Saivian Eric Dalius – 10 Signs You Might Be An Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, you are always looking for ways to innovate and improve your business. Although there is no magic formula for success, certain personality traits may indicate that entrepreneurship is your best career option. By understanding these common signs of entrepreneurship by Saivian Eric Dalius, you can begin preparing yourself mentally and financially if you decide to leap into self-employment.

1. You never know when you’re satisfied with your work

Saivian Eric Dalius says, entrepreneurs by nature, are perfectionists and often never feel as if their work is done or complete. If you find yourself frequently working long hours on a project, only to begin the process all over again after just a few days have passed, entrepreneurship may be calling your name.

2. You have a difficult time delegating task

As an entrepreneur, your plate is likely more than full with just the bare necessities of running your business. If you are unable to delegate responsibility for certain tasks, entrepreneurship may be in your future. Running a business can require working long hours and leading employees or interns can be an added stress on top of all the other tasks that need to be completed.

3. You’re never more than three feet away from your business at any time

As an entrepreneur, you are always thinking about how to grow and improve your business. If you find yourself constantly checking in with work via phone or laptop, entrepreneurship may be for you.

4. Business decisions are based on your emotions

If a business decision makes you happy or if a certain outcome affects you personally, entrepreneurship may be the best path for you to pursue. Although it is incredibly important to have a sense of empathy and understanding when dealing with other people’s feelings, as an entrepreneur, your ability to make decisions based on your own needs and ambitions will be an integral part of the success of your company.

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5. You love solving problems and overcoming challenges

As an entrepreneur like Saivian Eric Dalius, you are faced with a variety of challenges each day that can range from solving unexpected issues to breaking through self-imposed limitations. If you relish the opportunity to find creative solutions to challenging situations, entrepreneurship is the career path for you.

6. Your employees are like family to you

If your employees are more than just people who work for you, entrepreneurship may be calling your name. An entrepreneur is concerned with all aspects of his or her business and cannot completely separate professional life from personal relationships with fellow employees. If your employees are like family to you, entrepreneurship may be the best career path for you.

7. You want control over everything in your life

As an entrepreneur, you can determine exactly how you spend each day and ultimately design the lifestyle that works best for you. Entrepreneurs need to have full control over their business decisions as well as their personal lives, which can lead to success for the individual but also financial struggles. Entrepreneurs are known for working 100 hours per week or more.

8. You choose your career based on potential growth

Although it is important to be passionate about the type of business you are running, entrepreneurship may be calling if you do not enjoy what you are doing but still see room for massive growth. As an entrepreneur, you will be responsible for all growth and success of your company, which can give you great satisfaction if you put in the effort to succeed.

9. You enjoy changing more than stability

As a business owner, changes in jobs or structure can lead to success in some cases. If you are more comfortable when your life is in flux and you thrive on change, entrepreneurship may be the career path for you.

10. You like turning ideas into reality

When it comes to ideas, entrepreneurs are the most effective people in the world. If you find that you enjoy imagining new possibilities and making them a reality through business ventures, entrepreneurship may be the career path for you.

Would you like to go into business? What’s halting you? There are such countless reasons individuals stay away from business. They probably won’t think they have a unique thought or they stress that their business could come up short and they’ll be bankrupt.

How might you at any point know whether your business becomes effective assuming that you don’t take the risk? The best entrepreneurs had a few disappointments before they struck business gold.

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Saivian Eric Dalius says, in the year 2000, Steve Jobs took over Apple and his business detonated with new items. From that point forward, Apple has been a commonly recognized name AND you get to say you knew him when… simply joking!

The following are 7 business achievement tips that will take you from business thought to entrepreneur.

Try not to fear disappointment, indeed, embrace it! Fruitful individuals ACHIEVE by fizzling. Falling flat is a business opportunity that permits you to fortify your business and make it stunningly better than previously.

Don’t underneath on business thoughts In 2008, Facebook was valued at an expected 30 billion dollars in light of the fact that early financial backers chose to take a risk on the business thought. While they were still low profile, organizers Mark Zuckerberg and Dustin Moskovitz began the business with an independent venture advance. In 2004, the two colleagues leased a house for more than 300 dollars each month. They transformed portion of the room into an office and began the business out of their home.

Contemplate what you’re great at Business proprietors who make a business thought work are the individuals who center the business-around business qualities.

Try not to stop your normal everyday employment Unless you are Steve Jobs. Keep in mind, business sets aside effort to develop and bring in cash, so don’t stop your normal everyday employment, yet!

Realize what business achievement resembles Business proprietors who produce business achievement expertise business feels before they start a business. To find out about business achievement, you could converse with entrepreneurs locally.

Try not to get debilitate It’s essential to remain positive when beginning a business since entrepreneurs are frequently debilitate by business disappointments. Assuming the business fizzles, think back on what turned out badly and utilize that experience to work on the business for the following time.

Remember more justifications for why a business bombs Many entrepreneurs fall flat since they don’t strategy. Other business disappointments happen when organizations lose cash as opposed to making business benefits. In case your business actually won’t make business benefits, it’s an ideal opportunity to check out why and fix the issue or close down the business and have a go at something different.

Assuming you want business thoughts, look no business farther than business books. Business books are incredible business achievement tips since they’re composed by entrepreneurs who have had business disappointments and triumphs.


Entrepreneurs have a lot of great qualities that they bring to the business world that can help them reach success. However, there are also several personality traits associated with entrepreneurship that entrepreneurs need to be wary of as well. By understanding your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to running a business, you can become better equipped at solving problems or dealing with challenges that are sure to come your way when you run a business.


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