How to create an effective team for a startup in 2022?

Have you read a lot about successful startups that have grown into developing business projects? Do you have the skills, knowledge, and desire to work and develop? Do you have big ambitions that cannot be realized even working in a large company? Do you have a unique and in-demand idea? Have you analyzed your competitors? Most likely, your service or product will definitely find its user. Be sure to try to launch a startup and make your dream come true!

Indeed, launching a startup is a unique opportunity to realize your potential without depending on anyone. The development and implementation of digital technologies allowed us to start and build small projects. Often they turn into a business, without investing a lot of resources. The very concept of a startup is associated with a non-standard business model. It grows in conditions of limited resources. Startup managers must find and use unique and innovative development methods for the project to grow successfully. This is how startups differ from classic small business models.

A startup is a fashion trend. It has won the hearts and minds of thousands and even millions of people around the world. Every day you can read about new projects or successful services. Do not trust such news completely. As a rule, you only read about successful development examples. It is rare to find mentions of failed projects, but once they looked promising and attracted the attention of the public. According to statistics, about 90% of all startups do not survive the first year after launch. Most of the remaining projects are closed in the second year of existence. Few people go from a startup to a successful business.

There are various reasons for failures. The main ones are the incorrect allocation of limited resources, lack of funding, and inefficient organization of the team’s work processes. We won’t consider financing issues. Let’s just say that it is much easier to find resources for development today than it was 5-10 years ago. Crowdfunding platforms, business angels, venture funds, and startup accelerators are at your service. In short, you can find money if your project looks interesting and promising.

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Let’s take a closer look at how to create an effective team. Everyone should be interested in the development of the project. The speed of completing tasks and goals depends on the efficiency and passion of each employee. Successful development of the project is impossible without a cohesive team. Today, more and more managers are paying attention to team building. There are special courses and coaches, the purpose of which is to unite employees into a single team with a warm friendly atmosphere. A significant increase in demand for such services speaks best about the effectiveness of team building.

Organizing an effective team should start with finding a corporate application or platform where you’ll work and develop your project. Today, the market offers hundreds of business offers. Each platform has advantages and disadvantages. For example, Slack offers more than 2,000 third-party integrations. Thanks to them, you can combine the necessary online services and tools in one workspace. In addition, Slack is a powerful corporate messenger. It does not restrict you from communicating and transmitting the information.

The next popular platform for a startup is Microsoft Teams. It is a powerful tool for communication between employees, automation of work processes, and project management. Teams also supports integrations to extend the basic functionality. For example, Microsoft 365 business voice SMS allows you to work and communicate with potential partners and customers at a new level. Send mass mailings with offers, collect customer feedback, and process user requests. All your tasks are executed automatically in one workspace.

The organization of teamwork from a technical point of view does not cause big problems. There are many applications and platforms. However, to effectively manage the team and increase its effectiveness, you must have the appropriate qualities. These are leadership, sociability, diplomacy, and purposefulness. If it is difficult for you to manage a team for one reason or another, then be sure to upgrade your skills. Attend special courses for managers and improve your skills.

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Even before hiring new employees, you should clearly define the goals. Creating a new project requires certain technologies. And they, in turn, require competent specialists. The abilities of the hired employees should correspond to the tasks. It makes no sense to keep a staff whose potential greatly overlaps the tasks, someone just might be left idle. You don’t need unnecessary waste of resources in limited conditions.

Start with analytics and draw up a work plan in which all functions, competencies, and areas of responsibility will be described. Do not spare time and effort for this. Believe me, it’s worth it.

The main task of the manager is to minimize the impact of all negative and distracting factors and achieve maximum productivity of the team. Follow the following recommendations:

  • Sit down and chat with each employee, ask about skills and experience
  • Involve people in the discussion. Discuss tasks with the team, not alone with the performer
  • Be able to anticipate and teach this to colleagues
  • Communicate your goals to the team
  • Learn to criticize
  • Tell your subordinates about the achievements of the project

Almost all recommendations on team building are related to communication and the ability to correctly structure goals and ways to achieve them. Every manager should understand that the absence of effective communication among team members will sooner or later lead to serious problems. The best solution is to establish contacts and create a friendly atmosphere at the first stages of startup development. If you do everything right, then further expansion of the team won’t cause difficulties.

A highly effective team learns from mistakes, grows, and can quickly correct or anticipate these mistakes. In it, everyone hears each other and always comes to the rescue. A team is like a living organism. It develops together with the project!

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