5 Tips To Network Your Business

In this digital age, and with the frequent use of virtual meetings, you may feel like you have spent way too much time staring at zoom virtual office backgrounds. If you are looking for a way to grow your business, it is time to network. Although you should definitely take advantage of technology and online resources, it is also important to get out there and network with people in person. The following are some tips for successful networking.

1. Find Similar People

To make the most out of networking, you should find people who also want to meet others with the goal of growing their businesses. There are numerous network events that are designed for business owners like you. Some meet weekly and consist of the same people. In these referral groups, there is one person per business category, and the goal is to learn about each other’s businesses and find people who would benefit from their services.

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Along with these networking groups, there are other meet-and-greet events. These may be found through your local chamber of commerce or via other groups.

2. Use Technology to Your Advantage

Many people turn to technology to grow their business. Become active on various social media platforms to promote your services as well as engage users. Create a website and work with an SEO company so that it shows up high on searches.

Depending on your business, you may also want to conduct virtual events. Using a customized background can show your personality, and you can learn how to bypass zoom virtual background requirements if your computer system does not meet the requirements.

3. Make, and Practice, Multiple Elevator Pitches

During networking events, it is important to be able to tell people you meet what you do quickly. An elevator pitch refers to a 60-second or so speech that creatively describes your business. It is a good idea to have different ones so you can mix things up for various events. Practice them before showing up to networking events so that you feel confident and comfortable while saying them.

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4. Follow Up

If is important to follow up with those you meet at network and referral events, as this helps keep you at top of mind. However, be sincere with each follow up with the goal to build a connection and learn about each other’s business so you can refer back and forth. You can send a hand-written card, email them, or give them a call. For those you feel would be a good referral partner, meet up for coffee or a virtual chat. Just make sure you use a custom google meet background for a professional look.

5. Do Not Give Up

Networking is not a one and done marketing strategy. You need to meet lots of people, follow up, and continue to build relationships with them. This takes time, and it can sometimes be frustrating. The key is to not give up, as the more you do it the more you will be rewarded with referrals and business relationships.

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