to market yourself. “There are thousands of ways you can advertise your services. Here are a few examples that don’t require a single penny. Anyone can create a successful business with the perfect plan,” says Ben Martin, business writer at UKWritings.

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If you don’t have LinkedIn, you are missing out. This app is a great place to advertise yourself, and connect with fellow agents. On this app you can fill out a profile of your skills, information, and experience. LinkedIn helps you reach more people, and become known in your real estate agent space.


By creating a website, you provide potential clients with a manual on who you are. Anyone can find your website, so there are endless opportunities for who you can sell to in your general location. A good idea is to feature clients reviews and testimonials on your website to further establish your brand. Before you purchase a website, check to see if the domain name you want is still available. When you have claimed your domain name, nobody else can use it.

Business Cards

Whether virtual or paper, business cards are a great way to keep clients connected to you. After showing houses, clients may never call again even if they were considering purchasing the option(s) you showed them. If you give them your business card, they can refer others to you, and easily contact you when they’ve made their decision.

4. Authenticity

How are you different from the billions of other individuals on the planet? Learning what traits you possess that make you unique will help you achieve a personal brand. Your values and personality should reflect your work in the real estate industry. If you are a minimalist, you shouldn’t be showing homes that are the complete opposite of minimal design. People can tell when you are faking it. Being inauthentic is a terrible risk to take while working in sales. You should be passionate and confident in what you are selling. This is why being who you are is important in almost all aspects of your life. When you find comfort in being authentically you, not only will you enjoy your job, you will achieve higher success. You will know you are being authentic when your selling style coincides with your individualistic perspective.

5. Assets

Your sales assets compliment your authenticity. What makes you a powerful real estate agent? Answering these questions will help you determine your assets.

Why do people become my clients?

What areas am I skilled in?

What do people know me for?

Why did I want to be a real estate agent?

What do I like about my job?

How does my work impact others?

After you answer these questions, your purpose and skills will be revealed. Comprehending your work as a real estate agent will make you aware of what part of the job you are best at.

6. Social Media

Having a social media presence will greatly improve your personal branding. Social media allows users to easily market themselves and grow an audience. The first thing you can do to build your brand on social media is to create quality content. The better your content is, the easier it is to grow on your platforms. Next, you can advertise housing options you are selling, so those looking to purchase a property can stumble upon your page. Instagram and Facebook are two great platforms to showcase the homes you’ll be showing. On Instagram you can end up on the explore page for plenty of potential buyers to view your options. On Facebook, you can create a page where you can invite past clients, create a space for new ones, and have a place for referrals to join. Not only can you offer accessible places for home buyers to view your content, you can also display your contact information so they can reach out to you. Social media platforms allow you to display your email, website, and phone number. This removes any hassle for viewers that are interested in your housing options. Lastly, social media is able to present your personal brand thoroughly. Your posting style, client interactions, and the homes you advertise will let consumers know who you are. Social media truly expands your branding opportunities, especially in the real estate agent market.

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7. Content

Now that you know where to advertise your personal real estate agency brand, it’s time to decide what content you’ll post. Unless you are skilled in the visual area, contacting a designer is your best bet. With a designer, you can develop visuals that represent your brand, and draw in the attention of consumers. Pay attention to the use of colour, amount of detail, and description of your content. Ensure that the end product both relates to and elevates your personal branding. When you pair up with a designer that has the skills you are looking for, you can begin designing your content. It’s best to remain consistent, unless in the scenario you are looking to rebrand. Overall, make sure the content you publish stays true to the personal brand you have built.

8. Effort

The amount you try to progress as a real estate agent matters. If you put minimal effort into the creation and existence of your personal branding, don’t expect to do well. Marketing yourself to clients takes time, energy, and consistency. Those who try their absolute best are viewed as confident people and great workers. Those who do the bare minimum are viewed as lazy and careless. Selling homes is one of the hardest areas of sales to master. That’s why prioritizing your brand establishment is such a crucial part of being a great real estate agent. If you don’t enjoy being a real estate agent, then you should reflect on why you decided to take that career path. Real estate agents who put all their effort into their work, will witness that commitment pay off in the future.

Build Your Brand

As a real estate agent presence, you need to establish a personal brand. Without a concrete identity, selling houses will be near impossible. To prevent these hardships, build your personal brand with confidence.

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